Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Much Meat and What I Ate

Hello, world!  Let's catch up.

I was missing on Friday because I had a wonderful and unexpected snow day!  Well, maybe it was a little expected, but I still had to wake up at my normal time and check my work e-mail and emphasize how deep the snow was in my 'hood.  Deep and unshoveled.  And since no one else, especially no one important (i.e. the firm partners) were making it in from their mansions in the suburbs, I was told to stay home unless "I hear otherwise."  I figured they wouldn't be so cruel as to call me after 3 pm, so after going back to sleep for awhile after a good breakfast and coffee, Mex and I roused ourselves in the early afternoon, cleaned up, and trekked out to Broadway Station for some good lunch and to begin the Olympic hockey watching/day drinking.  It was so fun to stomp through the snow for a few blocks, then cozy up with a lunch special and cheap(ish) pitchers of Miller Lite.  Schmauren even stopped by for a bit, and we just maxed and relaxed.  After the game (which was a US blowout, though it was boring after the first few minutes when they scored all of their goals), Mex and I went to our favorite neighborhood dive bar to play pool into the evening, then catch the Canadian game on at 9:30.  It was a long, fun, beery time, and we were still home by 1 am. 

Saturday was a lovely brunch at Fatty's Cafe on Ditmars with Schmauren, where I ordered the Fatty, of course, which was an upscale Egg McMuffin with salad, yum.  We then hit up a Famous Brands discount clothing store for some great deals, then off to Target in Queens, where I bought the entire store.  I was especially excited to stock up on all my healthier snack tricks that I can't buy locally, like SmartPop Kettle Corn, light string cheese, cheap Quaker Low Fat Chewy granola bars, Baked Tostitos, generic Honey Bunches of Oats, etc.  (I'm off the FiberOne--at least, I will be once my final box is gone.  Too many unpleasant side effects, ahem.)  I even bought Market Pantry low-fat ice cream sandwiches for a treat!  And then high-fat Cadbury Mini Eggs, the best candy in the world, but I haven't even opened the bag yet.  I also purchased a sports bra, a dress, household items, fun toiletries, and who knows what else.  Anyway, after exhausting myself at Target, it was home for a nap, then Mex came over and we ordered Indian food and watched Extract, which was sadly, more boring than bro-funny, as I was hoping.  Then more Olympics and a reasonable bedtime.

Sunday we slept in, made some breakfast, then hung around watching the final hockey game, which was very intense!  Sadly the US lost in the sudden-death OT, but it was a fun game, and I mean, it's OK if Canada wins gold in hockey.  I mean, it's like all they have as a country, right?  After that, the roommate and I headed downstairs to the apartment below ours, where our new neighbor, let's call him Birdie, was making us dinner.  He's going to be using our wireless internet for awhile until his is set up (in April, after he returns from some traveling), so to thank us, he cooked.  And he's the head sous chef at the restaurant at St. Bart's on Madison, so I had high expectations -- and boy, were they met.  We started with mussels in this delicious garlic and tomato broth, served with homemade olive bread and all these little tapas plates, like homemade olives and pickles and something like tabbouleh salad and another salad with walnuts, pomegranate seeds, and green things (?), as well as a green salad with salted cod and white sardines and the Israeli version of tapanade, and then moved on to Beef Bourginogn with potato gratin...good lord.  Some of the food he'd made fresh for us and some was brought home from the restaurant, and it was all amazing.  Dessert was this apple crumble with fresh spiced, whipped cream on the side, and we had red wine.  And now he's insisting that I (surely he was making eye contact with just me, yes?) stop by whenever I want, as he's always cooking something or has leftovers.  He offered to pack me my lunches for work.  He is beautiful.  I may be in trouble -- of the sexy international-man-of-mystery neighbor type and of the caloric type.

Annnnyway, so that was the weekend, and then last night after work I went with my girlfriends, aka "The Munchers," to a book party for a friend (we each only had one drink; it was a Monday, after all,) and then we'd had our hearts set on this new meatball restaurant on the Lower East Side, The Meatball Shop.  All night, all we'd talked about were balls.  Sadly, that's all anyone can talk about lately, so when we arrived at 9:00 pm, there was a 1 1/2 hour wait...outside.  We had to cut our losses and head around the corner for consolation pizza and salad, which was delicious (we had one pizza with cherry tomatoes, spinach, garlic, etc., and the other had potatoes, red onions, pork sausage, etc.), and also very filling.  Needless to say, lots of big meals lately, and this week requires some buckling down.  At least until Thursday, when I have dinner plans at an old-school Italian restaurant in Brooklyn.  Mama mia.

So tonight is finally going to be a quiet one, and assuming I don't work overtime (which is actually a possibility today), I'm going to hit the gym, then eat dinner and catch up on DVR before the newest Lost episode, squee.  Tomorrow I'll plan on gymming it again before the excess of the weekend comes around...and I think I will be taking it a bit easier food-wise this weekend. 

Food today, which is giving me rage because I can't cut & paste now.  Eff you, Google.
B - coffee, Special K, skim - 4
L - Sausalito turkey on sandwich thin with MWLight, cheese L, T; apple - 5
D - Butternut Squash Baked Penne, salad with tomatoes, cukes, feta, homemade vinaigrette - 8
S - yogurt, light string cheese - 2
Total - 19 plus some, I'm sure
Activity - biking

I think I'm going to have to switch to Light Laughing Cow on my sandwiches if I want any cheese, or else find some better deals on fat free/low fat cheese options.  I'm adding quite a few points there and probably not even counting them all.

So today, finally, I will go without red or pink meat (aka pork)!  It's a cleanse.  A 24-hour cleanse.

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  1. I have the same problem with those FiberOne bars! I ate a few and ended up giving away the rest of the box. I think it's the chickary root in it. OH MY WORD! That neighbor of yours is a keeper! That meal sounded delicious! And seriously? A guy who can cook for you every day? And pack your lunch? run.towards.him!!