Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Because 73 does not feel like spring.  Or March.  And it's lovely outside but in my office it's a hotbox and I am so cranky.  Also I'm bored because I'm really caught up here and I have read all of the internet today!

Things are going well.  Sometimes I still feel stressed about what's left to do at home (I guess because I have busy weeknights this week), but it's really in fine shape.  We still have to go to Ikea for bedroom furniture, and it may get a little crowded in there but it'll fit, and I need the living room curtains to arrive and I have to decorate with photos and stuff a little more, but it's almost there.  Somehow it seems like I need to clean the floors every other day, but I think this weekend I'll do a big vacuum/mop/scrub to the floors (there are some spots behind the radiator that no one should ever have to see) and then spot mop for another week or two until I do that again.  It seems to collect dust more than my last apartment for some reason, but it's a boy with boy hairs and the Target reviews online did say the new towels were "linty," so what can you do.  Oh, and I need to figure out how to clean off old grease spots on the stove and the stove hood.  (PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING.)  I've tried all of my cleaning products and elbow grease and there's still some that won't budge.  Any cleaning hints would be appreciated!

I had a fun weekend of Homeland marathon and Greek food at home with Hike on Friday, helping Schmillie look at Astoria apartments on Saturday then the girlfriends came over for some drinks at my place (my first in-person visitors!) and then we went out for St. Patty's and I got very drunk.  Which was very fun, but I also managed to pull something in my back (it's been sensitive with all the moving/cleaning/lifting I've been doing, and I just pushed it too far somehow), so the past few days have been painful but it seems mostly better today, finally.  Sunday I slept, laid around, and ate Chinese food.  And then last night I cooked Five Alarm Chili for us and for Harpie dinner, which will be tomorrow night.  Our theme is our astrological signs, so I had to make an appetizer that represented my Sagittariusness, so I figured the chili would work for my fire sign that loves travel and adventure (it's got Mexican flavors) as well as curiosity, since I sort of made it up as I went with some scant guidance as far as ingredients.  I'm going to serve it in small portions in little corn tortilla cups (if those work when I bake them in a muffin tin tonight) and just some cheese and crema and green onion on top.  I'm pumped!  Plus we'll be eating a few meals out of the pot, too, so it was worth the effort.  I put laundry off until Thursday, since tonight I get my haircut (and I'm super excited about it though I'm not doing anything different), and tomorrow night I'll be with my fellow zodiacs.

I took out my cartilage earring on Sunday, too!  It had been suddenly bothering me lately when I slept on that side (I think it was rubbing the strap from my eye mask), and then I was thinking it's probably time I moved on from that look anyway, as I am 30 and it didn't mean much to me anymore.  I'd had it for 10 years!  So it's out, and I have the hole still but it'll hopefully close up.  It's not noticeable anyway.  Besides I still have three holes in my left earlobe, so I'm not too square.  I feel the same, guys.

Um, Hike still hasn't slept at home.  It just never seems like the right time!  He'll be done with class late and then I want to feed him and then we're both tired and he doesn't want to have to schlep his stuff home, and so whatever, we'll see how this plays out.  I don't want to worry about it.

OH I FORGOT THE MOST EXCITING PART.  Schmillie found a very cute, quirky, HER apartment on Saturday and she just found out today that she got it.  It's like less than 10 minutes from my apartment!  It's going to be great!  She has always lived an hour away (at least) so this will be so fun to have a new neighborhood friend and I'm so going to push the "drop-by" neighbor type of relationship.  That would make me very happy.  (Just like Friends, right?)  Now we just need some male friends in the area to balance things out.

In weight news, I am feeling slimmer and my clothes are fitting more loosely, though I tried to weigh myself this morning and it hadn't moved, which was confusing. I blame my slopey bathroom floor.  Also I'm sure I've been burning calories with all of the cleaning and stuff, so maybe I added muscle weight?  Anyway, I feel good so I just have to keep eating fairly well and enjoying myself.  I definitely need to lower my stress/anxiety levels, so let's just relax and let it happen, right? :)  Ha, I'll try.  OH CRAP but I do have to be in a swimsuit in a month for Schmate's Bachelorette Trip to Miami...but with all girls, I suppose, so it's not as nerve wracking. 

SUMMER IS HERE, basically.  We only had one good snowstorm!  I'm grieving the winter that never was.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Emerging Like a Butterfly

And I'm back.  Whew, the move was crazy.  Well, the actual move was great and smooth and only took 2 1/2 hours, but then Time Warner didn't show, one of the new apartment's windows wouldn't stay closed, and an outlet didn't work.  After a lot of bother, this was all resolved last Tuesday.  I stayed home from work and the contractors came in the morning to fix all the windows (they lock now, too!) and the outlet and then TW came later on.  It was very productive.  OH and I was in great shape the Friday night before the move, so Hike and I drove to Ikea on LI and bought the couch, so they delivered it on Sunday night.  It made the weekend a lot easier to not have to plan around an Ikea trip on Sunday.

It's been frustrating that while the new place appeared relatively clean, it was obvious that the previous tenants weren't that clean, so I had to wipe down all the shelves before putting anything on them, and really scrub the shit out of the top of the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom (lots of bleach there).  I mean, I'm happy to have it clean to start with, but it's taking longer and it's a lot of work.  The past two weekends I've pushed myself pretty hard, but finally I can sort of see the end of the to-do list.  Last night I did a ton of laundry, which was our regular stuff plus all the rags and the old towels and the new towels (so we could use them) and one of the new floor mats and the living room pillow covers, etc.  Tonight I need to clean up the kitchen table area, which has been sort of my junk area while I straightened everything else, and I need to put the bathroom together with the right shower liner length/width (cross your fingers, this is my fourth try), but maybe I can be sort of done after that?  Or at least not work so hard for a few days.  We'll still have to hang any decorations and buy bedroom furniture, but things will slow down.

I am really having fun using my new kitchen stuff and having pretty bathroom stuff and all that.  I realize these are things people usually register for, but I needed some of it now, and some of it I just decided that I have the extra money for and I want to live like a grown-up, you know?  I've been pretty frugal for a long time, so I'm allowed to have nice dishes (that I got on clearance) or whatever.  I can't wait for someone to come visit me now!  No one's seen it yet, though only recently would I have even wanted them to.  Still, it definitely feels like home.  It's just so comfortable to have my/our own place.  Well, it's ours and he's been there every night, but I think I should insist on at least one night a week alone, right?  It's only fair, since he hasn't officially moved in (or paid rent yet).  But the co-habitation has been pretty peaceful and nice, once things settled down from the move.  For a few days it was rough -- I was all business and he was gone, then would come home and need to "relax" and I'd get really angry that he wasn't doing more or anticipating what needed to be done, but that phase has mostly passed, and he was helpful when I directly asked him to do something.  Now it's nice to know that even when I work hard all day (office work then house work and cooking dinner) I will be able to fall asleep with my head on his chest while he plays with my hair.  It's those little things.

I've been so focused on the settling in that I now feel like I'm emerging from a cave or something, and I'm excited to get back to a normal life.  It was actually a quiet few weeks socially, which worked out well for me to hole up.  This past weekend we did have some friend time on Friday night (his friends who I enjoy very much) and then family time on Saturday night (Zipcar!), and I'm starting to re-assimilate into society again, thank goodness.  Plus this warm weather is making me want to sit outside and brunch or drink or drunch! 

Next time I'll tell you about our pet adventures (or at least in theory -- we don't really have one yet.)  Let's just say I'm starting to have very warm feelings about a pigeon.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Shmauren is visiting this weekend from Boston!  Tonight we're meeting at Sweet Afton in Astoria to catch up, meet her new (to us) beau, and bring all the boys along.  Tomorrow night there are more festivities planned in Manhattan at some of our favorite old haunts, and I wasn't sure if I could go due to packing plans, but I think I'm in decent shape so after putting some time in during the day, I should be able to head out again.  Hike will probably stay home to study tomorrow, but that's fiiine.  Girl time-ish!  And then I can go home sort of early (maybe?) and see him later in the evening.  Exciting!  I think Sunday is unplanned, so probably I'll be packing and maybe we'll see some family -- tbd.

So everything worked out OK with the car, though it is totaled.  He is going to get a nice settlement check from the insurance company and bank that puppy, so we'll sign up for Zipcar for the foreseeable future.  We don't need the car too often -- mostly for trips to LI to see the family and the rare weekends away, so Zipcar makes more sense economically right now.  Plus, how fun to try a different car each time!  And it looks like we'll still have the insurance-covered rental through next weekend, so I can use the car to move with (thank god.)  I was very worried about that, since I plan to drive over some fragile things, all my hanging clothes, and drive over to meet the movers on the other end and let them in. 

I've packed a few boxes each weeknight this week, except for last night which was book club.  (We Talked About Kevin a lot.)  I'm nearly to the point where I can't pack more until a day or two before we go, so that's under control.  I was a little nervous because we're having issues setting up Time Warner since the current tenants' hadn't cancelled it, and now they have but for Feb 29 (they're supposed to leave tomorrow?) so we can't officially put in our order until then, which means we may not get an installation as early as we wanted, but OH WELL.  I mean, I'm annoyed, but at this point it's not worth worrying about.  If I have to miss some work, I will -- especially since I'm not taking any time off to move.

I should be low-stress, which I am, part of the time.  I'm also just super excited to go!  Oh, last weekend (I will get into that shortly) I had a few moments of trepidation and wondering if I was doing the right thing, but as soon as we got back home, the roommate was up to her usual nagging, moving my stuff around in the shower, laughing obnoxiously at everything on tv, etc., so I was like GET ME OUTTA HEEEERE.  It's so time.

The weekend in Amish Country was nice!  Very rural and relaxing.  We got in on Saturday afternoon, and our room had a really nice shower with two shower heads and a fireplace and a canopied bed and a porch swing, and it was nice and cozy.  We christened it right away (ahem) then had some snacks in the room (complimentary) then he researched restaurants and I got pretty and we went to a lovely Italian place.  We did get into a fight at dinner (as usual) because somehow we cannot talk about the future without fighting now, but it got resolved.  It seems when I try to broach the topic of "how can we make this an exciting thing and not a fight fest?" it seems like I am criticizing, and so then he gets mad?  I don't really get it.  I'm not asking him to propose right now, but I am asking him to stop telling me one timeline and then pushing it back, and also to stop being so MEAN about the thing.  Or you know, be more sensitive to the fact that I compromised on living together and I want this to be something to look forward to.  Whatever, it seems better since then.  Somehow everything I was saying on the topic sounded like pressure to him, which I don't understand.  But it's better.

Sunday we drove around the towns and looked at farms and tried to find a market (but the Amish won't sell on a Sunday) and had lunch at an old brewery then did an Amish buggy ride and bought a Christmas ornament souvenir and then went to a fantastic seafood restaurant (go to one if you have one near you!) and then back for some romance.  Romance has been tough with his school schedule and our winter blahs and everything lately, so I'm really happy we were all crazy for each other again.  PLUS HE'S GOT A NEW TECHNIQUE.  I won't elaborate, but it was very thrilling.  And then I also had a dream orgasm for the first time!  Anyway, it was good.  Then Monday we stopped at a few markets and a chocolate store on our way out of town, and we had an uneventful drive home.  It was nice to get away, but it went so quickly. 

So that's what's going on, folks.  Oh, apparently moving in together is a huge deal and he just wants to get through that first (um, meant in a less negative way than that sounded) and I've obviously not given it enough thought because I'm moving in first, anyway, and I'm thinking about all the details of setting up an apartment.  But yeah, I need to reflect on stuff like that more instead of being all "next challenge, please!"  But really, I'll have time once I'm settled in.  And I'm not going to change my mind, but just sort of see the significance or WHATEVER.  I do know I'm not ready to be engaged yet, and we're not ready together yet, so I think things are fine as they are right now.  I need to stop checking off items on my life to-do list, as always.

Happy weekends!

Friday, February 17, 2012

This Day Needs to End Already

So it's 4:53 pm and I am SO READY for a three-day weekend, especially one that involves traveling to Amish Country tomorrow.  I've never been to Amish Country!  Plus I love driving in the country, plus I can't wait to get away with my honey (and hopefully get along SPLENDIDLY), plus our room features a porch swing and a fireplace!  And apparently a wrought-iron shower gate.  Plus it's sunny out and it's so hot in my office that my roses are wilting and god, this was the longest week ever.  Hope you all enjoy your weekends!  I will bring you back something antique, like a shoe buckle!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not Dead Yet

Wow, again, keeping up with this is getting difficult!  But hey, I'm back to being a little slow at work again, and there are so many things to talk about.  Get ready, world.

Let's do major topic summaries, shall we?

Love:  Things are pretty good!  Hike and I are still learning how to fight, but it's getting better, and we really only have big ones when we're both tired at the same time and short on patience.  It's new to me that he feels I get cold and distant in an argument, because I never would have thought of myself that way, but I admit that it's true that I want to win at any cost, plus I want to protect myself, so I sort of get really rational and act superior.  I'm working on that.  He, of course, gets angry and irrational and I hate that, so it's a process.  Surprisingly (or not), he responds better when I just yell whatever I'm thinking (i.e. "You're being retarded and I don't understand why!") -- he'll get calm again.  We obviously come from different fighting camps, and it's an interesting process. 

But in BIG LOVE NEWS (or whatever), we signed a lease together!  I was feeling ready to leave my roommate situation and soon, so we started looking in late January for March 1.  There are not a lot of options for March 1 that early, but we saw a few and really liked one of them, so we moved quickly.  It was actually supposed to be a Feb 15 move-in, and we were asking the owner if we could delay, but turns out the current tenants' move-out got delayed so March 1 was perfect.  It's still in Astoria, but on a different subway stop (the one where I wanted to be) and less than a 3 minute walk to the train.  It's on an avenue, so it's a busier section, but the apartment is cute and laid out really nicely, with a separate eat-in kitchen and a linen closet.  Also only one clothes closet in the living room, but hey, that's NY.  We'll just buy an Ikea wardrobe.  So the plan is that I'll move March 3 (Saturday) and he'll join me probably June 1, when the Spring semester of school (his MBA) is finished.  He can't really handle doing it during school, both time-wise and stress-wise.  I like it because I can sort of experience living alone for awhile (even though he'll be around quite a bit) before I never do again (in theory, at least.)  I'm currently going crazy with online ordering of things like shower curtains, kitchen tools, etc., but it's fun.  I've also just started packing books and things, and after this weekend, I'll really get down to it.  I can't wait to set up a place just how I want it, without someone moving my shampoo because she thinks there's a better spot for it or whatever.  I'll be FREEEEEEE.

Oh, and this weekend we're going away to Cornwall, PA for a B&B celebration of Valentine's Day.  Yesterday Hike had a dozen roses and chocolate delivered to me at work, then we had a nice dinner and he gave me a book about Downton Abbey. :)  We did get into a small disagreement at the end of dinner because I wanted to talk about how it hurts me when he keeps telling me our engagement timeline and then changing it, and I thought we could handle talking about it positively and without a problem, but then he lost his patience and said I wouldn't let it go.  I said he should practice active listening so I know he understands.  Anyway, we resolved it rather quickly but WHY CAN WE NOT CELEBRATE SOMETHING WITHOUT HAVING AN ISSUE?  Also, related, why can I not talk about what's on my mind all the time?  Blahhhhh but it's all fine now.  He understands and said it won't happen again.  Whatever, I just want it to be an exciting topic and not such a crappy one.  It's not that I'm saying "propose now!" I'm just saying "stop pushing it back four times please."  That doesn't make me feel very desired.  Despite your promises to the contrary.

So...oh right, so I changed my mind on the "I want to be engaged before we live together," because it was adding so much pressure and deadliney-feelings to the whole thing.  Also, I'm sort of OK not being engaged yet.  I feel like I want to work some of our communication issues out first.  And obviously it's not really a fun topic right now anyway, so I just want to ease off of that.  One thing at a time.  He thinks the summer will be a good time for him to get it together with proposing, so we'll see what happens.  I'm fine with waiting right now.  And scene.

Weight:  I'm casually doing Weight Watchers, and I also made some big changes to my "everyday" meals.  No more cereal for breakfast, and instead I'm having one hard-boiled egg and some cottage cheese with fruit.  I am also eating almonds instead of granola/Special K bars.  I was feeling like I wanted to cut out some of the processed carbs, and it (along with fewer splurges) has made a bit of difference.  I'm down around 5 lbs, give or take, but it's going very slowly.  I feel like part of it is the "turning 30" curse, and most of it is my social eating and sweet tooth temptations.  Still, it's a journey and it's going OK.  I read a book called "The Petite Advantage" which had some good information about weight and health for petite ladies, and one thing I liked is that the author was very anti-cardio.  He says you should move as much as possible, but long cardio stretches really only cause you to hunch over, hurt your body and eat more afterwards.  He's big on strength training because of the long, lean muscles and the longer caloric afterburn.  So I bought some over-the-door "gravity straps" and want to do his strength-training plan, but I've only done it about once so far (in the past month.)  It seems like the nights where I have time, I just feel so exhausted when I get home.  Or I am doing moving stuff or Hike stuff or whatever.  Part of that is the winter laziness, and part is lack of motivation.  Oh, and being ill, which I'll get to shortly.  But I know it'll come along, and I'm not giving up on it.  Plus, it's cheaper than a gym membership.  I'm also taking Vitamin D supplements now because those are supposed to help me not want to be in bed all day, every day in the winter.  We'll see, it's only been a week on those.

Health:  I've had a reoccuring case of pink eye this winter.  I have never had it in my LIFE, and have no idea where it came from this time, but it started about January 9.  I went to the doctor, got on eye drops, went back for a follow-up a week later, she said it's better and I can wean off the drops, and then the following week I'd wake up with it again.  This has happened twice more since the first appearance.  Finally the doctor sent me to a specialist, who I like better but basically just added more medicine (an ointment I have to put ON MY EYEBALLS before bed).  I saw her today for my follow-up and she says I'm better, and she's going to wean me off medicine, and she still wants to see me again in three weeks.  So this time I won't take any risks with eye creams or concealer (the last doctor told me I could just wipe off the top of the pot, but NEVER AGAIN) and I'm using washcloths for only one day, etc.  Obviously I've been through about four mascaras, though it's usually only that last weekend before the re-appearance that I've used any makeup.  I'm tired of looking like I have the Spanish flu!

I think that hits all of the recent news.  I'll try to be better about posting, and shorter, for those who don't feel like reading a book.  I'm just so LETHARGIC with this stupid winter.  I need a snowstorm to perk me up!

Monday, November 14, 2011

So That Happened

My life is full of Famous Last Words, you know?  I had so much fun with Schmillie (as well as free shots and new friends) that I was home around 3:00 am on Saturday...ish.  (I don't remember, guys.)  Which also meant I kept telling Hike all night that I wanted to stay longer, and that maybe I wouldn't be home to cook him dinner, and maybe later again, etc. etc. so finally I was like Yeah, you should sleep at home because this party train is going to be delayed.  Which he was mostly fine with, once I called him to check in...  I wondered why he had so much 'tude at the time, but to be fair, I do need to be realistic about my "home eta" when I plan these things, as this is not the first time I've done that to him.  And as I also discovered the next day, he bought me flowers to surprise me for Friday night and so yeah, he had to wait to give them to me until Saturday night.  Oops.  But still aww!

So right, I slept in until noon on Saturday, then of course needed Mexican food and had lost my voice by screaming/drinking/smoking so many cigarettes on Friday, so I ordered tacos & enchiladas online.  I ate half of the food, then basically was in and out of sleep all afternoon while catching up on the new Top Chef.  Finally I didn't feel like puking in the evening, so I showered, ran to the grocery store to stock up on supplies for my big plan-ahead cooking (which would now have to be delayed, since I obviously didn't get to it on Saturday), then home for Hike to pick me up and we went to a Spanish/Peruvian place on Steinway.  The food was pretty good, and it was fun to try a new place with this coupon he had from Yelp.  I probably wouldn't go back but we love exploring restaurants, and we had really nice date conversation.  We went back home to watch the American with G. Cloon, and other than G. Cloon's beauty, that movie is terrible.  It was so slow and boring, and I guess supposed to represent the monotony of trade professions (ammunications maker, prostitute) but GOD DAMN IT stop trying to be meaningful by being sparse!  I hate that.  We gave up on it around midnight since we were getting sleepy anyway, but finished it last night.  Do not recommend.

Sunday we were up early despite our best efforts, then I made breakfast, then we had a fight because he was reading some wrestling blog on the computer while I made breakfast, but I thought he HAD to study, and I was like why am I serving you while you're relaxing?  Which is a terrible attitude but one I'm fighting with this school thing.  I know he needs a mental break now and then, but from my perspective, while studying he always has the tv on (muted) and is flipping around to webpages and it seems like LOTS O' BREAKS.  I realize that's dangerous to assume, plus his style seems to be working since he's getting good grades, but when both of our lives have to center around his studying schedule, I have some bitterness.  It's not great, and I'm working on it, and he's working on not reacting so strongly when I do criticize him (which is when the cycle begins) but ugh.  Anyway, that happened.  Then we had to leave for his high school friend's second baby's christening on Long Island, and we finally sort of made up in the car on the way there.  The service was at 1:30 pm and there were like 8 babies and they were all crying plus everyone in the pews was talking and this guy near us kept his BLUETOOTH in the entire time like a total asshole, so right, it wasn't a very meaningful service from where we were sitting.  But then we went to a steakhouse for lunch ON THEM!  It was really good, and I know I went over my extra points, but sometimes that is going to happen.  (It would have been ideal to not have DRANK THEM ALL on Friday, then eaten them with my hangover, but oh well.)

We came home exhausted around 6:30, and he went back to the books/football on mute while I (instead of being bored with football) decided to cook those meals I'd been planning on.  Well, the Taco Chicken Chili had been in the crockpot all day while we were gone, but I made these WW Red Velvet Cupcakes (3 pts) which I was nervous about but turned out quite good!  (They're for tonight's Harpie dinner.)  Then I made the Buffalo Chicken Lasagna, which seems like it'll be good and still really spicy even though I bought Extra Mild Wing Sauce, but I'm annoyed because it went up to 10 pts per serving because I couldn't find non-fat ricotta (just part skim) and I think that's it...  the recipe says it's 7 pts per, but when I entered it into the WW Recipe Building it gave me the 10 value.  So we'll deal with that....though now that I'm remembering I have 29 points per day, that seems OK.  I was working in the kitchen pretty much all of last night, which wasn't so relaxing, but at least I'd laid around all day on Saturday.  Plus, now I have about 18 dinners ready to go for the next few weeks!

And today I'm sort of sleepy and still have the voice of a drag queen, but tonight will be a fun Harpie dinner and tomorrow night I'll be at home with Hike.  Though I do still have to do laundry... so I think there won't be as many gym trips this week, but as I said before, I'll go when I can.  Oh, and the scale I ordered arrived!  I tried it after lunch (shoes off) and I was still at 153, but we'll see where I am naked first thing in the morning.  (TWSS?)  I probably will wait until next week to start my official weekly weight reporting program, so I can be consistent with it, but you know how I love data.

Today's food:
B - apple, cereal, milk - 5
L - turkey sammy, string cheese, special k, orange - 7
D - TBD, but I know Kate is making a wild mushroom ravioli...
S - yogurt with blueberries
TOTAL - hopefully not too high

Friday, November 11, 2011

TGIAlmost Happy Hour

So I haven't had drinks in awhile...like drinks where I could get a wee buzz, so I'm very excited to be meeting Schmillie for happy hour tonight.  I have all of my flexi points for the week (49!) left for this weekend, so that's enough for some beers and hopefully enough left over for some other bigger meals -- date night is tomorrow, and then we have a reception after a Christening on Sunday.  I'm going to do my best to stay inbounds.  I do think the reception is at a steakhouse, so I should be able to order smart and still get me some steak!  Just a small one, though.

Tomorrow was going to be bowling, but I called the bowling alley to reserve a lane and it's INSANE -- they don't have open bowling except from 12 noon - 2:00 pm.  And tonight only after 11:30 pm.  And not on Sundays until later in the month.  Is this normal?  It's all taken up with leagues and stuff, which I get, but shouldn't they also allow customers to come in?  Why would you sell a Groupon that one can barely use unless you happen to not have a day job?  I e-mailed Groupon to try and get my money back, and we'll be doing something else tomorrow.  Blerg.

My plan for daytime tomorrow is to make some WW-appropriate dinners and freeze them in portions for us.  I'm going to try Buffalo Chicken Lasagne and a Taco Chicken Chili in the Crockpot.  I know they're both chicken, but that's OK, right?  They'll be staggered/not every night anyway.  It should last us at least two weeks, too.  Plus I'm going to make dessert for Harpie dinner on Monday -- and it has to be red.  I'm not going to OUT IT yet, though, but I was able to get a healthier recipe on a traditional favorite, and I'm hoping they taste as good while being guilt-free!

I have been talking to the receptionist about WW lately, and it's great to have someone to nerd out with, plus she JUST gave me her WW online password so I can totally user their tools, like the Recipe Builder!  I've never paid for it so I'm super pumped to see all the fun gadgets.  And to see how many points some of my traditional favorite recipes are...like the Rachel Ray Creamy Chicken Chili.  Mmm.

OHHH and last night I found Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream on sale and I had to buy it for a treat.  I was expecting to save it but I forgot to eat my homemade granola bar after work so I had a ton of extra points so I had a cup of it after dinner -- so good!  And I forgot to bring a granola bar TODAY, annoyingly, so I need to make sure not to get too drunk.  I may eat more Special K bars, which I keep at work.

Happy weekend, friends!

Today's food:
B - apple, cereal, milk - 4
L - turkey bagel sandwich, string cheese, orange, special k - 7
S - yogurt with blueberries, beer, tbd - 3+
TOTAL - we'll see