Monday, March 22, 2010

Stormy Weather and What I Ate

Hellooo internets!  I have a bit of a breather at work before another project lands on my desk, so I'd better take advantage of the time to update here.  It's great to be busy at work, but I do miss *some* of my screw-around time.  (I recently learned that most of the lawyers would rather give their paralegal projects to me than to the actual paralegal who has been her for a few years.  Apparently I'm more efficient and smart enough to understand any instructions the first time, etc.  Yes, I'm bragging, but it makes me feel good about trying a new career path!)

How were all of our lovely weekends, especially those of you on the east coast?  It was really spring on Saturday here, very warm and sunny.  I even wore sunscreen.  But I confess, I preferred Sunday's weather -- it was about 8 degrees cooler and with a few clouds, and it seemed more spring-like and also reminded me of Michigan's cool summer mornings. 

Anyway, activity report.  Friday night was my roommate's birthday party in Astoria at Gleason's (where I also had mine!), and I stopped in for a few $4 drafts.  It was more fun than I expected, as usually her group of friends are theater-types that drive me insane, but I found a couple of her long-time guy friends to chat (and make inappropriate jokes) with.  Then it was a walk home, meeting up with Mex on the way, then some television and a reasonable (and reasonably sober) bedtime.  Saturday we woke up to the sunshine, and decided to walk over the bridge to Roosevelt Island.

For those of you who don't know, Roosevelt Island is a narrow (800 ft) island between Manhattan and Queens.  It's about 2 miles long, and it's reachable by car, footbridge (from Astoria), and tram (when it's in service.)  It's mostly residential, and there are only 3 restaurants, 1 Starbucks, and 1 Gristede's supermarket on the island, at least that are easily found.  Mex and I walked over the bridge from 36th Avenue in Astoria and walked to the southernmost tip first, where there are some burned-out ruins of old hospital buildings and sort of a reedy bluff overlooking the East River and the skyline, and it was gorgeous.  We were warm in the sun but with a nice breeze keeping us cool, so we sat and soaked it in for a bit there.  Then we walked back up to the middle where we stopped for pizza and soda and another walking break, then walked up to the northernmost tip to see the lighthouse.  All in all, we figured we walked about 6 miles, including the full circumference of the island and getting to and from it.  It was great exercise and really fun to explore -- which is one of my favorite things to do with him!  Then it was to Manhattan to get some work done for him, and home for me for a nap and laundry.  We met up again later to watch basketball in bed and pass out from exhaustion. 

Sunday we were lazier, reading in bed with the basketball games on mute, and I managed to finish The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society before bed last night!  (I'd started it at about 11:00 am, but didn't read all in one sitting.)  It's a great book, both for historical fiction lovers and really any fans of the novel.  It's all epistolary, which I thought I'd hate but was actually a really effective method of storytelling, and I'd recommend it to anyone.  It's humorous and touching and a rather quick read, too.  Anyway, we also ordered Indian, so I had Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch and dinner, and after Mex left and the basketball was switched off (whew), I watched Bright Star.  I had very high hopes for that one, but MAN, it was way too melodramatic, and while I normally enjoy sweeping romantic historical dramas, the characters were unsympathetic and there was relatively little plot, so it was just boring and repetitive.  Also, what do we think of this Abbie Cornish person?  Her attitude as Fanny Brawne gave me the same anger I feel when I see Kristen Stewart, but maybe that was just in this role.  Then I watched an episdoe and a half of The L Word on DVD from Netflix, and I really just can't wait for Jenny Schecter to die.  She is the worst.  (It seems I had some anger issues yesterday, huh?  I wasn't really angry in general, just some characters frustrate me.) 

Annnyyyywayy, it was a lovely weekend and while it's gross and rainy today, it's better that it waited until a school day!

B - Honey Bunches, coffee, milk - 4
L - sundried tomato turkey, swiss, L&T sammy, apple - 5
D - chicken meatloaf, salad with feta - 5/6
S - yogurt, string cheese - 2
Total - 17ish, will need to add more
Activity - bike at the gym  (not only is it too rainy to walk home, but I have a blister that's the size of a silver dollar on my inside left heel)

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