Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get Me Outta Heeeere and What I Ate

Ok, I've decided that today is time for the first walk home from work of the year over the 59th Street Bridge.  While the forecast predicted a high of 54 degrees, it's already 61 and warm enough to eat a lovely lunch outside in front of the main public library on Fifth Ave.  I also think if it gets dark around 6:30 (as it has been), I should be within range of my apartment so it's not too dangerous.  I'll wield one of my high heels as a weapon, if it comes to that.  I used to walk home from my publishing job (on 53rd and Madison) quite often, and I figured this was just another 11 blocks, so it should be a pleasant walk.  According to Google, it's 3.6 miles, and so if I walk at my usual clip, I should earn about 4 activity points for 75-90 minutes of walking.

Now it's 62 degrees!

Anyway, then I'll also be "done" with exercise earlier so I can settle in to eat, paint my nails, and gear up for LOST.  Whooooo.

Now if I could just make the afternoon go faster.

B - Honey Bunches, coffee, skim - 4
L - Spicy (suspect, possibly too old) chicken and muenster sandwich, apple - 5
D - Best-Ever Chicken Meatloaf (whether that's true is to be determined), salad with feta - 5 approx.*
S - yogurt, string cheese, granny bar, Jello sugar-free pudding - 5
Total - 19

*I am confused about the points for the meatloaf, because the recipe says it serves 6, but then the nutrition info says it's for 1/4 of the loaf.  So...my slice is 1/6 of the loaf, so I guess instead of 4 points, it's 2.666.

ALSO that is not enough points, so I may have a different snack this afternoon to boost me a little.  I also feel hungry already, which is a bad sign...but I can get a healthy-ish snack with my afternoon coffee from Pret, right?  What's the best option there, friends?

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