Monday, March 15, 2010

And the Rains Came Down and What I Ate

Whew, another rainy day after a very soggy weekend!  At least this should be the last of it -- the forecast for the rest of the week is lovely.  I'm seeing more walks home in my future. 

The weekend was fun, though I spent it pretty much in the dry, warm inside of my apartment.  Friday night I met Schmauren for happy hour, and we felt very smart, as we only spent $12 each, for four beers and two appetizers.  I think the bartender even gave us one of those beers free, so score.  It was great to catch up, and then after our conversing, we parted ways and headed home to our sweatpants.  Mex came over after a little while and got some work done (with my internet) while I took a long bubble bath, then it was early to bed for us tired kittens.  Saturday was lots of NCAA watching (him) and freelancing (me), then we tried to go to dinner at this highly-praised newish restaurant in Astoria, Vesta.  Unfortunately we were both soaked by the time we got there from sideways, blustery rain, and then were told they couldn't seat us for an hour, nor was there anywhere inside to wait, as they'd had a leak earlier and were short on space.  The host/owner was very nice about it, but there was nothing to be done.  (We'd assumed that it wouldn't be too crowded with the terrible weather, but next time I'll make a reservation!)  So we braved the elements again and found the only food nearby, which was mediocre sushi.  We were going to play pool afterwards, but our favorite dive bar was mysteriously empty with only the ghostly "last call" lights on, but with an unlocked door.  It was creepy and we'll have to find out what happened next time we go in, though Mex did see a health inspector in there on Wednesday.  Uh-oh.  So we gave up and headed home for dry pj's, warmth, and wine.  Then we managed to move onto the bottle of cheap tequila (El Toro, Ay Cara!) that had been a hostess gift from Britch a year ago.  It was a full-scale dance party at that point, and we managed to stay up till 8 am (post-clock change time). 

So that was a great night, but I paid dearly for it on Sunday, at one point even falling asleep on the floor of the bathroom, where I was kneeling most of the day.  Poor Mex was nursemaiding me very well, and finally fixed me soup and crackers when I wanted them at 10 pm.  Yes, it's true, it's time to grow up, I know.  It's just so much fun when it's happening!  Let's consider it an early St. Pat's celebration, ok?

Today is gloomy and I'm feeling worn down, but very much better.  My only remaining problem is my sore hip, which I somehow slept on wrong when I finally passed out, and so I'm walking with a limp.  I also didn't manage to pack a lunch for today, but I'm going to get a salad that I'm very excited about to brighten up the afternoon.  (There's a deli place near here where I'll get 25% off if I order online, and most of the toppings are free, so it's only $5 and change!)  I had dinner plans at the The Meatball Shop with the Munchers tonight (rescheduled from when we couldn't get in last time), but as one of our ranks has been felled by a killer cold, it looks like we'll reschedule again.  I don't mind heading home for DVR and sweatpants again, as well as a healthier dinner, though I miss those munchettes.  Now if I can just last through the afternoon...

OH in good news, Mex and I hammered out some of the lingering questions about our relationship fixing, and I think we're in a good spot.  We have plans, we have timeframes, and now we just have to hope that some of our theories (like trying therapy) will help the main issue, which is his fear of commitment and, as he said on Saturday, the whole "providing for a family" expectation.  (I think SOME of those concerns will be slightly allieviated when he gets a full-time teaching position for next year.  Let's cross our fingers.)  It's scary that things may not change, but all I can do is be supportive and optimistic, and also keep my foot planted where I put it down on what I need from him.  Also, I need to quit smoking--both for obvious reasons and because then I'll be working on something, too.  (Not that I don't have tons of faults, but he definitely has more of an action plan, and I don't, and I want one.)

So let's talk about food, because I'm hungry.
B - coffee, Special K Berries, milk - 4
L - salad with veggies, smoked turkey, feta, avocado - ?
D - Sassy Soup, salad - 7
S - string cheese and/or yogurt
Activity - wearing heels at work

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