Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From 6 Boys to 5 Napkins

What a lovely two days of FALL PREVIEW weather!  Yes, I know it's raining, but it's in the sixties.  There is a cool breeze.  There are sweats to wear.  It's delightful.  And today is extra delightful because I got a kiss and a hug before I left for work.  I walked out of my front door at the same time as my downstairs hot chef neighbor, and we said hello, and crossed paths on the sidewalk in front of our house.  (He has a separate entrance for the basement apartment.)  As I walked by, I said "Have a good day!" and he sort of grabbed me for a hug and cheek kiss, and I made a surprised noise and he laughed.  It was cute and impulsive, and made me smile all the way to work!  Besides, he's hot.  Though there is some speculation from the more manly Italian neighbors that he's gay.  It didn't help that he came home late Friday night with a dude, but they could've just been having a man sleepover!  And I don't really care either way...just kiss me with that stubbly cheek, dude.  And cook me some mussels.

Anyway, let's talk about what I've been up to.  Friday I was so tired after all of Thursday's excitement that I went home with a nap in mind.  My neighbor on the other side, a young married dude, was out on their stoop with his neighborhood friends (as they all grew up in Astoria) drinking beer and tequila.  I've met most of them before, and we all said hi when I got home from work.  Married Neighbor (MN) offered me a beer, but I passed, saying I had drank all day the day before.  So I tried to nap and failed for like 90 minutes, then watched The Invention of Lying, and anytime I'd go out for a smoke, MN would ask me to come over.  (He's very nice, by the way, and I like him and his friends.  I've gone to a 4th of July party there before.  I was just in pj's and not feeling social.)  Finally I caved and ran in to put on a bra under my sleepshirt/dress thing, and then sat down with them and started in on the Bud Lights.  I was out there till 4:30, my friends.  They were all really nice, though MN became Drunk MN and began telling me how I'm hot, and he'd massage my shoulders/leg, put his hat on me, play with my hair, etc., but I was treating him a bit like a pesky child and just trying to brush it off, as he was so wasted he could barely speak.  One of the other boys, Sleeve, used to live in my first Astoria apartment, in the basement unit.  His mom owned the building and was my landlord, so I've known him forever, though we never really spoke too much.  Anyway, he and I talked a lot, and he wants me to play on his fall softball team, and he wants to cook me dinner, and we were making all of these sorts of plans that people do.  He got my number, and more on this shortly.  All in all, it was such a good time.  I was in pj's, without makeup, hanging out with six dudes (half were married), most of whom complimented me at some point.  I was told I was hot and I met a boy.  I mean, that's a pretty good night, right?

So after everyone leaves at about 4:30, Sleeve and I were texting and he was saying he wished he would've kissed me, and I was so cute, etc.  Being drunk, I said well, maybe you should come back here and kiss me now.  Then he calls, and he's all like "Oh my god, I want to kiss you for hours, but if I come over there we won't just kiss, and I want to do this the right way.  I like you, I want to take you out.  Let's hang out tomorrow afternoon around 3 or 4, ok?" etc.  He's also more graphic but I will spare you.  A word about Sleeve:  He's a big Italian American dude, he boxes, he plays a lot of sports, he's loud and full of swagger around his guy friends, he makes gross jokes, and it half turns me off and half turns me on.  I'm also only medium attracted to him, but we'll see -- I like his body, because he's tall and strong, but I have to see the face again I think.  Basically he's not the type I'm used to, but I'm willing to see what happens.  It's nice, though, because I'm not very wrapped up in it, just curious.  So it's not getting to me yet.

So SATURDAY.  I sleep until about 10, which was not long enough but hungover me can no longer sleep in.  I meet Schmess for brunch at Vesta, which was delish, then head back home to bed.  I think I have plans with Sleeve, but I don't set an alarm.  I'm awakened at 4:30 pm by a text from him, saying he'd slept that whole time, he was exhausted.  We just text chatted for a little while, with no mention of hanging out.  Finally later, I was getting ready to head to Schmillie's BIRTHDAY PARTY, and I sent him one to say I was leaving soon, and ask if he was coming with me.  (This had been discussed previously.)  No immediate response, so I happily set off to Brooklyn.  He texted while I was en route to say he was at his Mom's (I knew he was possibly going to go see her, as she lives in NJ now), and maybe we could meet up later.  Meh.

So Schmillie's party was at The Richardson in Williamsburg.  It was so great!  I was the first to arrive, which gave me time to fully check out the surroundings, and I really liked the bar.  They had very fun old-fashioned cocktails and a very tempting food menu, and it was very speakeasy-ish in decor.  Then everyone arrives, and Schmillie can tell you more about it here, but she looked lovely and sexy and it was good to see her friends who I now consider my own, as well as hang out with Schmannon and Schmerin.  Then I was fading fast at midnight, so shared a cab back to Astoria with Schmannon and went right to bed. 

Sunday I woke up at a reasonable hour, had some coffee, and got inspired by the rainy weather and lack of internet at home to take myself to the movies!  First, I called my Grandma to wish her a happy birthday a week late.  I'm terrible.  My mom had reminded me to call, but then I forgot, then when I'd remember it'd be at like 11 pm or while I was out drinking, which are not good times to call your 84-year-old grandmother.  Then I texted Sleeve to say that I'd gone home right after the party, as I was so tired, and asked about his visit with his mom.  Anyway, then Eat Pray Love!  I really liked it.  I had read the book, so I knew what to expect, and I always love Julia Roberts.  She just makes me happy.  I realize the movie doesn't solve life's problems and is another sort of consumer-driven religious grab bag (yes, I read you, critics), but basically it's a nice story with beautiful scenery, and I did really relate to some points the main character makes.  The idea of pouring so much of your love into your significant other that you lose yourself, or that you have nothing left when it ends, and things like that.  Things about holding something back for yourself.  Things about Javier Bardem.  The movie spoke to me a bit, and it was very good timing.  Then, because I love myself so much, I took myself out for linner at 5 Napkin Burger, as they just opened a location by the Astoria movie theater.  OH MY GOD.  Go.  I got the Original burger with Tuscan fries, and sat at the bar, and contemplated my good fortune.  I also took half home for later.  Then a quick stop at the grocery store, before heading home to watch Disk 1 of The Brothers Donnelly, because I like the man candy. 

All in all, a wonderful weekend.  I alternately felt flattered by men, loved by friends, and treasured by myself.  (Sorry, gag.)  But I'm having a lot more good days and feel like I'm really excited about where I am and where I'm going in life, and I haven't had that for awhile.  So anyway, thanks for letting me vent all that mushy stuff.

Last night I Skyped with Britch, which was lovely.  Hopefully we'll get back to doing it frequently enough so that we don't have to talk for three hours to just catch up.  I ate plums and peaches from our CSA, which are just divine, and I sat around in sweats and loved the temperature.  Oh, and then Sleeve finally texts me (after no response on Sunday) and says "What's up babe??"  Right.  I text back a little later and say what is up, which is Catching up on tv, eating plums, and wishing I were at a bonfire.  And ask what is up with him.  Basically.  Then no response again.  So he seriously just sent me a What's up babe text with no follow-up.  Man, I don't get this guy's approach.  I feel like he could've been so money after that "I want to do this right and take you on a date thing" and now he's screwing it up.  I mean, that was sort of a golden ticket for the actual date.  Oh well, I feel a sort of detached bemusement, so we'll see what happens. 

I'm working on blurring out the faces of a picture of Smee and I from the golf outing...so look for that soon!  I mean, I guess it's pointless if you can't see our faces, but whatever.  Happy Tuesday!  And don't worry all you cold-weather haters, summer will be back at the end of the week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm doing my best to be energetic enough to write you the recap you so rightfully deserve, but man, I AM TIRED today, friends.  It doesn't help that there are only about four people in my office right now, and we're the young ones.  I'm blasting Pandora on my speakers, which makes it feel a bit like a party, though.  (Just up: Bruce and Van Morrison.  So it's a mellow party.)

Yesterday was great!  I'll tell you right off the bat that there wasn't anything as clear as a make-out session with Smee, but that would have been difficult while surrounded by colleagues.  I arrived with Queens-female-lawyer friend, and come to find out that Smee and I are wearing matching outfits.  (It's not really fair, as he knew what I was wearing ahead of time and he said he was wearing WHITE.  Instead we were navy/khaki twins.)  It was all bashful smiles, as usual.  After some warming up on the driving range/putting area (I tried too!), we all headed in for lunch and he was across from me, the better to gaze into my eyes.  (Don't think I'm not aware of how he positions himself to sit near me or across from me at all times, even when the table is 6-seats long.)  Anyway, everyone was in jolly spirits, even those arriving late after being stuck in traffic, and we started the drinking with our sandwiches and salads.  Then it was tee-time for my group, and off we went!  I was going to ride in Smee's cart per the boss' decision, but as the girl would need to use the nearer tees, it was decided the boys would ride together and so would the girls.  I think it worked out better that way, as I could be silly and have fun and he could miss me sometimes. 

So it really was great, driving the golf cart, cheering them on, taking the turns too quickly, and drinking beers.  For those of you who know me, I'll post some pictures next week -- Smee took mine from my memory card today and is going to put them on a CD with his, so they'll all be together.  Which is good since I wasn't really in any of my pictures, but he took a lot of me, so it worked out.  (Me looking off into the distance unaware, me making silly faces, me leaning in to kiss the female lawyer's face, me awkwardly waving, etc.)

We stopped for bathroom breaks and to re-stock on beer after the 9th hole, and then off to the course again.  I will say that it's nice how long a golf game lasts, so you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery and the mansions around the country club and every once in awhile, a gentle breeze in the shade.  It was also good that one of the main firm partners was in our foursome, so we had good bonding time.  He kept encouraging me to try hitting, and I would try, but good lord, I was bad.  You know how I prefer not to participate in activities if I'm not good at them!  So I'd try, but decided my calling was of the driving/cracking jokes/swilling beer variety.  He's telling me that next year will be my year, however.

After we got back to the clubhouse and posed for some pictures, it was time to shower and get pretty, and it felt AMAZING after being in the hot sun all day.  Plus the club had very nice amenities.  Our female paralegal was very drunk, we'd discover, as she began talking to herself in the shower and throwing things.  Amazing.  I got all pretty, even blow-drying my hair, and emerged back upstairs in the bar to meet the approving eyes of my male co-workers.  I felt like a lady, and that's always fun after being rough & tumble all day.  (Luckily, I never actually tumbled.  There was one close call where I almost tossed MYSELF out of the golf cart while driving, though.)  Once everyone had assembled, we moved into the dining room, where Smee sat to my right (at one of the heads of the table) and we made conversation with others but mostly sort of whispered to ourselves.  I couldn't help it, I was about 9 beers deep at this point.  (Though female co-worker told me I didn't seem drunk, which is FANTASTIC.  I can hold it pretty well, I think -- I just get silly.  And I stuck with beer, which helped.)  Dinner was amazing -- a salad buffet, then a meat/potato buffet with beer tenderloin, pork, lobster, fingerling potatoes, sweet potato fries, baked beans, etc., and then a dessert buffet with pie, cake and ICE CREAMS.  I actually managed not to overstuff myself too badly, but it was all so delicious. 

Then it was time to leave (at about 8:30 pm.)  We all wandered slowly towards the exit, and someone had to go back to find the drunk paralegal, and then the boys from Manhattan got into their car service, but not before Smee took my arm to pull me back from a car that was pulling up nearby.  (I'm sure I was in mortal danger.)  We stayed touching for a bit, and we talked about whether they were going out in the city, but I wouldn't fit in their car, and he said it'd be a long way for me to travel in from Astoria (wistfully, I like to think), but I shrugged and said, Well, text me, and got in with female lawyer to head back.  He did text within five minutes to say that everyone was pooping out, so they weren't going out, and I said it was probably best, but another time?  He said definitely.  We texted a little more once home, and said goodnight.

It's very strange because I totally have that "it's on" feeling, like when you meet a guy at a bar and you know it's on, right?  But it's staying in this "it's on" area, though that's probably still a good thing.  It's just strange, and also we have flirtier and then less flirty moments, which I guess is natural for co-workers.  Do those of you who have co-worker romances know what I mean?  Is this normal?  Today he brought his iPad to show me his pictures, and there were really a lot of me, and I remember him taking them and feeling so in the spotlight, in a good way.  It's nice.  Oh, and there's a good one of the two of us, too... lots of arm-arounding.

Sigh.  Wow, this post is totally more boy crazy than usual.  But yesterday was great in general, and I had lots of good girl bonding time with the female lawyer, too, which I appreciated.  I really like her.  She's sort of subdued and sarcastic and tomboyish, though she looks like a model, and I like the contrast.  And the downside to all this crushing on Smee is that at one point he loudly declared that he was raised Roman Catholic but is now an Atheist.  Man, that was a Debbie Downer.  I've mostly become OK with Agnostics, but full-on Atheist might be a struggle.  It just seems unneccessarily stubborn.  But that's getting ahead of myself. 

OH ONE MORE THING.  I had to upgrade Smee's BlackBerry this week, and he got a new one on Tuesday but it was going to be replaced because one of the buttons was messed up, and it came today and I set it up and he immediately BBM requested me again.  Aww.  AND ONE MORE he was talking about the Summer Streets thing this weekend, where they're closing Park Avenue to cars and it's all pedestrian, and how he'd like to go, and it was said in a way that someone would if they were about to invite you, but it didn't get there.  Hmm.

Anyway, tonight is going to be low-key, and I think I have a date with Netflix.  I am going to have a hard time with no home internet this weekend, though...that means no Veronica Mars.  Tomorrow I have brunch plans with Schmess, and then it's Schmillie's birthday party at night!  Happy 30, lady!  Sunday will be recovery/laziness, I think.  I won't be able to blog due to no internet, but I'll be back next week.  I've really gotten better again, huh?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Manic Panic

I feel unreasonably excited about this firm golf outing tomorrow--as in, someone should lower her expectations, I think.  Here are the reasons I'm excited:
  • I get to sleep in.
  • I love day trips, especially up in the Westchester area.
  • I love drinking iced coffee while riding in someone's car and being the navigator.
  • I get to live the high life at a country club.
  • I get to drive a golf cart.
  • I get to keep the golf score and possibly accept creative bribes.
  • I get to day drink.  Beer.
  • I get to drink while driving a golf cart that contains the suits all getting silly.
  • I get to dress up in a costume -- as a country club golfer.
  • Along those lines, my one boss (who's in my golf foursome) today asked what color outfit I was wearing tomorrow, then promised me a visor.  He visited his brother's office at lunch, and brought me back a navy one with a merchant ship on the front.  (It's the bro's company logo, but very understated.)  I am calling it a pirate ship.  I have a visor with a pirate ship on it.

  • I have a crush on at least one of the boys going.
  • This boy named Smee probably/maybe has a crush on me.
  • And his new golf bag has an insulated pocket for storing more beer.  
  • And today I let him borrow my freezer pack cooler thingies so I feel involved.  It's our pocket now.
  • I get to spend the entire day with my favorite work friends, plus then have a BBQ dinner while wearing my best sexy blue wrap dress and metallic goldish heels, and then most likely go out on the town back in Manhattan with said favorite work friends.
  • Along those lines, that means I get to do an outfit/hair change in the middle of this maximum-time-with-crush day.  
  • And I am wearing the visor right now.
Soooo obviously it can't be as epic as I think, yes?  I need to chill out, but when your boss interrupts your meeting with the accountant today to say, "Sorry, but I have an important question." [Looks at me...]  "Is Heineken Light OK?"  It means things are gonna start getting real.  (Oh dear...when you spell Heineken correct on your first attempt, it might mean you have a problem.)

My internet at home was out last night, which drove me crazy as I had a Skype date with Britch!  I managed to download Skype to my BlackBerry and we talked for awhile that way, though I'm a little worried about data usage [this is when your eyes glaze over...]  Anyway, it's being spotty tonight so I'm hoping I can post this when I'm done.  Stupid Time Warner needs to die a thousand fiery deaths.

Not much else is going on here...it's looking like the potential movie night in the Sculpture Garden will get rained out, which is OK as Schmess had to cancel anyway, and I'm trying to be quiet so my upstairs SWF neighbor won't know I'm home and avoiding her invite to come up for a potluck/movie night with her friends.  She's getting weirder, people...I feel mean, but not so mean that I'm willing to be her instant best friend.

So here's hoping that I won't end up shedding any clothes while drunk driving a golf cart tomorrow (like we did in high school, RIGHT BRITCH?)  If I do end up streaking, I promise you I'll keep the visor on.  I will report back, but please lower your expectations on my behalf.  Thanks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on Golf Outing with Smee

So I was just rambling about the firm Golf Outing, then published the last post, then my desk phone rings and it's Smee.  He says that our foursome for Thursday will be one of the managing partners, the girl lawyer who we are both close with (don't worry, she has a boyfriend,) AND HIM.  He said "That what I was just in [partner's] office figuring out."

This means he arranged it, or at least helped, so that our little friendly group of three would hang out all afternoon, plus the partner. 

I asked what would happen if it rains, and he said the forecast keeps getting better.



Good morning!  How are we doing?  Are we enjoying these waning days of summer?  (Who am I kidding, I'm sure it'll be hot into October at the rate we're going.)

I had a great weekend.  My roomie's been out of town so I had the place to myself, which is always a nice treat.  And also nice because while most of the time I'm happier alone, I do occasionally miss somebody's presence around the house, so it affirms that maybe I'm maybe not quite ready to live without a roommate.  This is useful to remember during those times when she drives me crazy.

So Friday night I turned down a beer garden invite in favor of staying in, doing laundry, cleaning (I even cleaned the globes from the light fixtures in my room), and then starting to watch Veronica Mars on Netflix Watch Instantly.  And then I couldn't stop.  Seriously, I knew people were really into this show a few years ago, so I thought I'd check it out, but the mystery hook is so good at the end of each episode that I just kept going until about 1 am.  It was lovely.

Saturday I met Thighs/Shmannon at 1:30 pm for a day of Astoria pool-playing/bar-hopping.  It was really fun, and our only meals came from food trucks (Falafel King and that awesome taco place on 30th Ave), and we played at four places total (though it seemed like more), two pool halls and two old man bars.  I got home at about 10:30 pm and was asleep by midnight, too!  I was pretty tispy but surprisingly not wasted after that long of a beer day.  I think it helped that we were drinking Miller High Lifes (MiHiLis.) 

Sunday I woke up at 5 am because beer does that to me now, and I was starving so I ordered some breakfast from a 24-hour diner (delivery), then ate half and watched an episode of Veronica Mars, then went back to sleep until about 11.  Sunday afternoon I watched more VM, got a mani/pedi, and then did some food prep for my dinner party last night.  Sunday evening I met Schmillie, Tobly, and Schmauren at Chat 'N' Chew for a lovely mac&cheesey, bacony dinner, then we walked to 16 Handles for delicious fro yo.  And since it was originally supposed to be a pool party at Schmauren's posh hotel but we got rained out, we started at 5:30 so I was home around 7!  I do like that on a Sunday night.  I need decompression time before the work week.

Last night was our monthly Harpie dinner, and I was the hostess.  Our theme was beer, since national Beer Day is in August, and here was the menu:  Schmate made beer-battered onion rings for our appetizer, then Schmags made mussels in a white beer broth, then I made beer-marinated flank steak fajitas, and then Schmammie made a Chocolate Stout Cake.  SO GOOD.  So much food, of course.  I love having a regularly-scheduled time when I can see my earliest NYC friends.

So now I need to stop eating so much, as I ate all weekend and last night. :)  But I have leftovers!  And a giant piece of cake in the fridge!  Oh well, I won't worry too much about it.  We wouldn't want to waste food, would we?

There was a slight hiccup in my mental health over the weekend, as one of the bar owners we saw on Saturday (who I've known for awhile from when I used to frequent his establishment more often) told me that Mex with there a girl about three weeks ago.  And I knew who it was based on a convo I'd had with Mex in the past.  So I was upset, mostly because while I'm not surprised he's still drinking and sleeping with inappropriate women, I don't want to know about it.  So I text-yelled at him for awhile this weekend, basically saying take your trash elsewhere.  Ideally I could shake it off, but obviously I can't yet.  So here's to shaking it off this week!

On Thursday we're supposed to have our work outing to one of the firm partner's country clubs for golf and a BBQ.  I would be riding along in the cart and drinking beer, not playing golf, don't worry.  AND THEN work boyfriend* said we (the young ones) should get drinks in the city afterwards.  Unless he meant we (he and me).  Unfortunately the forecast doesn't look so hot, but I super hope it doesn't get cancelled, as this will be my chance to drink and be more social with work boyfriend*.  He'd said yesterday he was worried about rain, but that we'd have to do something anyway...  TBD.  But I want to haaaang out.

*I believe I've settled on a name that isn't Diabetes.  Schmannon and I were discussing this on Saturday...and we worked around to Smee!  Isn't that great?  Doesn't everyone love Smee?  It's because I'm so creative with most nicknames (that is sarcasm) and I was thinking Schmoe, and then that led to Smee.  So I'm sticking with it.

Well, tonight I finally have a Skype date with Britch, and that will be nice.  Tomorrow night I may see an outdoor movie in Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, though the forecast doesn't look so hot for that, either.  All in all, it should be a good week.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

As the Caterpillar Emerges from Her Cocoon...

Thighs is right, no text.  I let the temptation pass, my friends.  Besides, Summer Intern (who is 25 years old) wants to come drinking tonight, and though I have a girls' foursome planned, if things get silly I may let him come by later.  IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  I mean, just to be friendsies.

That reminds me -- something's going on lately with me and the word "Pants."  It makes me laugh out loud.  Is this a degeneration of my amusement at "Panties"?  Yesterday when eating lunch with the co-workers in the conference room, my female lawyer friend said her new Ikea wardrobe (furniture, not clothing) came with a pants rack.  HAAAAA.  Just say it to yourselves.  PANTS RACK.  Also, our firm has a client called "Sid's Pants."  (That might be confidential.  Shh.)  I can't help it.

So last night was veggie pick up, grocery shopping, then a loooong time cooking dinner.  I boiled corn on the cob, roasted zucchini and squash and eggplant and beets, then sauteed/simmered it all with two large cans of diced tomatoes and some greens, the cut-off-the-cob corn, and fresh basil.  Then I stirred in ziti, put it all in a baking dish with some fresh mozz on top (and some Kraft parmesan) and baked it.  It was labor-intensive but mostly local and fresh and I'm sure I'll get 2-3 weeks of dinners out of it!  I froze some and put the rest in the fridge, after eating, of course.  The best/worst part is that the beets turned the pasta pink, so it looks like a girly-themed dish.  But so what, who cares.  I also ate some baby watermelon out of the shell, sliced in half, and felt like a hippy queen.  Then into bed for Top Chef!  Right, so I bailed on my upstairs neighbor, but I was cooking then eating till 8:30, then showered, then was exhausted and climbed into bed for TV.  Do I want to be friends?  Not that badly that I'd force myself to go up there.  Honestly, I'm in a bit of hermit mode this week anyway.  I don't know why but I'm sure it'll pass.

Besides, I'm not being a hermit tonight!  I'm meeting the Harpie girls for drinks and it's been awhile since such an event has occurred.  It should be fun, and still might be an early night, though this is to be determined.  I'll be happy either way.

P.S. I was just adding Labels to this post, and apparently I've used the label Pants before...now I'm very curious.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

As in, I just can't work anymore today.  I am worked out.

So, last night was our first (and last) softball playoff game of the season.  It was a fun game, and went into extra innings, but as we were the away team, we didn't have last at-bats so when they scored 3 to top our 2, it was dunzo.  Still, it was exciting and a good way to go out, I think.  And also the air was thick and soupy, and I realized that I'm not so sad about softball being over with, though I enjoyed this season more than I thought I would.  But now I have more free time, that just may translate into gym time.  You know, we'll see what happens.

Tonight is Veggie Pick-up (and it's a fruit week, I think!  I love the bi-weekly fruit pickups!  I'm so bi.)  Then it's home for inventive cooking, laundry (maybe), and my upstairs lady neighbor invited me up to join her and friends for potluck and a movie...but I think she's kind of weird and I want to skip it.  I'll see how the guests seem when they show up by looking out my peephole.  Good idea, right?  I think she is weird because:
1.  She is dating and has moved in with my landlord, a diminuitive Latino with anger problems who likes ballroom dancing and shortie shorts.  He is also much older than she seems, as she is probably my age, but you know the appeal of a man with property...
2.  I saw her wearing the same professional outfit (ugly printed skirt, ugly pastel shell top) two days in a row to work this week.  Why?  It's certainly not a uniform.
3.  That's mostly it -- she's usually nice, but I don't want to be buddies.

Also, I've been so tired this week that I may want to go to bed at 8 pm.  It's true, I'm on my way to becoming a shut-in.

In other fun news, Schmillie and I planned a trip to visit Schmauren in Boston in two weeks!  I can't wait!  I even am leaving work early on a Friday (like everyone else in the world) so we can beat the traffic. 

Before Diabetes went on vacation, at some point when we were talking in his office he showed me how a shelf on his bookcase was "broken."  I just pointed out that one of the pegs (that holds it up from underneath) was in the wrong slot (so dirty) but he didn't want to fuss with it, so I said that I'd fix it at some point.  I realize this was very butch of me, but I can't help it!  I like to fix things.  So I just fixed it now and put a Post-It on the shelf that says "Voila!" with a smiley face and "-S."  I'm so lame with my romantic overtures, but I've accepted this.  Also, the only co-worker who knows we have a flirtation (the paralegal girl in my office) is encouraging me to text him and ask how his vaca is going.  She says that he clearly wanted to hear from me as he gave me his number.  I feel like a character in a romantic comedy -- the one who makes all the wrong assumptions, actually.  But I'm considering it, too.  Advice?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello darlings.  I am posting this late, because despite not having fun internet time at work, I'm going to do my best not to abandon you again.  For so long, at least.

Well, it was a great weekend and it left me worn out today at work for no clear reason, but hey, sometimes you need to rest after having lots of fun, right?  Friday night I came home to try to nap (failed) and shower before heading with the freshly arrived Schmauren to Sweet Afton.  We nabbed a table, ordered some delicious food and beers, welcomed more friends, and also began the shots pretty early.  They were a reward for us when the computer messed up our beer order, leaving us waiting for awhile, so hello again, Pickleback.  And then Lemon Drop.  And then some other ones that I don't even remember what they were.  At around midnight, the remaining few of us headed over to Cavo, this Greek daytime restaurant, nighttime club in Astoria.  I used to live across the street from it, but never went in, so I'd always wanted to see what the fuss was about.  I'll tell you -- aggressive Greek men.  But it was fun to dance for a bit, with the girls and then with the circling vultures, then I hit my wall and walked home, managing to slice my feet with my sandals in the process.  Oh, my tender feet.  (Isn't tenderfoot some sort of insult?  Oh, yes.)  OH and I wore the jeggings and two separate people said I looked skinny...so hopefully they're a go.

Saturday was up for a lovely outdoor brunch with Schmauren and Schmate.  Granted, I was feeling a bit pukey and only ate half my Crab Cake Hollandaise, but it was still a very leisurely and relaxing weekend treat.  I felt better after getting some food in my tummy, then since Schmauren was nice enough to drive us into Manhattan, we drove back and hit up our favorite Astoria discount clothing store, where I nabbed some NY&Co. belts for $2.00 each.  Score.  Then home for some AC and Bravo TV time in bed with Schmauren before she had to head out for a concert on Governor's Island.  While she was out, I napped, watched movies, ran a few errands, and just relaxed until she came home and we chatted a bit before sleep time.  Because...

On Sunday we got up early(ish) to head into Manhattan to meet Schmate and Schmillie for Delware River Tubing!  We'd all been looking forward to it all summer, and the day was upon us.  After some Dunks for the road, we headed to the other side of NJ and sunscreened up.  It was so relaxing (once we got over the massive influx of people compared to when we went last year) to float along, paddling sometimes, and riding the (very tame, mini) rapids.  And since the river runs (through it) on the border of NJ and PA, we were IN TWO STATES AT ONE TIME.  After a few hours on the river, we stopped in the nearby Frenchtown, NJ for some ice cream and then hit the road back to the city, all sunny and ready for our showers and beds.  Separate beds, unfortunately, and I had to bid adieu to Schmauren so she could head back to Boston.  Wahh.

So today was busy at work, and I never seem to get everything done now, but hey, the day goes fast.  Work boyfriend (I CAN'T call him Diabetes.  I'm working on it.) is away on vacation, which makes it much less interesting, and dare I admit it, I'm wearing my less-favorite clothes since I don't care to impress anyone particularly.  Am I crazy or does anyone else do stuff like that?  Oh, and after work on Friday, he BBMed me (BlackBerry messaged, for those who aren't familiar) and said that he wouldn't be on the BlackBerry much while he was gone, so he gave me his personal cell phone number.  He said that one's just for friends...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  Well, I responded and said something about how I was glad I made the cut, and I gave him my number, too, and then he said something about how we passed the line of mere co-workers awhile ago.  But see how we're on that Friend Line, where it's unclear?  Don't get me wrong, it's really fun and I sort of like the ambiguity now because I'm not ready for more, or sure I want it, but I still get the fluttery "he likes me" feeling and that's the best.  And I also think I'll just wait for him to contact me, as I don't need to push anything at this point.

Tonight I'm staying in, catching up on some home stuff, online stuff, and relaxing.  I've been reading some Marian Keys novels and I'm in the middle of one that I am looking forward to dipping into before bed.  Isn't that the best feeling?  Schmillie hooked me up with a bunch of them, and on my vacation I read Watermelon, which was surprising apropos for my situation, with a cheating husband who left his wife after she JUST GAVE BIRTH.  So guess what, my situation could've been worse!  It was actually fun and light, but also really poignant in some ways for me, and they're just fun novels.  I recommend.

Well, goodnight for now.  It's time me to watch last night's episode of The Next Food Network Star...even though my favorite one, the cute guy, (SPOILER) got sent home last week.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Skinny, Slippery Slope

How many of you have heard me decry skinny jeans?  Not necessarily on other people, but I've firmly believed that I'd never wear them, as they're rarely flattering for any sort of normal body type, and also perhaps a bit too trendy for me. 

Well, guess what I did.  I bought jeggings while I was home, and I got a steal from NY&Co., since Schmekah had a coupon and they were buy one get one 75% off...so we both bought jeans and paid $16 apiece for $50 pairs.  Anyway...I was convinced they'd be comfy (as I've heard great reviews), and be the perfect thing to tuck into tall boots come fall, as in the past I've tried that with regular boot-cut jeans and ended up with strange, uncomfortable bulges (twss.) 

So that's what I bought.  And then I immediately loved how comfy they were, and how dark and flattering (I think?  My mom said they were!), so I wore them right away with sandals.  Gaaa, how quickly I lost my principles!  But they're amazing!  I'm even wearing them to work today with heels and a belted blouse.  I think it's appreciated, but if any of you see me in real life, please PLEASE tell me if I now am one of the unflattered masses, duped by the skinny jean craze.  I promise it's OK...I'll still wear them with boots, no matter what.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Stevie Centennial

This is my 100th post!  Yes, that's exactly why I waited so long to put one up.  I was building anticipation!

I will try to catch you up briefly on where in the world I've been this summer...I think we'll go back to our old friend, the bulleted list.
  • Last week I was away on vacation, and spent some time in Traverse City, MI (home of my Grandma) and also in Toledo, OH, my hometown.  It was very relaxing and outdoorsy.  In TC, we spent lots of time at the bay, throwing a tennis ball around in the water or lying on the beach.  We lazily tubed down the Platte River.  We ate well and often.  To combat some of that, my dad and I took a 25-mile bike ride through vineyards on the peninsula (between Traverse's East and West Bays of Lake Michigan), with the vineyard at the highest point as our goal (and then back home).  Check it out--there was a gorgeous view, and I tasted some sweet cherry wine.  We'd borrowed the bikes from my Gram's neighbor, and the downside was that mine wouldn't change gears for the uphill part of the ride (until I figured out how to kick the chain over myself)...so by the end, I had a very strained tendon on my right knee, but I healed in 24 hours.  I also fell off into the bushes at the side of the road once, but it's because I'm short (not because of the Cherry Wine!  Shut up, Dad!) -- I was stopping the bike and it tipped downhill (to my right) and my toes couldn't touch the ground on that side, so whoops.  I think that's where I got what appears to be a Poison Oak scratch on my leg... 
  • Once back in Toledo, I spent lots of time with some of my best friends from high school and their adorable 2-year-old, who began calling me Princess (as well as Stephanie.)  I'm not sure what started it, but I encouraged it by calling him Princess as well, so it provided me with lots of amusement.  We took him to the pool one day, and he was terrified of the water (despite the turtle water wings I'd brought him), but he eventually made it in.  He also learned the hard way not to run by the pool, as he fell on the concrete and scraped himself a little.  Luckily Aunt Stephanie was the nearest to him, so I scooped him up and made it better, and got extra cuddle time as a reward.  (As long as I can give him back when it's cranky pre-nap time, I love pretending to be a parent.)  I spent time with the family at home, too, getting my nails did with my mom, going out to dinner, and finally making use of my parents' fire pit on my last night there.  Gorgeous.
  • All in all, it was a great break and I really needed all that nature time.  Still, with so much downtime, I found myself back in some very painful thought cycles about the whole Mex breakup/cheating/lying/being a bastard thing.  It's really just rage and pain at this point, but I'm upset that I'm still mired in it.  I'm sure seeing him after his return to town (as he was away for a month in Minnesota, which was lovely for me) didn't help, but it wasn't like we made up or anything.  I guess I'm nice in person because I'm not used to being a combative bitch (are you surprised?) but I'd rather he just not exist, so that's been wearing on me. 
  • I'm sure the other reason for that is because I was lacking some male distraction on vacation, which sucks because ideally I wouldn't need one to be OK, but clearly that's not the case. 
  • So back to town and back to my male distractions, whee!  While I never heard from Montana, I still think of him fondly and wonder if someday, when/if he moves back to town, we will reconnect.  I know he's not perfect but he was so lovely for a brief time, so whatever happens, I'm very thankful to have met him and rebounded with him.  (I should write cards for Hallmark.)  Blackbeard is back to being pretty darn charming (after a bout with walking pneumonia which made him very quiet and withdrawn.)  My OTHER work boyfriend is also in play.  Have I talked about him yet?  He's the one I talk to more, and who makes mooney eyes at me a lot, and clearly finds me thrilling, but I'm not quite as physically attracted to him.  That said, he was diagnosed with diabetes last spring and has had to make some big lifestyle changes (so it'll go away) and he's getting much cuter.  (I know, I know, I'm terrible, but it's not that serious!  He's almost cured!)  So really, I think I'm getting in on the ground floor here, and things will only be improving.  We've started Blackberry Messaging (BBMing) occasionally, and we just blush at each other a lot in the office.  When everybody eats lunch in the conference room, I always look up to find him staring at me.  He actually has told me he loves me, but more in a work context, which sounds weird.  We were complaining about a few bad receptionists here in the past, and he said something like, "...except you.  I love you."  Blushy blush...even if he's just talking about my mad phone-answering skillz.  And I have a story about yesterday, too, but let's start a new bullet point:
  • I was annoyed because the new receptionist that I'm training isn't quite as detail-oriented as I am, and she'd failed to finish one part of a project that was needed by a certain time and now I was having to rush to help finish it.  I get cranky about these things.  I briefly told him what was going on (or vented, fine) and he said "Well, not everybody can be like you..." and I THOUGHT HE WAS MOCKING ME.  I have been around my family too much lately, as they like to tease me about being perfect and they call me The Queen sarcastically.  I mean, most of you know me, right?  It's not off-base that I'm a bit controlling or whatever, and I usually think I'm right.  Fine, so what, who cares.  But so when he said that, I said "Oh no, do I come off like that?!  I don't mean to!" and he was all confused and I said "Oh, you're being serious?  I thought you meant I was acting like a know-it-all!" and he said "No!" and oops, awkward laughing, walking away.  So when I was heading home, I stopped in his office to say goodnight (like I sometimes do, shut up), and I just said "I apologize for not taking the compliment well...I've been around my family too much lately, so I thought you were teasing me."  And he said "What?! No.  I was laughing about that afterwards -- you're the last person who would act holier-than-thou."  And I said "Tell that to my brother," and yadda yadda it was fine, and I thanked him for the compliment and couldn't make eye contact and got all red.  So I like him a little, and I think we have a thing going on, but it may never materialize as you know, it's a tiny office.  Still, it's refreshing because he's seen me act like an idiot, or be stressed out, or be on top of things, or hungover, and he still looks at me like I'm just amazing and it's disarming.  So it's nice to have some flirtation during the day, not to mention two eligible bachelors to enjoy. 
  • What should we call him?  So far I can only think of mean names, like The Other One.  Or Diabetes.  That's terrible.  Hmm...TBD.
  • Otherwise, the summer has been fun and busy with softball, kickball, etc.  I'm eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies from my CSA, and recently discovered the joys of Sugar Plums.  They're real!  Not just in a Christmas song! (Though now I can't find them on the internets, so maybe my CSA made up that name...) 
  • I also have to drop the 4 pounds I gained on vacation, but I think my diet will mostly take care of that, like it usually does.  I have NOT been exercising, at the gym at least, because this heat makes me want to do nothing.  After having two extracurricular games a week and sweating for hours, my free nights are usually spent catching up on DVR in front of the AC.  This is naughty, I know, but I am not beating myself up too much.  I will want to do more when the temperature is more reasonable again (see: 25-mile bike ride in Northern Michigan, where it's in the 70/80s and not humid.) 
  • Schmauren moved to Boston.  Mex is a monster who should move away/die.  Britch has been MIA in Laos for six weeks.  While these things made me a bit lonely, I am happy to say that I've extended my social circle a bit and also gotten to spend more time with my best friends outside of my borough.  I'm spent more social time with both Schmess and Schmannon, who I met through Schmauren.  Schmess and I are on the same kickball team and even hit the town a few Saturdays ago.  We did quite well on the man-meeting front, though she has a boyfriend so was just my wing, until I hit my wall and decided I suddenly hated the guy I had been talking to for an hour.  Hello, Irish Goodbye.  Schmannon was very generous and took me with her to a Cheap Trick concert a few weeks ago!  We got tipsy on vodka-iced tea-lemonade things and yummy Southern food first, and then laughed along with middle-aged Long Islanders at Cheap Trick, and then left early once Squeeze started playing.  (Who? Exactly.)  We must make a pool date soon, YOU HEAR ME?
  • Annndddd, I've been traveling to Brooklyn to spend time with my favorite sapphic ladies, Schmillie and the lovely Schmobly.  (Haaa.)  We went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game on July 4th (with Schmannon) and then Schmannon and I rode the Cyclone TWICE while the gays rode their gay ferris wheel, and another weekend we took public transportation to the beach (indeed!), and yet another time we had a lovely bison burger BBQ hosted by the magnanimous Schmevor.  I love nothing more in the summer than sitting around someone's patio, drinking and bullshitting and watching it grow dark.
That seems to cover most of it, and besides, I'll need to save some material for my upcoming MORE REGULAR posts, I promise.  I've missed you, and I hope you haven't given up on me.  Happy 100th Birthday, b-word!