Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daydream Believer and What I Ate

I really wanted to make that headline "Daydream Bereaver" because I like the pun, but it's too sad and I'm not actually grieving any daydreams today.  So I told it straight.

What a Big Day!  Today, while still quite gloomy outside, is personally eventful.  (I'm also relieved it's not actually raining -- I can deal with cool cloud cover.)  First of all, I ate lunch with the lawyers in the conference room and felt included (I know it wasn't the first time, but it's still nice.)  I also asked for Good Friday off from work, and was granted that (more on this below).  And then after work, I have book club, and I'm the leader tonight!  (We read The Moonflower Vine, remember?)  To top it off, I'm walking down there with Schmauren, so we can catch up on our lives' happenings.  I'm holding the meeting at the Big Bear Lodge, which sort of ties into the setting of the book, at least in the outdoorsy/farmy atmosphere.  I'm trying to reserve us the "fireplace room," too, which should help the ambiance.

Then after BC, it's a big Guyliner-centric episode of Lost.

Who doesn't want to know more about Richard Alpert?  Who doesn't love that his real name is Nestor Carbonell?  And can you believe he doesn't actually wear eyeliner?

So yes, lots of things to be happy about today.  Now if I could only figure out a career path that will allow me to nap every afternoon. 

I've been invited to spend Easter weekend in Boston with Mex, and to meet his family, etc.  I think he'll already be there for his spring break from school, and I'll come up to meet him on Thursday night.  This is huge and I am very, very hesitant to talk about it in case it doesn't happen.  He's had some difficulty with this particular relationship step in the past, partially due to some strained family dynamics, and so I'm really afraid to consider this a definite plan, but then I'm also afraid that I'll jinx it by doubting.  (I mean, only half-seriously.)  Honestly, I think it'll help that he'll be there and I'll just come to meet him -- at least we don't have to get both of us on a bus at the same time.  That said, right now that's the Easter plan, and I'm trying to let myself enjoy the excitement.  And let the nervousness come, too.  (WHAT am I going to wear?!)

Today's food:
B - Honey B's, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey & Swiss sammy, apple - 5
D - Sassy Soup, light sour cream, salad with feta - 7
S - granny bar, yogurt, beer? - 3-6
Total - 19-22

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