Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes and What I Ate

Oh friends, this week is pretty crazy.  I will give you the bullet points, since I can't take time to write very much.
  • Monday morning I spoke to Mex's dad, since I think the situation needed some intervention and I can't be the only sane person who knows what's going on.  It was a good decision -- apparently his dad came down yesterday.
  • BUT after texting to learn that on Monday night with Mex, I didn't talk to him yesterday or today so far.  And I won't.  It's been a little while since we've gone a day without talking (even when the talking was fighting), so it's good but hard to be back on the wagon.  And obviously necessary and right.  I just feel like know I can leave it in someone else's hands, and that's good.
  • SOOO enough of that crap.  Yesterday our firm's Office Manager/Book keeper was ARRESTED for embezzling!  It was a very exciting/sad day.  The police detectives came to get him at the office and everything.  He's like an old funny uncle type, in his 60s, and had been here for 10 years.  Crazy.
  • BUT that means my promotion has been today.  They talked to me yesterday about my role and my raise goes into effect today!  I'm going to do billing/accounting stuff, plus office managing and some paralegal work.  They're already interviewing replacement receptionists.  THIS IS GREAT.
  • Two more reasons we all love Blackbeard:  He owns all of the Arrested Development seasons on DVD (like I do) AND he just started home brewing beer recently!  His first batch is an American Pale Ale, and I name dropped "carboy" like nobody's business.  It was amazing.  So how do we get him to love me?!  I feel like I'm still in the "letting him get comfortable with me" phase.  He's on the quiet side, as I've said.
  • Tonight I have a double-header softball game and it is STEAMING outside.  I am going to die.  I hate being hot plus I brought black pants, which will definitely be rolled up for maximum air circulation.
  • Tomorrow night I'm having drinks with an old NY friend who I haven't seen recently.  He wrote a book and wants to pick my brain.  I want him to buy me drinks.  Perfect!
  • This weekend a friend (and her family -- she's a married mom) are coming from Toledo to visit, and I think I'm meeting up with them on Saturday for some Natural History Museum.  Two birds with one stone?  Yes.  Plus, making awkward conversation with 10- and 12-year old boys.
  • Yesterday (after a long absense) I saw my hot chef neighbor leaving his apartment in the morning.  We sort of talked as we walked in different directions, but then when I got to work I saw that I had a missed call from him?  I texted back but then he didn't respond, BUT this reminds me that I may need to make him my lover.
  • This morning I awoke to a text from an old friend in Ohio (who is possibly in love with me) that wished me a good day.  Very sweet.
  • Clearly I need to start dating.
B - honey bunches, coffee, milk - 4
L - sammy, yogurt with blueberries - 6
D - leftover chicken tikka masala - 6?
S - grapes, string cheese, granny bar, soup? - tbd
Total - around 20, I think
WEIGHT, as of yesterday morning - 138!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Bloody Monday and What I Ate

Happy cloudy, oversleeping Monday!  How were our weekends?

Mine was mostly great.  Friday night (as you know) I walked home with Schmauren, then we hit up this amazing EuroMarket in Astoria to pick out our beer for the Craft Beer Food Pairing Party.  We settled on a Maine American Pale Ale from Geary's brewery, mostly because of the lobster on the label, but we also like to support New England.  Then we dropped it off at her place before settling down at an outdoor table at Bareburger for bison burgers (yum) and fried accessories.  Then it was 8 pm and we were wiped, so back to our respective homes for the night.  I prepped the pork that I was going to bring to the party and got it going in the Crock Pot and then caught up on some DVR before bed. 

Saturday I managed to sleep in until nearly 11, which is a breakthrough for me.  I've always been a good sleeper but with this stress lately I've not been able to shut down my brain enough, so it felt good.  It also meant no mani/pedi for me before the party, but that was fine.  I did laundry finally, added the BBQ to the pork, and talked to Mex about not talking anymore.  Then I met up with Schmauren to walk to Shmess' house.  We got there early and helped with a bit of prep, then when all parties had arrived, the tasting began!  Everyone managed to stay organized (which can be difficult) so each team (who'd brought a six of beer or a growler and a food pairing) went in order of lightest to darkest beer, and stood up to talk about what they'd brought. The first presenter actually homebrews, soshe brought a hefeweizen that was so good! And she had lots of interesting home brew stuff to say. My team did pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian rolls with that APA.  The whole thing went wonderfully, and after the official agenda, we all sat around on the deck and just hung out. At around 10:00, the party was disbanding, and I went to Kelly's with a few new friends because they like divey bars and Shmannon wanted to play pool with me.  And I can't resist that.

So the night devolved a bit futher, as we ran into the "not-drinking" Mex there and blah blah blah.  But the pool playing was fun!  I was up late dealing with some drama, however, then couldn't really sleep on Sunday morning so I got up with 4 hours of sleep under my belt and lots more heartache.  I decided to get my mani/pedi, which felt nice, then went back to bed to watch Coalminer's Daughter (though I ran out of time to finish it!) and have a final wrap-up convo with Mex before Lost, the 4.5 hour long extravaganza.  And I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala.  And then Lost for the evening, then a quick sleep, thankfully.  (Also, I was really confused at the end of the finale.  Thank goodness for the internets.)

Tonight I have another Harpie dinner at Shmate's house, and I can't wait to spend some low-key hang time with the ladies, as our one male is abandoning us for tonight.  (Typical.)  And work is very very boring, so I will maybe do some freelancing this afternoon.  But it's lunchtime now, la la la.

B - Special K berries, milk, coffee, granny bar - 6
L - sammy, yogurt with b-nan - 6
D - European-themed delights - ?
S - soup
Total - TBD
Activity - short walk to Kate's, high blood pressure

Friday, May 21, 2010

Short Skirts and Converse and What I Ate

Happy Frrrriday, friends!

It's going to be a lovely warm summery day.  I can't wait for the weekend, either.  Tonight I'm walking home with Schmauren, then we're doing some shopping for tomorrow's First Annual Astoria Beer Tasting.  Which is comprised of a group of friends who are getting together on a somebody's deck to sample craft beers (it is Craft Beer Week, after all) and food pairings.  (Schmauren and her friend were the creators.)  Each team of two is responsible for bringing a growler or a 6-pack and some tasty treats that pair well with their chosen beer.  Schmauren and I are bringing...wait, I can't spoil the surprise.  I'll tell you Monday!  But tonight we're doing some of our shopping and then hopefully eating a lovely dinner outside somewhere in the 'hood.  Then tomorrow I'll need to finally get some laundry done.  (It's been more than six weeks.  Seriously.)  And a mani/pedi at some point, too. 

And then Sunday...SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY is the Lost Finale Extravaganza.  The party starts at 7 p.m. with a two hour recap show, then from 9 to 11:30 is the series finale.  How can I stand 2.5 hours of the drama?!  I will probably have a stroke, but it will be great.  And then I'll have to DVR Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost on at midnight.  Depending on the hangover I have, I'll maybe wait until evening to order some yummy celebratory food.  (Meaning if I'm hungover earlier, I may cave and order crap at noon.  You never know.  Though I'm going to try to pace myself with the beer tasting, and I think it'll help that I don't like hoppy beers!)

Last night I had a lovely, productive coffee date, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, then made a nice scallop, artichoke and tomato buttery sauce for my pasta.  There was a little texting with Mex, just to confirm that there is no news, of course, but I'm in a much better place for myself now.  (CoffeeDate had some good advice there, too.)  And then I caught up on The Office and 30 Rock, and how great was Matt Damon?!  I hope they keep him around for awhile.  I was just saying the LL really needs to have a boyfriend, if only for a little while, as this whole can't-get-a-man joke is getting tired.  (I feel the same way about Ted on How I Met Your Mother, by the way.)

In other news, as many of you are telling me to "marry Blackbeard," and I'm doing what I can, believe me, isn't it a cool coicidence that my favorite song on Band of Horses' new album is called "Blue Beard"?  Here's a live performance, though the vocals are tighter on the album version, if you're interested.

So now I'm just listening to the new LCD Soundsystem that everyone is talking about on the internets and pretending to do work.  I probably should get started on some real work, but waahhh.

Food plan:
B - Special K Berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & swiss, yogurt & blueberries - 6
S - string cheese, soup, granny bar? - 2-4
Total - 12-14 plus dinner
Activity - walking 3 miles

Happy weekend, lovers!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slacking Off and What I Ate

Oops, I seem to have gone most of this week with only one legitimate post.  Well, I'm here to rectify the situation, never fear.

Let's see...Tuesday night I Skyped with Britch again for a bit, and caught up on a little DVR (though I'm still very behind), and then Wednesday I had a softball game after work.  Unfortunately it was our first loss of the season, BUT there were so many girls there that I didn't start, and only ended up playing one inning (as the ref called the game early so the 7:00 game could start).  Therefore, I don't take much blame for the loss, though I did mess up the one grounder to me.  I tried to trap it in my glove but it took a strange hop and jammed my finger instead.  Yay, my one shining moment of glory!  It was still a fun night, as I hung around for awhile afterwards, talking to the guys.  One of my friends is sort of going through his own tough relationship spot, though he's on the opposite end of a problem like mine, but it's good to talk about it.  And to have friends, right?  I have lovely friends.  Who put up with me very patiently.

Tonight I'm meeting Lillie's gf Erin for coffee after work.  (Shh, don't tell!  Juuuust kidding.)  We're going to discuss a project she's working on, and then I'm heading home and going to try to go another night without knowing what's going on with the Mex/keeping-the-baby situation, which is supposedly at a critical point this week.  I told myself I'm not initiating any contact now, as preparation for ceasing contact altogether, but it's REALLY HARD to not know what's going on.  At least, most of the time, when I don't distract myself.  I didn't respond to a text from him yesterday and now I'm starting to get an itchy trigger finger, but I'll hold on as long as I can.

Yikes, can't even talk about it.  Let's change the subject.  Blackbeard's getting friendlier, though I don't really feel the romance blossoming yet.  Though he does catch my eye a lot when we all eat lunch in the conference room...we're often thinking the same thing.  And this is ridiculous, but also a sign that we're soulmates:  Last week one of the partners at my firm was home sick, and sent an e-mail to let us know, mentioning that "those of you who saw my antics yesterday will understand."  I hadn't seen the antics, so I asked Blackbeard what was up with that, and he explained that the partner's nose was so dry from his cold that at one point he sneezed and blew blood all over the front of his shirt, and didn't have another to change into.  Ha!  And gross!  So this week, when the partner re-emerged at work, I said that I'd been filled in and I hoped he was feeling better.  Also, I carry a Tide To-Go pen with me at all times, if he should ever need to wash out blood again.  He said, "Yeah, so does [Blackbeard], but he wouldn't let me use it, since he didn't want to infect it with blood!"  In conclusion, both Blackbeard and I carry Tide To-Go pens, and thus we are meant to be.

I didn't get much exercise this week, I'll admit, but I did walk a bit yesterday with the softball travel, and frankly, I'm just trying to make it through each day.  BUT I'm still controlling my eating so my weight is fine.  Can I be one of those people who only exercises only 2-3 (ok, 1?) times a week but eats healthy and is therefore in shape, please?  Let's see.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Thursday.  Till tomorrow!

B - Special K Red Berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & swiss, yogurt with berries - 6
D - pasta with scallops and artichokes and sauce - 6ish?
S - string cheese, soup, grapes - 3
Total - 19

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Now With Illustrations and What I Ate

Hi folks!  This post will share a few (OK, a lot) of my Montauk trip photos, for those of you who are interested.

This is the motel in the bright morning sunlight on Saturday.

And here is the door to my room, with a comfy chair for perching and writing in journals.
And here's the view FROM the front door.  You can't see it in the picture, but I could see just a sliver of ocean, in that gap between the buildings.

Now for the interior...
This is the beach access across the street from my motel.
And here's Anthony's Pancake House, my breakfast spot.
Here are some lovely beaches I passed on my way to try and find the hiking trail head.
And then I finally found the State Park!

The views from the bluffs.
This was Ditch Plains beach, where all the surfers hang out...though not when there are no tubular waves.
All about Hoodoos.
Here's the place I ate dinner, Shagwong, and then the Gig Shack, with the band outside.

And finally, the green space in the center with a band set up.  This is a boring picture, but it gives you an idea!

And that, my friends, is your illustrated travel diary.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm a Montauk Monster and What I Ate

Welcome back, me!  And you!  Yes, I got back Sunday night, but I was in no mood for posting yesterday.  I'm sorry.  (Wow, that was grumpy.  Let me backtrack.)

The weekend was amazing!  I should have pictures uploaded to show you tomorrow, but until then, I'll give you the verbal (textual?) recap.  I took the Jitney on Friday at 5:30, and it was so easy compared to taking those stupid Bolt buses or whatever.  Also, you get a snack and a drink!  And you pay with a credit card once you're on board (though you reserve your spot online ahead of time.)  So the ride was smooth and fine, and we got to Montauk at about 8:30.  It was dark and cool and damply breezy in a good way, since I had to wander awhile before I found my motel.  (Once I actually found it, I felt like a dunce as it was very easy nearby, but their street signs are hard to spot as they're vertical posts in the ground, and so my map wasn't helping since I didn't know what street I was on.)  I checked in and the nice desk clerk went over the town map with me, circling places he recommended for eating, hanging out, hiking, etc.  Then I settled into my beachy motel room, took a long, Aveda-accessorized shower, and watched some Food Network before bed.

Saturday I woke up slowly, then walked the two short block's to Anthony's Pancake House.  This diner was across the street from John's Pancake House, and there is a big rivalry, but my trusty desk clerk had said he preferred Anthony's, so I stayed on that team.  I had a tomato, onion and feta omelette and lots of coffee, read my New York Magazine, and then headed back to the room to sunscreen up before heading out to find the trail head and hike Shadmoor State Park for awhile.  I saw lots of pretty butterflies and wandered on sandy trails in the brush, and little wooden bridges over streams, and then finally along the bluffs that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean as well as Ditch Plains beach, which is the main surfing beach in Montauk, though the waves weren't really tubular when I was observing.  Then I walked back through town to explore a bit more, and since it was the Montauk Music Festival weekend, there were bands playing in the town center's open space as well as in all of the bars and restaurants.  I wasn't actually hungry for lunch, so I meandered back to the motel, poking around in shops and in a little boutique on my way, where I tried on pretty summer dresses.  And some kids opened the dressing room curtain wide to show me to the store.  So back to the room for more sunscreen and to hop into my swimsuit, then I hit the beach (which was across the street from my motel) for some sunning and reading time.  At about 3, after many hours outdoors, I was sunned out, so I headed back to my room to write in my journal and then take a lovely nap. 

I woke up groggy around 6, then got myself cleaned up and went to Shagwong for dinner (as I'd checked out menus earlier on my walk.)  I ordered steamed mussels in white wine and a small house salad, plus two glasses of wine, and it was delicious and there was a nice mellow band playing to help set the mood.  After eating, I went next door to The Gig Shack for a "classic rock" band and a beer.  I sort of talked to a few people in my age range, but there were not many around (maybe four, total) and so I got bored after one beer, which was fine.  (Oh, and I'd been keeping up a texting conversation with the Drummer since Friday afternoon...but that seemed to finally dwindle on Saturday night.)  I sleepily walked back to my room and tucked myself in early for some Saturday Night Live and sleep.

Sunday I woke up bright and early again (which is 9 am, for me) and headed back to Anthony's, thinking I didn't want a big breakfast so that I could actually get lunch somewhere (which I wasn't hungry for on Saturday.)  I ended up just getting two eggs, sausage and cinnamon toast, which of course lasted me all day anyway.  Then I headed back to the beach with plans to stick it out for 3 hours, but only lasted nearly 2.  It was pretty hot in the sun, and I'd try to give myself a whore's bath in the ocean to cool off, but the ocean water was painfully cold, so I finally decided my little skin had enough sun and went back to the room to shower, pack up, and then relax for awhile before I caught the 3:15 bus back.

All in all, I got through some of my foggy thinking about my current Mex situation, and came to some helpful conclusions.  Of course, there was some drama yesterday (hence no post) when I got back so it all immediately blew up in my face, but I think I've regained that peace today.  I'm trying to, at least.

In other news, remember that guy with the girlfriend with whom I made out?  (You try to not end that sentence in a preposition!)  I did e-mail him the following Wednesday, like I'd promised, and it's been a few weeks now, so I figured he had gone the way of the dinosaur.  (What?  Did I make that expression up?)  Well, he e-mailed me last night, so I just read it this morning.  It's nice to hear back from him, and to hear some compliments and sweet nothings, I'll say that much.  Otherwise I have to make some decision about how to proceed, but whatever, I'm not responding immediately so I can just enjoy this feeling for today, right? 

Last night I Skyped with Britch for a very long time, and it did immense amounts of good for my mental health.  She pointed out some very clear problems with how I'm handling this situation (or at least, pointed them out in a way that finally made sense to me) and was able to help me shape my thinking about how to proceed.  I miss her constant counsel now that she's across the sea, but I do appreciate it greatly when we can find time to talk!  Also, she's in love.  Let's be happy for her!

Today is rainy and sleepy and boring at work, but I'm in a good mood and catching up on my personal correspondence.  I may hit the gym tonight, though I'm not very motivated at the moment -- it feels like I've been here for SO LONG and it's not even noon.

Food, which is finally getting back on a healthy track, I hope.  I've eaten sugar-free brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal with berries and fat free half&half for dinner the past two nights in a row.  Weird:
B - Special K Red Berries, coffee, milk - 4
L - turkey & swiss, yogurt with berries - 6
D - sun dried tomato & chicken brat, salad with feta (and new exciting TJ's salad dressing) - 6
S - orange if it's edible, string cheese - 2
Total - 18 (I'll add some somewhere.)
Weight - 140 lbs.  Gotta work on those last few pounds, though I feel good right now so I'm not stressing too much. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Your Life, Little Girl, Is An Empty Page...and What I Ate

It's finally FRIIIIIDAY.  And a pretty good one at that.  I have just the right amount of work to do to keep me busy, but I had time to go eat outside at Duke's with a co-worker and get a pulled pork sandwich (though I saved half to eat on the bus tonight.  My seatmate, one of the Real Housewives, will LOVE that.)  It's warm and sunny and sort of muggy in Manhattan, but it'll be slightly cooler and much breezier come 9 pm.  I'm READY TO GO.  I even called the hotel to make sure that I check in at the actual building where I'm staying (as opposed to the main resort) and she made a note of when I'm arriving.  I feel very welcomed already.

Last night's dinner at Schmillie's was amazing as well.  (I think starting yesterday, I'm going to have a five-day food fest of my own.)  She made the best roasted chicken I've ever had, super cheesy and delicious risotta, a a great salad and green beans with cranberries and walnuts, which were fantastic and a combo I'd never had.  Then we had Schmate's magic cookie bars (no, there were no drugs in them) for dessert, and I rolled home.  I was in bed around midnight, but couldn't sleep until about 1 am, though I didn't take a sleeping pill and then slept through the night, so I was pleased about that.  I'm sleepy today as I usually need more than 7 hours of sleep, but I have all weekend to recover.  I can even nap on the bus.

Did you know that Montauk has its own monsters?  I guess two of their carcasses have washed up on the beaches in recent years.  I haven't found anything about live sightings, but I'll keep my camera handy.

Well, I have a one-track mind today (ohhkay, two tracks, but one new exciting track) so I don't have much else to discuss, but I wanted to check in.  I'll report back on Monday, and hey, maybe I'll be zen by then.  (Will I ever be zen?  Doubtful.)

B - honey o's, coffee, milk
L - half of a pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, pickles
D - samesies
S - banana? orange?  (orange you glad I didn't say banana?)
Total - Mmmm.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Early Bird and What I Ate

I'm quite proud of myself for posting this BEFORE LUNCH.  Thankfully work is quiet today (I just jinxed myself) so I can catch up on corresponding, blogging, and some freelance proposal editing project.  And it's sunny outside, finally!  Today is much brighter in all senses of the word. 

Can someone explain to me how playing softball makes my thighs sore, especially the inner thighs?  I must be doing deep lunges when I run the bases or something.  I'm not exactly complaining, because in my mind, slightly sore = good muscle working, but I just don't understand which movements are causing it. 

Last night I met up with Shmammi for an early dinner at a cute Turkish place on 57th, and we got nice and caught up.  Then I was home by 7 to watch Glee on DVR, then some Top Model while I packed for the weekend trip (more on that below).  I have to say, once I learned who the final two contestants were, I stopped caring.  I didn't really like any of them this season.  Then I met Mex at Dunkin Donuts to exchange a book I read about coping with all this (called After the Affair, so serious and self-helpy) that he wants to read with movies he'd borrowed from me.  He also had a thank-you note from his sister to me for the gift I gave their baby.  (Ohh, reading about how the baby sleeps with the stuffed bunny every night just killed me.)  We talked for awhile, and it was very sad, but also somehow therapeutic for me.  Yes, shake your head at me if you'd like, but he said some things that I'd been wanting to hear, sort of some acknowledgement of what this has done to me. The focus has been on the baby scare for so long and he's not a great communicator of feelings, but he was better last night.  It's important to me that he knows what he messed up.  That might be wrong or sad, but that's what it is.  Anyway, it's not like I'm going to see him often if at all, but today I feel like it was a beneficial step.

Enough of that.  Tonight I'm happily heading to Schmillie's for a Muncher gathering, and she's going to feed us very well from the sound of things, with roast chicken, risotto, veggies, etc.  It'll be great to get us all together again -- I think for the first time since Meatballin'.  Then tomorrow after work I'm taking the Hampton Jitney (like they do on the Real Housewives!) to Montauk, NY, on the tip of Long Island.  I wanted to take myself away on a trip to clear my head, and this is where I landed.  I'll sit on the beach, hike, read, explore, etc., and hopefully get to a better place mentally.  Lately I feel like while I'm making some improvements, I'm stuck in a mental loop, going back to the same terrible thoughts.  I need some forward momentum, so that's the plan.  And some spoiling myself time, too.  I was going to stay at a cute little inn, but they were all booked, so I splurged on this place.  I'm staying at the "Beach," the outlying building that's nearer to the, ahem, beach, but I'll have access to the main resort and the pool and hammocks and stuff.  It's supposed to be sunny and in the 60s each day, so I'm not sure how much swimming I'll get in, but that may be warm enough for a heated pool.  What do you think?

So that's the weekend plan, and I am very excited.  Maybe I'll meet a surfer and stay out there and open a fish shack.  That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Food stuff:
B - honey o's, coffee, cereal - 4
L - half of a doner kebab gyro - ?
D - Munching - ?
S - soup, string cheese - 2
Total - Plenty and some extra.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boys, Bands, Beer, Burritos, Ballin'

I swear I'm still alive.  It's just getting more difficult to find time to post, as I'm so busy and important at work now!  But, gd it, I'm making time.  There is so much to tell.  (Oh, and I'm kidding about being important.  BUT there is more talk of that promotion, so that's good news.)

So I'll try to abbreviate the past few days.  STARTING with last Thursday (yikes.)  After walking home from work with Schmauren, we decided to get Mexican and margaritas for a late Cinco celebration.  (Margs are only $3 during happy hour at a neighborhood place.  Ohhh yeah.)  Then we hit up a friend of a friend (of a friend?)'s birthday party at Break on Broadway in Astoria, which is a great big pool hall.  It was a party full of park rangers, but I immediately jumped onto the pool table, as I have missed it so.  I managed to pick up an older lesbian park ranger (is there any other type) with my mad skillz, but then Schmauren and I ran away before things got too weird.  (And Schmauren was tired of pretending to be my girlfriend to help me block my pursuer.)  Also, I was afraid of getting stuck with the entire pool tab for everyone who'd yeah, not my classiest moment, but what can I say.  Those margaritas were strong.  So home, pass out, get up for work and on the train I actually nearly pass out for real.  A very nice gentleman gave me his seat and a barf bag when I tapped his shoulder, swaying and mumbling something incoherent.  I made it off the train to sit on a bench on the Grand Central platform, then finally up to my desk.  I attempted to "work" (read: sit at my desk and stare) for an hour but then with the encouragement of a co-worker (and a few "you don't look so good"'s) I went home sick.  And then to bed.  I swear, tequila is my salvation and damnation, all in one.

So Friday was a bust, as I just laid around, napping and watching things.  And I did finally cook some Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce (with chicken, onion and peppers) for dinner, plus basmati rice.  It is pretty yummy, but didn't quite fill my craving for some sweet, sweet Chicken Tikka Masala.  It's not creamy enough, but next time I'll mix it with milk instead of water.  It is healthier, however!

Saturday I felt normal again (well, relatively), and was up for some nice coffee-and-tv-with-roomie time in the morning, then off to the library, the bread store (Arnold's Sandwich Thins were 3 for $4 at the Entemann's outlet!), and then the nail salon for a mani/pedi, and I splurged on a 10-minute massage.  It was all very lovely and relaxing.  Home for a healthy lunch and quick rest, then off to Schmauren's to help her decorate some cupcakes to look like they had bagels, lox, cream cheese and scallions on top.  (It was all candy and sweets, I swear.)

We packed them up, grabbed a slice on the way to the train, then headed to Brooklyn in the windstorm to Pete's Candy Store.  Schmauren's been friends with a band, The Cassevettes, since college, and now I've met them many times so I think I'm friends with them, too.  They were playing and it was the drummer's birthday, so we went to hang out, heckle them while onstage, and stuff them with cupcakes.  It was very fun, and even Schmillie and her lover showed up for awhile.  I may have also made some sort of flirtation connection with said drummer, who was very complimentary (telling me how great I look, etc.) and got my phone number for when he comes back from Boston next.  We shall see, but it was a fun show.  Then the gang (the band and Shmauren and I, the not-really groupies) all piled into the band van to go to a loft party nearby.  (Yes, I sat on drummer's lap, and there was only some chaste arm on back rubbing/hand holding stuff.  Very adorable.)  The party was fine if a little odd (in the Brooklyn tries very hard sometimes kind of way), but when we went back to the van after like 30 minutes, it had been busted into and the bass and drum kick pedals had been stolen.  And when the cops showed up (one was Michelle Rodriguez, I swear), they were less than sympathetic, asking why anyone would park there with valuables in the car.  Yes, OK, point taken, but that doesn't mean you can't be nice about it. 

So Schmauren and I left them to head home (after I put garbage cardboard into the broken window hole...I was trying to help!  But it was weird, I admit.)  Midway home, we texted a friend in Manhattan (and Schmauren's once-upon-a-time lover) and decided to reroute to meet up with him and his friend.  More beers, more inappropriate stories, and some birds singing and sun rising later, I took a cab home to sleep away half of Sunday.  Then it was more movies, tv, maxin' and relaxin'.  And nice texting with drummer. 

Monday night I played softball for Hachette's team, as they needed a third lady (who doesn't?), and it was on Roosevelt Island so I walked from home and back, and it was quite pretty to play next to the river.  Plus they were all very nice and some were a bit cute.  Last night was my normal team's game, and we WON, 14-3 I think.  It was fantastic, and I scored twice (it's been awhile...literally and euphemistically), and I got three people out (two catches, one tag), and whee!  I did manage to skin/bruise my knee, but it's not as bad as some years.  Though it's only the second game.  Then home IN TIME FOR LOST, miracle of miracles!  Which was weird and I missed our regular cast friends, but this is already too long to get into that.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and it was about 139, so not much change but I feel good with that.  I've behaved with food well this week, and the weekend wasn't too terrible, just some Mexican on Thursday night and Sunday.  And all that beer.  Tonight I'm having an early summer with a friend at a Turkish restaurant, but I am going to go lighter if I can, too.  But that means I don't know my points really, but I may as well stick to the habit of...
B - Honey O's, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey sandwich, yogurt with berries - 6
D - Turkish sandwich (haha) - TBD
S - string cheese, soup? orange? - 3ish
Total - Enough.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Gnome Story: A Retraction

It is with a heavy heart that I must pass along this news.  My conscience wouldn't let me keep it to myself, and yes, I still have one of those.  Apparently The Gnome Story is FALSE.  Schmillie passed along this hot tip:

This raises so many questions.  Why would the church lady lie?  Did she know it was a lie?  Who originated such a hateful trick -- hateful because of the joy it gave and now takes away?  Can I ever tell my mother that it's an urban legend?  Will it break her old heart?

I'm going to stop retelling it, obviously, but I will also always hold the mental picture of the jelly beans smooshed under the door to the grateful (and frightened ) midget dear to my heart.

Two-fer-Thursday and What I Ate

Sadly I had so much work to do again yesterday that I didn't get to post, so this is a BOGO for you.  Work's going very well, though, and I've been told I'm getting promoted in the near future.  I believe some of the exact words were "We want to keep you here and keep you happy, so we'll do what it takes."  Yay, one aspect of my life is actually improving! 

Otherwise yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Oh, let's go back earlier.  I didn't have to pitch at my softball game on Tuesday because they had another girl ringer who pitches in another league already and is awesome, so thankfully I was back on 2nd base, where I feel at home.  (Oh, and the rain cleared up by 7 pm.)  It was actually a lot of fun and good to see the guys again, so I'm now back on the horse and looking forward to games.  OH RIGHT, and we won.  And we have new matchy team t-shirts!  But then I got home too late for Lost and I STILL haven't watched it online.  Maybe tonight!  I am in suspense!

Then yesterday was, like I said, busy at work then mellow at home.  I was supposed to be there at 6 pm to let in some architect permit guy for my landlord, but I waited until 6:45 and texted the landlord to ask what was the deal, and he said "Oh, they don't need to get in.  I just found out."  Yeah right.  But I guess it was nice to have a couch night and catch up on DVR.  GleeChopped!  Oh, then I talked to Mex again, because the Tuesday night convo was frustrating (he's "tired all the time" and sometimes talking is like pulling teeth and then I get angry because why the eff am I dealing with this again?) but so he wanted to think about some of what I'd said and talk last night.  So it was better, and now we're going to talk less again, especially since there is apparently a heartbeat and a real baby (I still find this so hard to believe with all the reasons there wouldn't be, but...) and I only get upset when I talk to him and think about it, so I'd rather escape, thanks.

Oh, I also e-mailed the make-out boy from last weekend, yesterday afternoon.  It's very fun to feel that old familiar excitement, wondering if he'll respond, does he like me, blah blah blah.  Don't worry, I'm not too invested in this, but it's just a good distraction.  It's like training wheels a bit, in a safe zone.  Oh, and I clearly know it's not the best situation, but I'm just seeing if he'll respond to my e-mail right now.  Calm down, people.

So tonight I may Skype with Britch if her gd internet gets fixed, and I'm considering walking home though it might be indecent with my short dress, so maybe I'll hit the gym.  I also need a manicure and pedicure BAD, so maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll do that if no plans materialize.  Oh shoot, and I have overdue library books. 

Food mood:
B - Honey B's, milk, coffee - 4
L - sandwich, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - TJ's Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage, salad - 6
S - orange, soup?, string cheese - 4
Total - 20
Weight, Tuesday morning - 139 lbs.  (The scale moved depending on which way I shifted my feet, so I'm going with the medium answer -- 130s BABY!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Confessions and What I Ate

Hello, darlings.  I apologize for my absence yesterday, but I actually had work to do and the day got away from me.  How were our weekends?  Mine was lovely.

Friday night I celebrated the spring weather by hitting the new beer garden with some girlfriends, including Schmauren and her friend, Thigh Sighs, who felt like my long-lost cousin or something.  It was a great time, with good bratwurst, beer, and indecent storytelling.  We then tried to hit up Sunswick for some possible second wind action, but we all had hit a really big wall and scuttled home to our beds after one beer.  I have to say, there's nothing like a great night out and still being home around midnight (I think).  Of course, then I woke up at 9 am and couldn't sleep in, so that part wasn't so great.  I met up with Schmauren on Saturday morning for a classy Dunkin' Donuts "brunch," then we hit up the discount clothing store across the street on Broadway in Astoria.  Where I bought city shorts, yes I did.  We'll see how they go...  I also bought cute new black strappy flat sandals, so bring it on, summer.  Then we headed back to mine to get picked up by Schmate and we all headed to the Queenz Trader Joe's for major stocking up.  (Like it was 1941, to borrow Schmate's joke, making fun of me.)  Once all unpacked and home, I placed my new begonia in my bedroom windowsill (life! beauty! exists!) and stretched out for a nap.

After napping and making myself a delicious and nutritious dinner of whole wheat penna with basil tomato sauce, seared scallops and artichoke hearts, I met back up with Schmauren to hit the town proper.  We headed to the West Village, and started out with a beer at Wilfie & Nell, which is owned by the same people who own my favorite Astoria jam, Sweet Afton.  It was a bit crowded, loud and sweaty in there, so we headed back down West 4th to a more reasonably roomy bar we'd passed (and I've liked before,) The Slaughtered Lamb (or the Slaughterhouse, as Lillie liked to call it.)  We had stools and a table and plenty of Shocktop.  And then Lillie came to meet us from a previous party, and began really man-hunting for us.  Her method of choice was to point at someone and yell, "Come over here!"  It was very effective.  We eventually made friends with a group of five guys were were having a sort of mini-college reunion and doing a bar crawl in the Village. 

There was one who I immediately focused on, and we had a very amazing vibe going.  He is bearded and dark-haired and blue-eyed and shorter than I'm used to but still taller than me.  And then he tells me that he hopes he's not out of line, but I should know that he has a girlfriend, and he was telling me because he thought we had something going there.  I said we did, you're right, but I'm glad you mentioned it.  Then he asked me to make out with him down the street a bit.  I hesitated!  I really did!  I even gave him a skeptical look.  Then I didn't care.  And, dear reader, it was that heady, high school, sneaking around at parties feeling all night, and it was so great.  We made out on side streets, in bathroom stalls, in an empty karaoke room.  Obviously my rational, moral mind knows it's not the best idea to be the other woman, but frankly, I don't care right now.  I had one night of NOT thinking about the ridiculous Jerry Springer show that somehow intruded on my life, and I loved it.  Plus he was affectionate and flirtatious (things I'm not entirely used to) and we talked a lot, too (about how he's on a short leash and she's pressuring him to get married, and my whole dramz, too.)  So daydream fodder, for sure.  But he wants me to e-mail him, and I want to.  And that's it for now.  I confess.

Yes, and Schmauren hung out like a rock star, and I am in her debt.  We took a cab home at 6 am, people.  The sun was coming up.  So Sunday was about sleeping, enchiladas, movies, and sweating.  That's really it. 

Tonight I'm supposed to have another softball game, though the forecast says maybe there's a thunderstorm coming--but the sky is blue now.  I may as well bite the bullet and play a game, right?  I think I'll be more into it once I really start playing, as opposed to dreading it.  I'm also supposed to talk to Mex because after not talking over the weekend, we spoke yesterday (as she had a doc appt and I wanted news) but of course, they  moved her doc appt to Wednesday (because it's a FAKE BABY, OBVIOUSLY), but whatever, I'm angry and he was tired and asked if we could talk today.  So maybe I will, but I'm still just angry and I hate it.  I mean, I guess it's better than sad, but I am full of rage and can't do anything about it.  Other than make out with other people's boyfriends, yes? :)  Just kidding, I know that's terrible.

Anyway!  Oh, my boss complimented me this morning, asking if I've lost weight and saying I look great.  And also, there are plans in the works to get me off of receptionist duty at work and move me up the ladder.  So things in my career world are looking good!  And I guess health world, other than the smoking that's back.  I need to weigh myself, but forgot this morning, so hopefully tomorrow.

B - honey bunches with PEACHES, coffee, milk - 4
L - herbed turkey & light swiss sammy, yogurt with peaches and strawberries - 6
D - artichoke ravioli with tomato sauce, salad - 8
S - orange, soup, granny bar? - 4
Total - 22 (hopefully will get some activity points with softball...if not, I won't eat as many snacks)