Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two-fer-Thursday and What I Ate

Sadly I had so much work to do again yesterday that I didn't get to post, so this is a BOGO for you.  Work's going very well, though, and I've been told I'm getting promoted in the near future.  I believe some of the exact words were "We want to keep you here and keep you happy, so we'll do what it takes."  Yay, one aspect of my life is actually improving! 

Otherwise yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Oh, let's go back earlier.  I didn't have to pitch at my softball game on Tuesday because they had another girl ringer who pitches in another league already and is awesome, so thankfully I was back on 2nd base, where I feel at home.  (Oh, and the rain cleared up by 7 pm.)  It was actually a lot of fun and good to see the guys again, so I'm now back on the horse and looking forward to games.  OH RIGHT, and we won.  And we have new matchy team t-shirts!  But then I got home too late for Lost and I STILL haven't watched it online.  Maybe tonight!  I am in suspense!

Then yesterday was, like I said, busy at work then mellow at home.  I was supposed to be there at 6 pm to let in some architect permit guy for my landlord, but I waited until 6:45 and texted the landlord to ask what was the deal, and he said "Oh, they don't need to get in.  I just found out."  Yeah right.  But I guess it was nice to have a couch night and catch up on DVR.  GleeChopped!  Oh, then I talked to Mex again, because the Tuesday night convo was frustrating (he's "tired all the time" and sometimes talking is like pulling teeth and then I get angry because why the eff am I dealing with this again?) but so he wanted to think about some of what I'd said and talk last night.  So it was better, and now we're going to talk less again, especially since there is apparently a heartbeat and a real baby (I still find this so hard to believe with all the reasons there wouldn't be, but...) and I only get upset when I talk to him and think about it, so I'd rather escape, thanks.

Oh, I also e-mailed the make-out boy from last weekend, yesterday afternoon.  It's very fun to feel that old familiar excitement, wondering if he'll respond, does he like me, blah blah blah.  Don't worry, I'm not too invested in this, but it's just a good distraction.  It's like training wheels a bit, in a safe zone.  Oh, and I clearly know it's not the best situation, but I'm just seeing if he'll respond to my e-mail right now.  Calm down, people.

So tonight I may Skype with Britch if her gd internet gets fixed, and I'm considering walking home though it might be indecent with my short dress, so maybe I'll hit the gym.  I also need a manicure and pedicure BAD, so maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll do that if no plans materialize.  Oh shoot, and I have overdue library books. 

Food mood:
B - Honey B's, milk, coffee - 4
L - sandwich, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - TJ's Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage, salad - 6
S - orange, soup?, string cheese - 4
Total - 20
Weight, Tuesday morning - 139 lbs.  (The scale moved depending on which way I shifted my feet, so I'm going with the medium answer -- 130s BABY!)

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