Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update on the Nails in my Coffin, or Lack Thereof

So I haven't had a cigarette since Tuesday evening at about 5:20 pm.  It's going pretty well, and I'm chewing the nicotine gum as frequently as possible.  One of the drags (ha) of the gum is that you're supposed to wait 20 minutes after eating or drinking to chew it for maximum absorption effect, so you can't exactly pretend you're having coffee and a cig or something.  It also means all of my trigger times (like after a meal, or indeed, with coffee, or even while drinking some booze) aren't best for the gum chewing, though I'd have to guess it's better than actually smoking, right?

The weird thing this time around is that I'm less hungry than I was before...which is not what is supposed to happen.  I realize it's only been about 2 days so this may change, but I think chewing the gum all the time is curbing my appetite, so perhaps (do I dare to dream?) I won't put on the quitting-smoking weight.  That would be amazing.

Anyway, in the name of accountability, I wanted to give you an update on my progress.  It's so mental at this point -- I don't feel like I need the chemicals (though my subconscious probably does), but I just miss the relaxing sensation, the mini-break of a cigarette.  I'm trying to look on it as newfound free time in my day, but man, don't you want to unplug every once in awhile?  What's another good way to do that without, say, unplugging over a candy bar?

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