Thursday, March 18, 2010

French Toast and What I Ate

Oh, why are the weeks neverending lately?  It's only Thursday, but I'm so antsy to get out of this office!  At least I can look forward to a walk home in the sunshine, if I can make it that long.  I'm feeling much less worried today about things in general, though, so I hope this carefree trend continues.  Then I can definitely blame the hormones.

Yesterday's Jiggs lunch (dinner) was fantastic, and I only ate half of my giant platter, so I can have the leftovers for lunch today!  I also drank two small beers and then had a hard time staying awake at my desk, but it was really fun.  The place was lively, but we got a table right away, and a bagpiper even walked through at one point.  Then the gang at work all went for drinks at about 4:30 pm, and it was the first time I've felt really included and comfortably social with all of them.  (I was way too hungover at our holiday party so I wasn't my usual fun self.)  Blackbeard & I had a joke going about french toast, because when we walked in, he said the bar smelled like french toast and I said cheeseburgers, and he kept bringing it up.  And he ordered pretzels and let me pick a dipping sauce and we shared them with the group.  And we walked to the subway together, just us, and these two Mennonite women with babies stopped to ask for directions and he was very courteous and masculine with them.  Sigh.  I got to tell him how much I approve of his beard, and now I need him to show some flaw so that he isn't quite so perfect.  (And I had fun with the other colleagues, and got some good office gossip as well as some praise, and bonded with the other female associate, etc.)  Anyway, I was back in Astoria around 8:30 when I met up with Mex at Dunkin' Donuts and then he walked me home.  It was such a lovely temperature outside that it was hard to make myself behave and go to bed, but I did, thankfully.

Tonight I'm making steak and sweet potatoes for Mex and myself, and opening all of the windows in the apartment.  It should be fun, and I'm going to make sure I'm not a worrying Debbie Downer like I have been this week.  I realize I've also seen him almost every day, though not for long periods of time or overnight, but maybe we should've had a break when I was such a mooner.  Oh well, he's always understanding and gentle, but I don't want to push my luck.

Now I really want some french toast.  I'm hungry.  I'm eating a granola bar instead, don't worry.  The rest of the plan:
B - Special K Berries, coffee, milk - 4
L - half of a Jiggs dinner
D - small portion of sirloin, baked sweet potato, salad with feta - ?
S - granny bar - 2
Activity - walking 3.6 miles

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