Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm a Montauk Monster and What I Ate

Welcome back, me!  And you!  Yes, I got back Sunday night, but I was in no mood for posting yesterday.  I'm sorry.  (Wow, that was grumpy.  Let me backtrack.)

The weekend was amazing!  I should have pictures uploaded to show you tomorrow, but until then, I'll give you the verbal (textual?) recap.  I took the Jitney on Friday at 5:30, and it was so easy compared to taking those stupid Bolt buses or whatever.  Also, you get a snack and a drink!  And you pay with a credit card once you're on board (though you reserve your spot online ahead of time.)  So the ride was smooth and fine, and we got to Montauk at about 8:30.  It was dark and cool and damply breezy in a good way, since I had to wander awhile before I found my motel.  (Once I actually found it, I felt like a dunce as it was very easy nearby, but their street signs are hard to spot as they're vertical posts in the ground, and so my map wasn't helping since I didn't know what street I was on.)  I checked in and the nice desk clerk went over the town map with me, circling places he recommended for eating, hanging out, hiking, etc.  Then I settled into my beachy motel room, took a long, Aveda-accessorized shower, and watched some Food Network before bed.

Saturday I woke up slowly, then walked the two short block's to Anthony's Pancake House.  This diner was across the street from John's Pancake House, and there is a big rivalry, but my trusty desk clerk had said he preferred Anthony's, so I stayed on that team.  I had a tomato, onion and feta omelette and lots of coffee, read my New York Magazine, and then headed back to the room to sunscreen up before heading out to find the trail head and hike Shadmoor State Park for awhile.  I saw lots of pretty butterflies and wandered on sandy trails in the brush, and little wooden bridges over streams, and then finally along the bluffs that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean as well as Ditch Plains beach, which is the main surfing beach in Montauk, though the waves weren't really tubular when I was observing.  Then I walked back through town to explore a bit more, and since it was the Montauk Music Festival weekend, there were bands playing in the town center's open space as well as in all of the bars and restaurants.  I wasn't actually hungry for lunch, so I meandered back to the motel, poking around in shops and in a little boutique on my way, where I tried on pretty summer dresses.  And some kids opened the dressing room curtain wide to show me to the store.  So back to the room for more sunscreen and to hop into my swimsuit, then I hit the beach (which was across the street from my motel) for some sunning and reading time.  At about 3, after many hours outdoors, I was sunned out, so I headed back to my room to write in my journal and then take a lovely nap. 

I woke up groggy around 6, then got myself cleaned up and went to Shagwong for dinner (as I'd checked out menus earlier on my walk.)  I ordered steamed mussels in white wine and a small house salad, plus two glasses of wine, and it was delicious and there was a nice mellow band playing to help set the mood.  After eating, I went next door to The Gig Shack for a "classic rock" band and a beer.  I sort of talked to a few people in my age range, but there were not many around (maybe four, total) and so I got bored after one beer, which was fine.  (Oh, and I'd been keeping up a texting conversation with the Drummer since Friday afternoon...but that seemed to finally dwindle on Saturday night.)  I sleepily walked back to my room and tucked myself in early for some Saturday Night Live and sleep.

Sunday I woke up bright and early again (which is 9 am, for me) and headed back to Anthony's, thinking I didn't want a big breakfast so that I could actually get lunch somewhere (which I wasn't hungry for on Saturday.)  I ended up just getting two eggs, sausage and cinnamon toast, which of course lasted me all day anyway.  Then I headed back to the beach with plans to stick it out for 3 hours, but only lasted nearly 2.  It was pretty hot in the sun, and I'd try to give myself a whore's bath in the ocean to cool off, but the ocean water was painfully cold, so I finally decided my little skin had enough sun and went back to the room to shower, pack up, and then relax for awhile before I caught the 3:15 bus back.

All in all, I got through some of my foggy thinking about my current Mex situation, and came to some helpful conclusions.  Of course, there was some drama yesterday (hence no post) when I got back so it all immediately blew up in my face, but I think I've regained that peace today.  I'm trying to, at least.

In other news, remember that guy with the girlfriend with whom I made out?  (You try to not end that sentence in a preposition!)  I did e-mail him the following Wednesday, like I'd promised, and it's been a few weeks now, so I figured he had gone the way of the dinosaur.  (What?  Did I make that expression up?)  Well, he e-mailed me last night, so I just read it this morning.  It's nice to hear back from him, and to hear some compliments and sweet nothings, I'll say that much.  Otherwise I have to make some decision about how to proceed, but whatever, I'm not responding immediately so I can just enjoy this feeling for today, right? 

Last night I Skyped with Britch for a very long time, and it did immense amounts of good for my mental health.  She pointed out some very clear problems with how I'm handling this situation (or at least, pointed them out in a way that finally made sense to me) and was able to help me shape my thinking about how to proceed.  I miss her constant counsel now that she's across the sea, but I do appreciate it greatly when we can find time to talk!  Also, she's in love.  Let's be happy for her!

Today is rainy and sleepy and boring at work, but I'm in a good mood and catching up on my personal correspondence.  I may hit the gym tonight, though I'm not very motivated at the moment -- it feels like I've been here for SO LONG and it's not even noon.

Food, which is finally getting back on a healthy track, I hope.  I've eaten sugar-free brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal with berries and fat free half&half for dinner the past two nights in a row.  Weird:
B - Special K Red Berries, coffee, milk - 4
L - turkey & swiss, yogurt with berries - 6
D - sun dried tomato & chicken brat, salad with feta (and new exciting TJ's salad dressing) - 6
S - orange if it's edible, string cheese - 2
Total - 18 (I'll add some somewhere.)
Weight - 140 lbs.  Gotta work on those last few pounds, though I feel good right now so I'm not stressing too much. 


  1. Your weekend sounds spectacular!! I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I'm not sure you understand what a "whore's bath" is. Because it's not really something you'd do at a public beach in Montauk. Or maybe you would?


  3. Well, I use the term loosely. I splashed water on my body while crouching in it, ok? And maybe I peed a little in the ocean. So what, who cares?

    I forgot - you're the one who pees in the ocean without being submerged. We discussed this at Jones last year.

  5. I try to submerge, but I'm not as strict as I should be.