Friday, May 14, 2010

Your Life, Little Girl, Is An Empty Page...and What I Ate

It's finally FRIIIIIDAY.  And a pretty good one at that.  I have just the right amount of work to do to keep me busy, but I had time to go eat outside at Duke's with a co-worker and get a pulled pork sandwich (though I saved half to eat on the bus tonight.  My seatmate, one of the Real Housewives, will LOVE that.)  It's warm and sunny and sort of muggy in Manhattan, but it'll be slightly cooler and much breezier come 9 pm.  I'm READY TO GO.  I even called the hotel to make sure that I check in at the actual building where I'm staying (as opposed to the main resort) and she made a note of when I'm arriving.  I feel very welcomed already.

Last night's dinner at Schmillie's was amazing as well.  (I think starting yesterday, I'm going to have a five-day food fest of my own.)  She made the best roasted chicken I've ever had, super cheesy and delicious risotta, a a great salad and green beans with cranberries and walnuts, which were fantastic and a combo I'd never had.  Then we had Schmate's magic cookie bars (no, there were no drugs in them) for dessert, and I rolled home.  I was in bed around midnight, but couldn't sleep until about 1 am, though I didn't take a sleeping pill and then slept through the night, so I was pleased about that.  I'm sleepy today as I usually need more than 7 hours of sleep, but I have all weekend to recover.  I can even nap on the bus.

Did you know that Montauk has its own monsters?  I guess two of their carcasses have washed up on the beaches in recent years.  I haven't found anything about live sightings, but I'll keep my camera handy.

Well, I have a one-track mind today (ohhkay, two tracks, but one new exciting track) so I don't have much else to discuss, but I wanted to check in.  I'll report back on Monday, and hey, maybe I'll be zen by then.  (Will I ever be zen?  Doubtful.)

B - honey o's, coffee, milk
L - half of a pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, pickles
D - samesies
S - banana? orange?  (orange you glad I didn't say banana?)
Total - Mmmm.


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it! And thanks for the chicken shout-out. It was scary but worth it.

    ps. You can call me Lillie instead of Schmillie, if you want. I'm, like, "out" on the internet now.

  2. Will do. Though maybe I will call you Millie? I like the sound of that...