Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Confessions and What I Ate

Hello, darlings.  I apologize for my absence yesterday, but I actually had work to do and the day got away from me.  How were our weekends?  Mine was lovely.

Friday night I celebrated the spring weather by hitting the new beer garden with some girlfriends, including Schmauren and her friend, Thigh Sighs, who felt like my long-lost cousin or something.  It was a great time, with good bratwurst, beer, and indecent storytelling.  We then tried to hit up Sunswick for some possible second wind action, but we all had hit a really big wall and scuttled home to our beds after one beer.  I have to say, there's nothing like a great night out and still being home around midnight (I think).  Of course, then I woke up at 9 am and couldn't sleep in, so that part wasn't so great.  I met up with Schmauren on Saturday morning for a classy Dunkin' Donuts "brunch," then we hit up the discount clothing store across the street on Broadway in Astoria.  Where I bought city shorts, yes I did.  We'll see how they go...  I also bought cute new black strappy flat sandals, so bring it on, summer.  Then we headed back to mine to get picked up by Schmate and we all headed to the Queenz Trader Joe's for major stocking up.  (Like it was 1941, to borrow Schmate's joke, making fun of me.)  Once all unpacked and home, I placed my new begonia in my bedroom windowsill (life! beauty! exists!) and stretched out for a nap.

After napping and making myself a delicious and nutritious dinner of whole wheat penna with basil tomato sauce, seared scallops and artichoke hearts, I met back up with Schmauren to hit the town proper.  We headed to the West Village, and started out with a beer at Wilfie & Nell, which is owned by the same people who own my favorite Astoria jam, Sweet Afton.  It was a bit crowded, loud and sweaty in there, so we headed back down West 4th to a more reasonably roomy bar we'd passed (and I've liked before,) The Slaughtered Lamb (or the Slaughterhouse, as Lillie liked to call it.)  We had stools and a table and plenty of Shocktop.  And then Lillie came to meet us from a previous party, and began really man-hunting for us.  Her method of choice was to point at someone and yell, "Come over here!"  It was very effective.  We eventually made friends with a group of five guys were were having a sort of mini-college reunion and doing a bar crawl in the Village. 

There was one who I immediately focused on, and we had a very amazing vibe going.  He is bearded and dark-haired and blue-eyed and shorter than I'm used to but still taller than me.  And then he tells me that he hopes he's not out of line, but I should know that he has a girlfriend, and he was telling me because he thought we had something going there.  I said we did, you're right, but I'm glad you mentioned it.  Then he asked me to make out with him down the street a bit.  I hesitated!  I really did!  I even gave him a skeptical look.  Then I didn't care.  And, dear reader, it was that heady, high school, sneaking around at parties feeling all night, and it was so great.  We made out on side streets, in bathroom stalls, in an empty karaoke room.  Obviously my rational, moral mind knows it's not the best idea to be the other woman, but frankly, I don't care right now.  I had one night of NOT thinking about the ridiculous Jerry Springer show that somehow intruded on my life, and I loved it.  Plus he was affectionate and flirtatious (things I'm not entirely used to) and we talked a lot, too (about how he's on a short leash and she's pressuring him to get married, and my whole dramz, too.)  So daydream fodder, for sure.  But he wants me to e-mail him, and I want to.  And that's it for now.  I confess.

Yes, and Schmauren hung out like a rock star, and I am in her debt.  We took a cab home at 6 am, people.  The sun was coming up.  So Sunday was about sleeping, enchiladas, movies, and sweating.  That's really it. 

Tonight I'm supposed to have another softball game, though the forecast says maybe there's a thunderstorm coming--but the sky is blue now.  I may as well bite the bullet and play a game, right?  I think I'll be more into it once I really start playing, as opposed to dreading it.  I'm also supposed to talk to Mex because after not talking over the weekend, we spoke yesterday (as she had a doc appt and I wanted news) but of course, they  moved her doc appt to Wednesday (because it's a FAKE BABY, OBVIOUSLY), but whatever, I'm angry and he was tired and asked if we could talk today.  So maybe I will, but I'm still just angry and I hate it.  I mean, I guess it's better than sad, but I am full of rage and can't do anything about it.  Other than make out with other people's boyfriends, yes? :)  Just kidding, I know that's terrible.

Anyway!  Oh, my boss complimented me this morning, asking if I've lost weight and saying I look great.  And also, there are plans in the works to get me off of receptionist duty at work and move me up the ladder.  So things in my career world are looking good!  And I guess health world, other than the smoking that's back.  I need to weigh myself, but forgot this morning, so hopefully tomorrow.

B - honey bunches with PEACHES, coffee, milk - 4
L - herbed turkey & light swiss sammy, yogurt with peaches and strawberries - 6
D - artichoke ravioli with tomato sauce, salad - 8
S - orange, soup, granny bar? - 4
Total - 22 (hopefully will get some activity points with softball...if not, I won't eat as many snacks)

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