Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guiness is a Fat-Free Food and What I Ate

Happy St. Patty's Day!  Yesterday got away from me due to actual work, but you didn't miss much, don't worry.  I ate pretty much on-plan, though I did use up some flex points by eating two Cadbury Creme Eggs while I watched Lost.  I ate them both in one sitting so that they wouldn't be hanging around, tempting me.  And I did walk home from work in the very lovely weather, so I had some activity points available.  It was a great walk, and I met up with Mex on the Manhattan side of the bridge, so we were able to journey most of the way together.  It does go faster when there's someone to talk to, even if that someone chattered away most of the time.  It was interesting chatter about some papers he's writing.

I'm very much enjoying all these lawyers in my office with their green ties today -- even Blackbeard.  It's like they're still all dressed up but LOOK, a bit of flair!  I myself am wearing a teal dress, which is close to green, but also not bright green and embarrassing.  I like my compromise.  And I'm wearing the dusty plum boots, which are mood-lifters.  My St. Patty's celebration plans are just to get lunch at the Irish pub around the corner from the office, if (please please) we can get in and get a seat.  I'm going with the paralegal, and I just want some corned beef, but she's also interested in some beer, so we'll see what happens.  (And despite my headline, I'm not a big fan of Guiness.  It's too dark for me, and bitter like black coffee.)  I am definitely not going to get silly, because I think that would make for a torturous afternoon at my desk.

Tonight I'm going to try to hit the gym, assuming I'm not in an Irish coma, and tomorrow I'll walk home again.  I LOVE being outside instead of in my crappy gym, but I did not wear walking shoes today, plus I gave myself a blister yesterday from too-thin socks.  Someone needs to do laundry.

I'm also in a worrying mood lately, and I'm annoying myself.  I feel like I'm being more oversensitive than usual and more fretful, and I'm sure the people I'm around can tell (and are probably also annoyed!)  I'm trying to establish some new guidelines for my relationship redux, but I think I'm extending into over-controlling as an attempt to not get hurt again, which, of course, is ridiculous.  I'm laying out plans for everything, and I need to step back and embrace some flexibility, especially because I'm dealing with a man, and in general, they are not fond of boxes.  It all may be partially blameable on hormones, too, but I still need it to go away.  I miss being laid-back.

Well, fooders:
B - Special K Berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - Corned Beef and accessories, whether separate or as a sandwich
D - Sassy Soup, salad - 7
S - Beer?  Four-leaf clovers?
Total - Unknown, but won't overstuff myself

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