Friday, March 26, 2010

Get Your Booty on the Floor Tonight and What I Ate

Apparently they are testing the fire alarm system in my office building, but not the noisy part, just the flashing strobe light part.  While the regular office lights are on, I have two bright strobe lights in view from my desk and if they don't stop soon, I'm either going to have a seizure or crank this up:

Work is pretty mellow otherwise, and I've now forced myself to work on something, for at least an hour or two.  I think if I make good progress on this long-standing project today, I'll do some freelancing this afternoon.  If it's not raining, I will also take a little walk after lunch to Victoria's Secret at Herald Square to redeem one of those "free panty" coupons and to move around a bit.  Panties!

Last night's dinner took a very long time to prepare (there was a lot of chopping!) but it tasted great and I'm ecstatic to know how easy it is to make my own sweet potato fries!  I cut the potatoes with a knife, as I don't have a fancy fry maker, and Mex couldn't get over how I made them look like "real" fries, all professional-like.  I was like Really, this is what impresses you?  Ok, fine, I'll take it.  (To be fair, he was complimentary about the whole meal, too.)  I also bought my bus tickets for Boston (with his advisement) and that was surprisingly only exciting and drama-free.  Is it too good to be true, dear reader?

Good news, my key necklace just arrived!  I really like it.  It doesn't quite go with the neckline of my polo shirt, but I may wear it now anyway.

The weekend is shaping up to be a good one.  Tonight is going to be low-key at home, but I have Whip It from Netflix and I've been on the wait list for awhile for that one, so I'm really looking forward to it.  I think the plan is that Mex will come over at some point and we'll watch and hang out.  (I thought it was going to be a roomie-free night, but apparently her plans that I was warned of are daytime plans.  Lame.)  Tomorrow I am going to run suburban-type errands in Queenz with Schmate, then we'll head back to Astoria and catch up with Schmauren for supper!  I love the blend of plans, and it also means I probably won't have any big drinking temptations because it's likely we'll disband after eating.  (I mean, that's a good thing on its own, but it'll also help me not have SMOKING temptations.) 

I think I'll buy some Crest Whitestrips tonight on my way home, so I can a) have whiter teeth, especially for in-law-family meeting, and b) feel guiltier if I have a cigarette.  Good idea, yes?  Too bad I've failed at finding any online coupons for those suckers.

Today's food:
B - Special K, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & swiss, apple - 5
S - yogurt, granny bar

The question is, do I cook tonight or get something delicious delivered?  Ohhh the weekend and its yummy food temptations.

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