Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes and What I Ate

Oh friends, this week is pretty crazy.  I will give you the bullet points, since I can't take time to write very much.
  • Monday morning I spoke to Mex's dad, since I think the situation needed some intervention and I can't be the only sane person who knows what's going on.  It was a good decision -- apparently his dad came down yesterday.
  • BUT after texting to learn that on Monday night with Mex, I didn't talk to him yesterday or today so far.  And I won't.  It's been a little while since we've gone a day without talking (even when the talking was fighting), so it's good but hard to be back on the wagon.  And obviously necessary and right.  I just feel like know I can leave it in someone else's hands, and that's good.
  • SOOO enough of that crap.  Yesterday our firm's Office Manager/Book keeper was ARRESTED for embezzling!  It was a very exciting/sad day.  The police detectives came to get him at the office and everything.  He's like an old funny uncle type, in his 60s, and had been here for 10 years.  Crazy.
  • BUT that means my promotion has been today.  They talked to me yesterday about my role and my raise goes into effect today!  I'm going to do billing/accounting stuff, plus office managing and some paralegal work.  They're already interviewing replacement receptionists.  THIS IS GREAT.
  • Two more reasons we all love Blackbeard:  He owns all of the Arrested Development seasons on DVD (like I do) AND he just started home brewing beer recently!  His first batch is an American Pale Ale, and I name dropped "carboy" like nobody's business.  It was amazing.  So how do we get him to love me?!  I feel like I'm still in the "letting him get comfortable with me" phase.  He's on the quiet side, as I've said.
  • Tonight I have a double-header softball game and it is STEAMING outside.  I am going to die.  I hate being hot plus I brought black pants, which will definitely be rolled up for maximum air circulation.
  • Tomorrow night I'm having drinks with an old NY friend who I haven't seen recently.  He wrote a book and wants to pick my brain.  I want him to buy me drinks.  Perfect!
  • This weekend a friend (and her family -- she's a married mom) are coming from Toledo to visit, and I think I'm meeting up with them on Saturday for some Natural History Museum.  Two birds with one stone?  Yes.  Plus, making awkward conversation with 10- and 12-year old boys.
  • Yesterday (after a long absense) I saw my hot chef neighbor leaving his apartment in the morning.  We sort of talked as we walked in different directions, but then when I got to work I saw that I had a missed call from him?  I texted back but then he didn't respond, BUT this reminds me that I may need to make him my lover.
  • This morning I awoke to a text from an old friend in Ohio (who is possibly in love with me) that wished me a good day.  Very sweet.
  • Clearly I need to start dating.
B - honey bunches, coffee, milk - 4
L - sammy, yogurt with blueberries - 6
D - leftover chicken tikka masala - 6?
S - grapes, string cheese, granny bar, soup? - tbd
Total - around 20, I think
WEIGHT, as of yesterday morning - 138!

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! (on lots of things, but mainly the job!) that's so exciting! uh, weird/sad that it came as a result of someone gettign ARRESTED! but whatevz. your description of him makes me think of Creed, and i like that image. so happy for you! fron editor to accountant -- who knew?! xoxo
    Schmate (this has been a break from our regularly scheduled programming known as KTL.)