Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Bloody Monday and What I Ate

Happy cloudy, oversleeping Monday!  How were our weekends?

Mine was mostly great.  Friday night (as you know) I walked home with Schmauren, then we hit up this amazing EuroMarket in Astoria to pick out our beer for the Craft Beer Food Pairing Party.  We settled on a Maine American Pale Ale from Geary's brewery, mostly because of the lobster on the label, but we also like to support New England.  Then we dropped it off at her place before settling down at an outdoor table at Bareburger for bison burgers (yum) and fried accessories.  Then it was 8 pm and we were wiped, so back to our respective homes for the night.  I prepped the pork that I was going to bring to the party and got it going in the Crock Pot and then caught up on some DVR before bed. 

Saturday I managed to sleep in until nearly 11, which is a breakthrough for me.  I've always been a good sleeper but with this stress lately I've not been able to shut down my brain enough, so it felt good.  It also meant no mani/pedi for me before the party, but that was fine.  I did laundry finally, added the BBQ to the pork, and talked to Mex about not talking anymore.  Then I met up with Schmauren to walk to Shmess' house.  We got there early and helped with a bit of prep, then when all parties had arrived, the tasting began!  Everyone managed to stay organized (which can be difficult) so each team (who'd brought a six of beer or a growler and a food pairing) went in order of lightest to darkest beer, and stood up to talk about what they'd brought. The first presenter actually homebrews, soshe brought a hefeweizen that was so good! And she had lots of interesting home brew stuff to say. My team did pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian rolls with that APA.  The whole thing went wonderfully, and after the official agenda, we all sat around on the deck and just hung out. At around 10:00, the party was disbanding, and I went to Kelly's with a few new friends because they like divey bars and Shmannon wanted to play pool with me.  And I can't resist that.

So the night devolved a bit futher, as we ran into the "not-drinking" Mex there and blah blah blah.  But the pool playing was fun!  I was up late dealing with some drama, however, then couldn't really sleep on Sunday morning so I got up with 4 hours of sleep under my belt and lots more heartache.  I decided to get my mani/pedi, which felt nice, then went back to bed to watch Coalminer's Daughter (though I ran out of time to finish it!) and have a final wrap-up convo with Mex before Lost, the 4.5 hour long extravaganza.  And I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala.  And then Lost for the evening, then a quick sleep, thankfully.  (Also, I was really confused at the end of the finale.  Thank goodness for the internets.)

Tonight I have another Harpie dinner at Shmate's house, and I can't wait to spend some low-key hang time with the ladies, as our one male is abandoning us for tonight.  (Typical.)  And work is very very boring, so I will maybe do some freelancing this afternoon.  But it's lunchtime now, la la la.

B - Special K berries, milk, coffee, granny bar - 6
L - sammy, yogurt with b-nan - 6
D - European-themed delights - ?
S - soup
Total - TBD
Activity - short walk to Kate's, high blood pressure

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