Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slacking Off and What I Ate

Oops, I seem to have gone most of this week with only one legitimate post.  Well, I'm here to rectify the situation, never fear.

Let's see...Tuesday night I Skyped with Britch again for a bit, and caught up on a little DVR (though I'm still very behind), and then Wednesday I had a softball game after work.  Unfortunately it was our first loss of the season, BUT there were so many girls there that I didn't start, and only ended up playing one inning (as the ref called the game early so the 7:00 game could start).  Therefore, I don't take much blame for the loss, though I did mess up the one grounder to me.  I tried to trap it in my glove but it took a strange hop and jammed my finger instead.  Yay, my one shining moment of glory!  It was still a fun night, as I hung around for awhile afterwards, talking to the guys.  One of my friends is sort of going through his own tough relationship spot, though he's on the opposite end of a problem like mine, but it's good to talk about it.  And to have friends, right?  I have lovely friends.  Who put up with me very patiently.

Tonight I'm meeting Lillie's gf Erin for coffee after work.  (Shh, don't tell!  Juuuust kidding.)  We're going to discuss a project she's working on, and then I'm heading home and going to try to go another night without knowing what's going on with the Mex/keeping-the-baby situation, which is supposedly at a critical point this week.  I told myself I'm not initiating any contact now, as preparation for ceasing contact altogether, but it's REALLY HARD to not know what's going on.  At least, most of the time, when I don't distract myself.  I didn't respond to a text from him yesterday and now I'm starting to get an itchy trigger finger, but I'll hold on as long as I can.

Yikes, can't even talk about it.  Let's change the subject.  Blackbeard's getting friendlier, though I don't really feel the romance blossoming yet.  Though he does catch my eye a lot when we all eat lunch in the conference room...we're often thinking the same thing.  And this is ridiculous, but also a sign that we're soulmates:  Last week one of the partners at my firm was home sick, and sent an e-mail to let us know, mentioning that "those of you who saw my antics yesterday will understand."  I hadn't seen the antics, so I asked Blackbeard what was up with that, and he explained that the partner's nose was so dry from his cold that at one point he sneezed and blew blood all over the front of his shirt, and didn't have another to change into.  Ha!  And gross!  So this week, when the partner re-emerged at work, I said that I'd been filled in and I hoped he was feeling better.  Also, I carry a Tide To-Go pen with me at all times, if he should ever need to wash out blood again.  He said, "Yeah, so does [Blackbeard], but he wouldn't let me use it, since he didn't want to infect it with blood!"  In conclusion, both Blackbeard and I carry Tide To-Go pens, and thus we are meant to be.

I didn't get much exercise this week, I'll admit, but I did walk a bit yesterday with the softball travel, and frankly, I'm just trying to make it through each day.  BUT I'm still controlling my eating so my weight is fine.  Can I be one of those people who only exercises only 2-3 (ok, 1?) times a week but eats healthy and is therefore in shape, please?  Let's see.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Thursday.  Till tomorrow!

B - Special K Red Berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & swiss, yogurt with berries - 6
D - pasta with scallops and artichokes and sauce - 6ish?
S - string cheese, soup, grapes - 3
Total - 19

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  1. I want you to marry this blackbeard. Think of how hairy your kids would be!! And how clean.

    Also, I really love how your ads are always about chicken and medicine.