Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boys, Bands, Beer, Burritos, Ballin'

I swear I'm still alive.  It's just getting more difficult to find time to post, as I'm so busy and important at work now!  But, gd it, I'm making time.  There is so much to tell.  (Oh, and I'm kidding about being important.  BUT there is more talk of that promotion, so that's good news.)

So I'll try to abbreviate the past few days.  STARTING with last Thursday (yikes.)  After walking home from work with Schmauren, we decided to get Mexican and margaritas for a late Cinco celebration.  (Margs are only $3 during happy hour at a neighborhood place.  Ohhh yeah.)  Then we hit up a friend of a friend (of a friend?)'s birthday party at Break on Broadway in Astoria, which is a great big pool hall.  It was a party full of park rangers, but I immediately jumped onto the pool table, as I have missed it so.  I managed to pick up an older lesbian park ranger (is there any other type) with my mad skillz, but then Schmauren and I ran away before things got too weird.  (And Schmauren was tired of pretending to be my girlfriend to help me block my pursuer.)  Also, I was afraid of getting stuck with the entire pool tab for everyone who'd yeah, not my classiest moment, but what can I say.  Those margaritas were strong.  So home, pass out, get up for work and on the train I actually nearly pass out for real.  A very nice gentleman gave me his seat and a barf bag when I tapped his shoulder, swaying and mumbling something incoherent.  I made it off the train to sit on a bench on the Grand Central platform, then finally up to my desk.  I attempted to "work" (read: sit at my desk and stare) for an hour but then with the encouragement of a co-worker (and a few "you don't look so good"'s) I went home sick.  And then to bed.  I swear, tequila is my salvation and damnation, all in one.

So Friday was a bust, as I just laid around, napping and watching things.  And I did finally cook some Trader Joe's Masala Simmer Sauce (with chicken, onion and peppers) for dinner, plus basmati rice.  It is pretty yummy, but didn't quite fill my craving for some sweet, sweet Chicken Tikka Masala.  It's not creamy enough, but next time I'll mix it with milk instead of water.  It is healthier, however!

Saturday I felt normal again (well, relatively), and was up for some nice coffee-and-tv-with-roomie time in the morning, then off to the library, the bread store (Arnold's Sandwich Thins were 3 for $4 at the Entemann's outlet!), and then the nail salon for a mani/pedi, and I splurged on a 10-minute massage.  It was all very lovely and relaxing.  Home for a healthy lunch and quick rest, then off to Schmauren's to help her decorate some cupcakes to look like they had bagels, lox, cream cheese and scallions on top.  (It was all candy and sweets, I swear.)

We packed them up, grabbed a slice on the way to the train, then headed to Brooklyn in the windstorm to Pete's Candy Store.  Schmauren's been friends with a band, The Cassevettes, since college, and now I've met them many times so I think I'm friends with them, too.  They were playing and it was the drummer's birthday, so we went to hang out, heckle them while onstage, and stuff them with cupcakes.  It was very fun, and even Schmillie and her lover showed up for awhile.  I may have also made some sort of flirtation connection with said drummer, who was very complimentary (telling me how great I look, etc.) and got my phone number for when he comes back from Boston next.  We shall see, but it was a fun show.  Then the gang (the band and Shmauren and I, the not-really groupies) all piled into the band van to go to a loft party nearby.  (Yes, I sat on drummer's lap, and there was only some chaste arm on back rubbing/hand holding stuff.  Very adorable.)  The party was fine if a little odd (in the Brooklyn tries very hard sometimes kind of way), but when we went back to the van after like 30 minutes, it had been busted into and the bass and drum kick pedals had been stolen.  And when the cops showed up (one was Michelle Rodriguez, I swear), they were less than sympathetic, asking why anyone would park there with valuables in the car.  Yes, OK, point taken, but that doesn't mean you can't be nice about it. 

So Schmauren and I left them to head home (after I put garbage cardboard into the broken window hole...I was trying to help!  But it was weird, I admit.)  Midway home, we texted a friend in Manhattan (and Schmauren's once-upon-a-time lover) and decided to reroute to meet up with him and his friend.  More beers, more inappropriate stories, and some birds singing and sun rising later, I took a cab home to sleep away half of Sunday.  Then it was more movies, tv, maxin' and relaxin'.  And nice texting with drummer. 

Monday night I played softball for Hachette's team, as they needed a third lady (who doesn't?), and it was on Roosevelt Island so I walked from home and back, and it was quite pretty to play next to the river.  Plus they were all very nice and some were a bit cute.  Last night was my normal team's game, and we WON, 14-3 I think.  It was fantastic, and I scored twice (it's been awhile...literally and euphemistically), and I got three people out (two catches, one tag), and whee!  I did manage to skin/bruise my knee, but it's not as bad as some years.  Though it's only the second game.  Then home IN TIME FOR LOST, miracle of miracles!  Which was weird and I missed our regular cast friends, but this is already too long to get into that.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and it was about 139, so not much change but I feel good with that.  I've behaved with food well this week, and the weekend wasn't too terrible, just some Mexican on Thursday night and Sunday.  And all that beer.  Tonight I'm having an early summer with a friend at a Turkish restaurant, but I am going to go lighter if I can, too.  But that means I don't know my points really, but I may as well stick to the habit of...
B - Honey O's, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey sandwich, yogurt with berries - 6
D - Turkish sandwich (haha) - TBD
S - string cheese, soup? orange? - 3ish
Total - Enough.

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