Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beer and Bacon and What I Ate (that May Kill Me)

Well, I guess that's a bit of foreshadowing, idn't it? 

Another gloomy spring day, but the best part about this week is that it's gradually going to get sunnier and warmer as we approach (and into) the weekend!  I'll gladly take a rainy Tuesday for that.  So last night after choosing way too many library books and lugging them home, then eating, I actually did begin packing for Boston.  I said so yesterday as a joke (and if you know me, maybe not so much of a joke) and then was getting stressed about it last night so I laid out some clothes.  I also realized I am sick of all of my clothes, but oh well.  I needed to start because tonight I have plans (more on this soon) and then tomorrow night I need to pack AND buy some host/hostess gifts (thanks for the advice on that one, BY THE WAY), AND do my nails, AND it was overwhelming me.  So now I'm slightly less overwhelmed...though not looking forward to lugging a hairdryer and 3 pairs of shoes in my weekend bag.  Dang you, packing for every occasion.

So tonight, tonight, the world is full of light, etc.  Tonight is the Beer & Bacon Tasting at Rest-au-Rant in Astoria, which is one of my favorite local date spots, though tonight my date is with about 13 friends and their friends.  Yes, smokehouse beer and bacon and cheese may not put me in fighting form for a trip to Boston, but I'll have two days to recover and this seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, doesn't it?  I do plan on pacing myself (as opposed to gorging) and also leaving at a reasonable hour, to promote self-control and so I can watch Lost tonight when I get home.  (I mustn't let anyone spoil it for me tomorrow before I've seen it!) 

Illustrative clip art courtesy of Schmauren:
Mex still hasn't gone up North yet himself, as he's trying to finish grading his kids' midterms before he leaves, though his plan is either to take the ark today or first thing in the morning tomorrow.  He said at this point he's considering just going up with me, but I'm encouraging him to get there sooner so that he can have a longer "vacation" and so that he'll feel adjusted before I arrive.  And he said that way he can pick me up at the bus stop.  I realize this is insane woman talk, but even him saying that he was thinking of riding up with me gave me that "Oh, so he does want to spend time with me!" feeling.  I know that I know he does, but it was one of those small things that made me realize that oh yeah, he likes me, and his purpose in life is not to mess up and hurt me.  (I'm overstating the case, but do you know what I mean?  I have been more defensive than usual lately and I'm now beginning to relax into this again.  Knock on wood.)

Anyway, FOOD:
B - Special K, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey & Swiss, apple - 5
2nd L - the bomb butternut squash soup - 2
D - fat, grease, alcohol - ???
S - granola bar if needed - 2
Activity - attempting self-control

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