Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shoes and What I Ate

Has everyone in the world seen this video by now?  Sometimes when I get excited about shoes, I sing this song in my head.  Anyway, I was browsing the boot sale on and found a pair I couldn't resist:

They're risky, and I'll have to make my final determination when they arrive and I can try them on, but they may be fun and potentially comfortable, so I could wear them constantly.  Do we think the top wrinkles look like saggy elephant skin?  I hope not.  Also, the website says they're purple, but they look sort of red, so again, to be determined.  They could be fun and different, or they could be a bit too tacky.  Still, EXCITED.  SHOES.

I did end up working some OT last night, so I did not make it to the gym, choosing to scarf my dinner as soon as possible.  I was tired, and I really enjoyed cashing out on the couch to catch up on some DVR (teacup pig! Stan Lee!) and then Lost.  Which was amazing.  At least by now the roommate knows that if she walks in during Lost, I will ignore her questions, and I will be forgiven.  Then Mex called for a quick goodnight chat (which made me very happy, considering his history of spotty communication during our busy workweeks), and then reading and bed. 

Today it's gross and rainy/snowy, and my morning commute was just packed, which wore me out.  It's a relief to sit at my desk and relax...except I've been doing that for a few hours now.  Alas.  Tonight will be gym and then some TV, and another early bedtime, thank goodness.  It's getting harder and harder to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

B: coffee, skim, Special K - 4
L: turkey sandwich, cheddar; apple - 5
D: Lean Cuisine; usual salad - 8
S: yogurt, light string cheese, low-fat ice cream sandwich - 4
Total: 21
Activity:  Bike, fighting the commuters on my way home


  1. Cute boots! I hope they fulfill your love and desire for red boots. :)

  2. I had never seen that video:)

    Those boots are hot! I love the "wrinkles"!! I think you'll love them when you get them!