Wednesday, March 24, 2010

They Call Me Mellow Yellow and What I Ate

Happy Wednesday!  It's supposed to be a cool spring day outside today, and I hope we all get to enjoy it.  I plan on walking a bit at lunchtime, since I can't walk home until my feet recover from last week.  I plan on biking at the gym instead, like I failed to do on Monday.

Book club was great last night, and I really liked the Black Bear Lodge, though there was a disturbing kitty-litter type odor that became evident about halfway through our meeting.  If not for that, I wouldn't happily moved into the log-cabin interior--I felt like I was out of the city for a vacation!  It's also always a fraught time when it's your turn to pick the book, and I had some haters, but I also had some fans, so I think it was a good mix.

I had the MOST frustrating experience in the middle of the night last night.  Around 4:30 pm, someone started ringing our doorbell incessantly.  I laid in bed for awhile, trying to ignore it, which is hard for me as I'm a worrier so I of course immediately think that it's someone I know who needs help.  Which no, that doesn't make sense, but I'd been awoken from a sound sleep!  Then my roommate knocks on my door as it's keeping her up, too, and so being the man of the house, I go to her room where we can look out her windows over to our front door area.  We can't really see the guy but we see his baseball hat, and he's still going to town on the doorbell, so I finally open her window and say "What?!"  He looks at me hopefully and says "Delivery?"  I say "No," he says "No?" I say "No."  And I shut the window and that was it.  He was trying to call someone on his cell phone and holding his slip of paper, reading the address.  I mean, COME ON, DUDE.  I got back into bed and lay there, frustrated with all the things I wanted to have yelled but didn't.  Like, who do you work for?  I'm calling the police!  You don't ring doorbells on a dark house nonstop at 4:30 am!  But I didn't yell at him and the rage is all stuck inside me.  Maybe I should yell these things to no one when I'm home alone later to feel better.  At least I was able to fall back asleep relatively quickly -- the worst is when you're woken up like that and then lay there for three hours until it's time to really get up for the day.

Speaking of impotent rage, as of right now, I've gone about 17 hours without a cigarette.  I realize that's small potatoes, but I have to start somewhere!  I'm chewing my nicotine gum when I can, and thinking of lists and things I can use to keep up my motivation.  (Because some probably-far-away disease isn't enough, honestly.)  I'm also going to use my spa gift certificate to Spa Hydra for a facial when I've been clean for two or three weeks as a reward. 

Well, today I'm working on relaxing and not letting annoying co-worker situations get to me (ahem).  I've also got a pretty light project load, so I'm moving more slowly than usual at work and enjoying it.  There's no other news, really, though I'm starting to rethink my daily menus, as I get so hungry around 4-5 pm and so I think I need to beef up my afternoon snack.  Schmauren suggested eating soup then, which is a pretty good idea, it'll just take some more weekend cooking time, but I enjoy that when I have the time.

I will refrain from discussing Lost as I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm greedily reading lots of online recaps and analyses, as usual.  It was everything I'd hoped it would be -- almost.

Food plan:
B - Honey B's, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey & swiss sandwich, apple - 5
D - Chicken meatloaf, salad - 5.5
S - yogurt, granny bar, string cheese - 4
Total - 18.5 (plus something else TBD)
Activity - Biking at the gym, sadly

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