Friday, May 21, 2010

Short Skirts and Converse and What I Ate

Happy Frrrriday, friends!

It's going to be a lovely warm summery day.  I can't wait for the weekend, either.  Tonight I'm walking home with Schmauren, then we're doing some shopping for tomorrow's First Annual Astoria Beer Tasting.  Which is comprised of a group of friends who are getting together on a somebody's deck to sample craft beers (it is Craft Beer Week, after all) and food pairings.  (Schmauren and her friend were the creators.)  Each team of two is responsible for bringing a growler or a 6-pack and some tasty treats that pair well with their chosen beer.  Schmauren and I are bringing...wait, I can't spoil the surprise.  I'll tell you Monday!  But tonight we're doing some of our shopping and then hopefully eating a lovely dinner outside somewhere in the 'hood.  Then tomorrow I'll need to finally get some laundry done.  (It's been more than six weeks.  Seriously.)  And a mani/pedi at some point, too. 

And then Sunday...SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY is the Lost Finale Extravaganza.  The party starts at 7 p.m. with a two hour recap show, then from 9 to 11:30 is the series finale.  How can I stand 2.5 hours of the drama?!  I will probably have a stroke, but it will be great.  And then I'll have to DVR Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost on at midnight.  Depending on the hangover I have, I'll maybe wait until evening to order some yummy celebratory food.  (Meaning if I'm hungover earlier, I may cave and order crap at noon.  You never know.  Though I'm going to try to pace myself with the beer tasting, and I think it'll help that I don't like hoppy beers!)

Last night I had a lovely, productive coffee date, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, then made a nice scallop, artichoke and tomato buttery sauce for my pasta.  There was a little texting with Mex, just to confirm that there is no news, of course, but I'm in a much better place for myself now.  (CoffeeDate had some good advice there, too.)  And then I caught up on The Office and 30 Rock, and how great was Matt Damon?!  I hope they keep him around for awhile.  I was just saying the LL really needs to have a boyfriend, if only for a little while, as this whole can't-get-a-man joke is getting tired.  (I feel the same way about Ted on How I Met Your Mother, by the way.)

In other news, as many of you are telling me to "marry Blackbeard," and I'm doing what I can, believe me, isn't it a cool coicidence that my favorite song on Band of Horses' new album is called "Blue Beard"?  Here's a live performance, though the vocals are tighter on the album version, if you're interested.

So now I'm just listening to the new LCD Soundsystem that everyone is talking about on the internets and pretending to do work.  I probably should get started on some real work, but waahhh.

Food plan:
B - Special K Berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & swiss, yogurt & blueberries - 6
S - string cheese, soup, granny bar? - 2-4
Total - 12-14 plus dinner
Activity - walking 3 miles

Happy weekend, lovers!

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