Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's all happening!  So I only have about 10 minutes to write this, as the day got away from me, but I'm in a great mood.  This morning MTV aired all Lady Gaga videos while I was getting ready for work, and there's really no better way to start the day than dancing around your room.  Now I'm heading home to pack for my Boston trip (as I leave from work tomorrow), and then catch up with Lost and America's Next Top Model while eating dinner, painting my nails, and vegging out.  It's going to be great! 

Last night's Beer & Bacon Tasting was much more delicious (and organized) than I expected, and also we had a good group of eight people, and were loud and laughed a lot and it was very fun. The food was amazing, but I didn't feel overly-full afterwards (though craving a veg, maybe.)  If you're curious about what our four courses were, look here (and ignore their typos).  It was hilarious AND educational; the best sort of night.

Today Blackbeard came over to my desk excitedly to tell me he'd figured out that when you poke a paperclip into the hole on your computer's CD drive, it'll manually eject (as we both have moody computers that won't eject with the push of the button.)  I had to break it to him that I already knew that trick, and I was sorry I didn't tell him earlier.  So to thank him for trying to help, I e-mailed him with this video link, as I'm obsessed with both Jared Leto/Jordan Catalano and Gaga, and I can't stop listening to it:

He didn't respond, though.  Which makes me laugh, either from amusement or embarassment, it's hard to say.

Food today is on-plan, so no worries there.  No bacon there, either!  I think this soup-snack is really working out for me, as well as chewing nicotine gum for curbing FOOD cravings.  Models should chew this stuff instead of eating.  Or, you know, stick with the coke.

More tomorrow, my loves.  Enjoy hump eve!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beer and Bacon and What I Ate (that May Kill Me)

Well, I guess that's a bit of foreshadowing, idn't it? 

Another gloomy spring day, but the best part about this week is that it's gradually going to get sunnier and warmer as we approach (and into) the weekend!  I'll gladly take a rainy Tuesday for that.  So last night after choosing way too many library books and lugging them home, then eating, I actually did begin packing for Boston.  I said so yesterday as a joke (and if you know me, maybe not so much of a joke) and then was getting stressed about it last night so I laid out some clothes.  I also realized I am sick of all of my clothes, but oh well.  I needed to start because tonight I have plans (more on this soon) and then tomorrow night I need to pack AND buy some host/hostess gifts (thanks for the advice on that one, BY THE WAY), AND do my nails, AND it was overwhelming me.  So now I'm slightly less overwhelmed...though not looking forward to lugging a hairdryer and 3 pairs of shoes in my weekend bag.  Dang you, packing for every occasion.

So tonight, tonight, the world is full of light, etc.  Tonight is the Beer & Bacon Tasting at Rest-au-Rant in Astoria, which is one of my favorite local date spots, though tonight my date is with about 13 friends and their friends.  Yes, smokehouse beer and bacon and cheese may not put me in fighting form for a trip to Boston, but I'll have two days to recover and this seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, doesn't it?  I do plan on pacing myself (as opposed to gorging) and also leaving at a reasonable hour, to promote self-control and so I can watch Lost tonight when I get home.  (I mustn't let anyone spoil it for me tomorrow before I've seen it!) 

Illustrative clip art courtesy of Schmauren:
Mex still hasn't gone up North yet himself, as he's trying to finish grading his kids' midterms before he leaves, though his plan is either to take the ark today or first thing in the morning tomorrow.  He said at this point he's considering just going up with me, but I'm encouraging him to get there sooner so that he can have a longer "vacation" and so that he'll feel adjusted before I arrive.  And he said that way he can pick me up at the bus stop.  I realize this is insane woman talk, but even him saying that he was thinking of riding up with me gave me that "Oh, so he does want to spend time with me!" feeling.  I know that I know he does, but it was one of those small things that made me realize that oh yeah, he likes me, and his purpose in life is not to mess up and hurt me.  (I'm overstating the case, but do you know what I mean?  I have been more defensive than usual lately and I'm now beginning to relax into this again.  Knock on wood.)

Anyway, FOOD:
B - Special K, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey & Swiss, apple - 5
2nd L - the bomb butternut squash soup - 2
D - fat, grease, alcohol - ???
S - granola bar if needed - 2
Activity - attempting self-control

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cowboy Casanova is Really Catchy and What I Ate

Welcome to another gloomy Monday.  The good news is that my Pandora station ("Stephanie at Work") slipped into a major country mood for a few songs, and I am beginning to really enjoy Carrie Underwood.  (Well, is that good news?)  We're back to Paul Simon now, so don't panic.  The other good news is that quite a few work folks are away on vacation this week and it's very quiet here, ESPECIALLY because the well-intentioned-but-highly-irritating older gentleman bookkeeper is away ALL WEEK.  Ahh, peace and quiet.  He just doesn't stop talking and/or telling me things I already know, which is my worst pet peeve.

How were our weekends?  Mine was great, though I wasn't as well-behaved as I'd intended.  Friday night started out quietly with Chinese food (chicken & broc, don't worry) and tv on the couch, only to hear from Mex later on with an invite to meet up for pool.  I can't resist some pool, so we headed out for a late but fun night.  Saturday Schmate came to pick me up and we headed out to discover the Trader Joe's in Queens -- and once we got there, it was amazing!  I realize I'm way behind the times with this, but I don't usually shop at TJ's, since the one in Union Square is just way too packed for my taste, and the other times I've been inside one, it's been while traveling (like on a weekend trip to Boston), and so I couldn't exactly stock up.  That said, my new goal (other than living in a bit more suburban of a place than I do now, and having a car) is living somewhere where I can regularly shop at TJ's.  And Schmate and I were up to our old tricks, having fun and yelling out in appropriate things.  At one point, surveying my jars and jars of goodies, I exclaimed, "Man, it's like I'm shopping for the Holocaust!"  Only to immediately realize I meant "apocalypse," and stare at Schmate in horror.  Something tells me had we been on the UWS, I may have been ejected from the premises.  Later Schmate made a similar crack about autism, so really, we were in fine form.  We came back to Astoria and then ambled over to Schmauren's apartment for DELICIOUS dinner, with cheese & bread appetizer, then amazing steamed mussels and broiled shrimp on rosemary skewers and green bean salad.  Yummm.  We ended with ice cream and cookies, and it was just a fantastic day and evening.  I went back home and then met up with Mex for more pool, however, as I am a glutton for punishment.  (Really, I just want to win so bad that I keep playing until I'm ahead, which is sort of rare.)  Then home latish again, and a pretty bleary Sunday morning.  He left to get some work done so I indulged myself and laid around watching tv and movies in bed.  Have you seen the new Jamie Oliver show?  I know it's sort of overproduced or gimmicky, but I can't help it, I love him and the show made me cry and rage.  So it's good.  Finally I got up the energy to work on my freelance book proposal project, then headed to bed at a reasonable hour.  It was a great weekend but after cutting back on the drinking for awhile, I did go out and spend more than I should've.  I also smoked, but I'm back on the wagon, don't worry. 

I've been fighting hunger in the late afternoon with my current food plan, and Schmauren made a good suggestion to eat two lunches, sort of--i.e. to have a bigger snack in the afternoon, and I think I can swing it.  I bought some great soups at TJ's that I can keep at work, and there's four cups in each box, so I'll just have one cup each afternoon instead of yogurt.  And then maybe move the yogurt to dessert at night, since we do need those active cultures!  We'll see if this arrangement tides me over.

Food today:
B - Special K, coffee, milk - 4
L - turkey & swiss, apple - 5
2nd L - Butternut Squash soup - 2
D - chick meatloaf, salad with feta - 5.5
S - granola bar, yogurt - 3
Total - 19.5
Activity - walking to library and back to return books

Yeah, I just haven't been able to make myself hit the gym lately, since when it's nice I want to be outside, and when it's rainy I don't want to do anything.  I guess I may be motivated after walking to the library, but we'll see how it goes.

And it's time begin the countdown to Boston!  Whoo!  Maybe I will begin packing tonight -- I'm concerned about a) what to bring and b) how to pack lightly.  :)  Oh that reminds me, what do we think is a good hostess gift for Mex's dad?  He has a live-in girlfriend, and he likes to cook, he's a high school English teacher, and he has a house.  So rather than flowers (which seem more mom-appropriate), I was thinking of like a fancy vinegar or something cook-ish like that that would travel well.  Is that too weird?  I'm very open to suggestions!  Shoot, had I planned ahead, I could've asked one of my Harper friends for a copy of The Highly Selective Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate!  Wait, I may have one at that better?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Get Your Booty on the Floor Tonight and What I Ate

Apparently they are testing the fire alarm system in my office building, but not the noisy part, just the flashing strobe light part.  While the regular office lights are on, I have two bright strobe lights in view from my desk and if they don't stop soon, I'm either going to have a seizure or crank this up:

Work is pretty mellow otherwise, and I've now forced myself to work on something, for at least an hour or two.  I think if I make good progress on this long-standing project today, I'll do some freelancing this afternoon.  If it's not raining, I will also take a little walk after lunch to Victoria's Secret at Herald Square to redeem one of those "free panty" coupons and to move around a bit.  Panties!

Last night's dinner took a very long time to prepare (there was a lot of chopping!) but it tasted great and I'm ecstatic to know how easy it is to make my own sweet potato fries!  I cut the potatoes with a knife, as I don't have a fancy fry maker, and Mex couldn't get over how I made them look like "real" fries, all professional-like.  I was like Really, this is what impresses you?  Ok, fine, I'll take it.  (To be fair, he was complimentary about the whole meal, too.)  I also bought my bus tickets for Boston (with his advisement) and that was surprisingly only exciting and drama-free.  Is it too good to be true, dear reader?

Good news, my key necklace just arrived!  I really like it.  It doesn't quite go with the neckline of my polo shirt, but I may wear it now anyway.

The weekend is shaping up to be a good one.  Tonight is going to be low-key at home, but I have Whip It from Netflix and I've been on the wait list for awhile for that one, so I'm really looking forward to it.  I think the plan is that Mex will come over at some point and we'll watch and hang out.  (I thought it was going to be a roomie-free night, but apparently her plans that I was warned of are daytime plans.  Lame.)  Tomorrow I am going to run suburban-type errands in Queenz with Schmate, then we'll head back to Astoria and catch up with Schmauren for supper!  I love the blend of plans, and it also means I probably won't have any big drinking temptations because it's likely we'll disband after eating.  (I mean, that's a good thing on its own, but it'll also help me not have SMOKING temptations.) 

I think I'll buy some Crest Whitestrips tonight on my way home, so I can a) have whiter teeth, especially for in-law-family meeting, and b) feel guiltier if I have a cigarette.  Good idea, yes?  Too bad I've failed at finding any online coupons for those suckers.

Today's food:
B - Special K, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & swiss, apple - 5
S - yogurt, granny bar

The question is, do I cook tonight or get something delicious delivered?  Ohhh the weekend and its yummy food temptations.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update on the Nails in my Coffin, or Lack Thereof

So I haven't had a cigarette since Tuesday evening at about 5:20 pm.  It's going pretty well, and I'm chewing the nicotine gum as frequently as possible.  One of the drags (ha) of the gum is that you're supposed to wait 20 minutes after eating or drinking to chew it for maximum absorption effect, so you can't exactly pretend you're having coffee and a cig or something.  It also means all of my trigger times (like after a meal, or indeed, with coffee, or even while drinking some booze) aren't best for the gum chewing, though I'd have to guess it's better than actually smoking, right?

The weird thing this time around is that I'm less hungry than I was before...which is not what is supposed to happen.  I realize it's only been about 2 days so this may change, but I think chewing the gum all the time is curbing my appetite, so perhaps (do I dare to dream?) I won't put on the quitting-smoking weight.  That would be amazing.

Anyway, in the name of accountability, I wanted to give you an update on my progress.  It's so mental at this point -- I don't feel like I need the chemicals (though my subconscious probably does), but I just miss the relaxing sensation, the mini-break of a cigarette.  I'm trying to look on it as newfound free time in my day, but man, don't you want to unplug every once in awhile?  What's another good way to do that without, say, unplugging over a candy bar?

Why Should I Worry and What I Ate

This morning's a pretty quiet one at the office, so I'm catching up on my internet reading and music listening, specifically on this site:  The New York Nobody Sings.  It's kind of a smorgasbord, but it only features songs about NYC, and I'm enjoying exploring it.  (Note: They didn't feature this video, but my brain traveled this path all on its own.)  It was also a lovely sunny morning again, so that always gives me a mood boost on my way to work, though it's supposed to rain this afternoon.

I made a date to Skype with Britch tonight after work, and luckily I think I'm going to be able to combine that with the cooking preparation I need to do for dinner.  Mex is coming over later for some of that Best-Ever Chicken Meatloaf, sweet potato fries with rosemary and thyme, and I think sauteed spinach with garlic.  So while I chop and mush and season, I can finally catch up with Britch.  We haven't spoken in so long that it's depressing, and as she's my de facto therapist, I'm probably mucking up all sorts of things that I haven't realized yet. 

You may notice that I've added "ads" to this blog...we're going to see how it works.  Apparently I *could* make money this way, which benefits us all (because then I can tell you how I spend it!), but if they're too annoying or unwieldy, I'll get rid of them.  In other blog news, we hit a milestone this week -- on Tuesday, March 23, we had our highest number of visitors yet!  Thanks for hitting me up, world.

So I believe I already discussed how I was asked to pitch for my softball team this year, and my mixed feelings about this.  Well, now they want to schedule a practice for this Saturday in Rockland County...which is a good drive north of the city.  The practice would be from 10 am - 12 noon, but in order to get there, I'd have to leave my house around 8:30 am to get a subway into the city, probably East Harlem-ish, then meet my ride for the 30-45 minute drive to the fields.  And then do it all in reverse after practice.  I'm sorry, but that's not how I want to spend a Saturday morning/early afternoon on a spring weekend, and I don't think I can be faulted for that.  (Well, maybe I can...)  I also have some plans to hang out with Schmate in the afternoon, and that's been a long time coming, too, so I don't want this softball thing to crowd into my social life.  But now I feel like a poor team member for bailing so early on.  I'm also considering how much lower my intensity level is about this team than some of the leaders' are, and wondering if I should just offer to step aside if they'd rather find another girl pitcher.  I don't want to "give up," but I also don't want to put in as much time as it appears they want me to.  What is the answer, friends?  Is it reasonable to expect a teammate to put in about five hours on a Saturday for the cause?

Well, time to look productive.  It is nearly lunchtime, right? 

Food today:
B - Honey B, coffee, milk - 4
L - turkey & swiss, apple - 5
D - chicken meatloaf, sauteed spinach, sweet potato fries - 7/8
S - yogurt, granny bar, maybe string cheese - 3/4
Total - 19/21
Activity - walking at lunch, mushing up ground chicken with my bare hands

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

They Call Me Mellow Yellow and What I Ate

Happy Wednesday!  It's supposed to be a cool spring day outside today, and I hope we all get to enjoy it.  I plan on walking a bit at lunchtime, since I can't walk home until my feet recover from last week.  I plan on biking at the gym instead, like I failed to do on Monday.

Book club was great last night, and I really liked the Black Bear Lodge, though there was a disturbing kitty-litter type odor that became evident about halfway through our meeting.  If not for that, I wouldn't happily moved into the log-cabin interior--I felt like I was out of the city for a vacation!  It's also always a fraught time when it's your turn to pick the book, and I had some haters, but I also had some fans, so I think it was a good mix.

I had the MOST frustrating experience in the middle of the night last night.  Around 4:30 pm, someone started ringing our doorbell incessantly.  I laid in bed for awhile, trying to ignore it, which is hard for me as I'm a worrier so I of course immediately think that it's someone I know who needs help.  Which no, that doesn't make sense, but I'd been awoken from a sound sleep!  Then my roommate knocks on my door as it's keeping her up, too, and so being the man of the house, I go to her room where we can look out her windows over to our front door area.  We can't really see the guy but we see his baseball hat, and he's still going to town on the doorbell, so I finally open her window and say "What?!"  He looks at me hopefully and says "Delivery?"  I say "No," he says "No?" I say "No."  And I shut the window and that was it.  He was trying to call someone on his cell phone and holding his slip of paper, reading the address.  I mean, COME ON, DUDE.  I got back into bed and lay there, frustrated with all the things I wanted to have yelled but didn't.  Like, who do you work for?  I'm calling the police!  You don't ring doorbells on a dark house nonstop at 4:30 am!  But I didn't yell at him and the rage is all stuck inside me.  Maybe I should yell these things to no one when I'm home alone later to feel better.  At least I was able to fall back asleep relatively quickly -- the worst is when you're woken up like that and then lay there for three hours until it's time to really get up for the day.

Speaking of impotent rage, as of right now, I've gone about 17 hours without a cigarette.  I realize that's small potatoes, but I have to start somewhere!  I'm chewing my nicotine gum when I can, and thinking of lists and things I can use to keep up my motivation.  (Because some probably-far-away disease isn't enough, honestly.)  I'm also going to use my spa gift certificate to Spa Hydra for a facial when I've been clean for two or three weeks as a reward. 

Well, today I'm working on relaxing and not letting annoying co-worker situations get to me (ahem).  I've also got a pretty light project load, so I'm moving more slowly than usual at work and enjoying it.  There's no other news, really, though I'm starting to rethink my daily menus, as I get so hungry around 4-5 pm and so I think I need to beef up my afternoon snack.  Schmauren suggested eating soup then, which is a pretty good idea, it'll just take some more weekend cooking time, but I enjoy that when I have the time.

I will refrain from discussing Lost as I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm greedily reading lots of online recaps and analyses, as usual.  It was everything I'd hoped it would be -- almost.

Food plan:
B - Honey B's, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey & swiss sandwich, apple - 5
D - Chicken meatloaf, salad - 5.5
S - yogurt, granny bar, string cheese - 4
Total - 18.5 (plus something else TBD)
Activity - Biking at the gym, sadly

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Hold the Key to My Own Heart, thankyouverymuch.

Sometimes, I just have to shop.  I don't have to spend much, but it's an impulse I can't always control.  My most recent purchase?  This necklace from

Now I'm just waiting anxiously for it to arrive.  My only problem?  These chains are too long for shortie me.  I may have to buy some replacement ones, otherwise these necklaces hang right between my boobs, and look weird with many necklines.

Daydream Believer and What I Ate

I really wanted to make that headline "Daydream Bereaver" because I like the pun, but it's too sad and I'm not actually grieving any daydreams today.  So I told it straight.

What a Big Day!  Today, while still quite gloomy outside, is personally eventful.  (I'm also relieved it's not actually raining -- I can deal with cool cloud cover.)  First of all, I ate lunch with the lawyers in the conference room and felt included (I know it wasn't the first time, but it's still nice.)  I also asked for Good Friday off from work, and was granted that (more on this below).  And then after work, I have book club, and I'm the leader tonight!  (We read The Moonflower Vine, remember?)  To top it off, I'm walking down there with Schmauren, so we can catch up on our lives' happenings.  I'm holding the meeting at the Big Bear Lodge, which sort of ties into the setting of the book, at least in the outdoorsy/farmy atmosphere.  I'm trying to reserve us the "fireplace room," too, which should help the ambiance.

Then after BC, it's a big Guyliner-centric episode of Lost.

Who doesn't want to know more about Richard Alpert?  Who doesn't love that his real name is Nestor Carbonell?  And can you believe he doesn't actually wear eyeliner?

So yes, lots of things to be happy about today.  Now if I could only figure out a career path that will allow me to nap every afternoon. 

I've been invited to spend Easter weekend in Boston with Mex, and to meet his family, etc.  I think he'll already be there for his spring break from school, and I'll come up to meet him on Thursday night.  This is huge and I am very, very hesitant to talk about it in case it doesn't happen.  He's had some difficulty with this particular relationship step in the past, partially due to some strained family dynamics, and so I'm really afraid to consider this a definite plan, but then I'm also afraid that I'll jinx it by doubting.  (I mean, only half-seriously.)  Honestly, I think it'll help that he'll be there and I'll just come to meet him -- at least we don't have to get both of us on a bus at the same time.  That said, right now that's the Easter plan, and I'm trying to let myself enjoy the excitement.  And let the nervousness come, too.  (WHAT am I going to wear?!)

Today's food:
B - Honey B's, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey & Swiss sammy, apple - 5
D - Sassy Soup, light sour cream, salad with feta - 7
S - granny bar, yogurt, beer? - 3-6
Total - 19-22

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stormy Weather and What I Ate

Hellooo internets!  I have a bit of a breather at work before another project lands on my desk, so I'd better take advantage of the time to update here.  It's great to be busy at work, but I do miss *some* of my screw-around time.  (I recently learned that most of the lawyers would rather give their paralegal projects to me than to the actual paralegal who has been her for a few years.  Apparently I'm more efficient and smart enough to understand any instructions the first time, etc.  Yes, I'm bragging, but it makes me feel good about trying a new career path!)

How were all of our lovely weekends, especially those of you on the east coast?  It was really spring on Saturday here, very warm and sunny.  I even wore sunscreen.  But I confess, I preferred Sunday's weather -- it was about 8 degrees cooler and with a few clouds, and it seemed more spring-like and also reminded me of Michigan's cool summer mornings. 

Anyway, activity report.  Friday night was my roommate's birthday party in Astoria at Gleason's (where I also had mine!), and I stopped in for a few $4 drafts.  It was more fun than I expected, as usually her group of friends are theater-types that drive me insane, but I found a couple of her long-time guy friends to chat (and make inappropriate jokes) with.  Then it was a walk home, meeting up with Mex on the way, then some television and a reasonable (and reasonably sober) bedtime.  Saturday we woke up to the sunshine, and decided to walk over the bridge to Roosevelt Island.

For those of you who don't know, Roosevelt Island is a narrow (800 ft) island between Manhattan and Queens.  It's about 2 miles long, and it's reachable by car, footbridge (from Astoria), and tram (when it's in service.)  It's mostly residential, and there are only 3 restaurants, 1 Starbucks, and 1 Gristede's supermarket on the island, at least that are easily found.  Mex and I walked over the bridge from 36th Avenue in Astoria and walked to the southernmost tip first, where there are some burned-out ruins of old hospital buildings and sort of a reedy bluff overlooking the East River and the skyline, and it was gorgeous.  We were warm in the sun but with a nice breeze keeping us cool, so we sat and soaked it in for a bit there.  Then we walked back up to the middle where we stopped for pizza and soda and another walking break, then walked up to the northernmost tip to see the lighthouse.  All in all, we figured we walked about 6 miles, including the full circumference of the island and getting to and from it.  It was great exercise and really fun to explore -- which is one of my favorite things to do with him!  Then it was to Manhattan to get some work done for him, and home for me for a nap and laundry.  We met up again later to watch basketball in bed and pass out from exhaustion. 

Sunday we were lazier, reading in bed with the basketball games on mute, and I managed to finish The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society before bed last night!  (I'd started it at about 11:00 am, but didn't read all in one sitting.)  It's a great book, both for historical fiction lovers and really any fans of the novel.  It's all epistolary, which I thought I'd hate but was actually a really effective method of storytelling, and I'd recommend it to anyone.  It's humorous and touching and a rather quick read, too.  Anyway, we also ordered Indian, so I had Chicken Tikka Masala for lunch and dinner, and after Mex left and the basketball was switched off (whew), I watched Bright Star.  I had very high hopes for that one, but MAN, it was way too melodramatic, and while I normally enjoy sweeping romantic historical dramas, the characters were unsympathetic and there was relatively little plot, so it was just boring and repetitive.  Also, what do we think of this Abbie Cornish person?  Her attitude as Fanny Brawne gave me the same anger I feel when I see Kristen Stewart, but maybe that was just in this role.  Then I watched an episdoe and a half of The L Word on DVD from Netflix, and I really just can't wait for Jenny Schecter to die.  She is the worst.  (It seems I had some anger issues yesterday, huh?  I wasn't really angry in general, just some characters frustrate me.) 

Annnyyyywayy, it was a lovely weekend and while it's gross and rainy today, it's better that it waited until a school day!

B - Honey Bunches, coffee, milk - 4
L - sundried tomato turkey, swiss, L&T sammy, apple - 5
D - chicken meatloaf, salad with feta - 5/6
S - yogurt, string cheese - 2
Total - 17ish, will need to add more
Activity - bike at the gym  (not only is it too rainy to walk home, but I have a blister that's the size of a silver dollar on my inside left heel)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

French Toast and What I Ate

Oh, why are the weeks neverending lately?  It's only Thursday, but I'm so antsy to get out of this office!  At least I can look forward to a walk home in the sunshine, if I can make it that long.  I'm feeling much less worried today about things in general, though, so I hope this carefree trend continues.  Then I can definitely blame the hormones.

Yesterday's Jiggs lunch (dinner) was fantastic, and I only ate half of my giant platter, so I can have the leftovers for lunch today!  I also drank two small beers and then had a hard time staying awake at my desk, but it was really fun.  The place was lively, but we got a table right away, and a bagpiper even walked through at one point.  Then the gang at work all went for drinks at about 4:30 pm, and it was the first time I've felt really included and comfortably social with all of them.  (I was way too hungover at our holiday party so I wasn't my usual fun self.)  Blackbeard & I had a joke going about french toast, because when we walked in, he said the bar smelled like french toast and I said cheeseburgers, and he kept bringing it up.  And he ordered pretzels and let me pick a dipping sauce and we shared them with the group.  And we walked to the subway together, just us, and these two Mennonite women with babies stopped to ask for directions and he was very courteous and masculine with them.  Sigh.  I got to tell him how much I approve of his beard, and now I need him to show some flaw so that he isn't quite so perfect.  (And I had fun with the other colleagues, and got some good office gossip as well as some praise, and bonded with the other female associate, etc.)  Anyway, I was back in Astoria around 8:30 when I met up with Mex at Dunkin' Donuts and then he walked me home.  It was such a lovely temperature outside that it was hard to make myself behave and go to bed, but I did, thankfully.

Tonight I'm making steak and sweet potatoes for Mex and myself, and opening all of the windows in the apartment.  It should be fun, and I'm going to make sure I'm not a worrying Debbie Downer like I have been this week.  I realize I've also seen him almost every day, though not for long periods of time or overnight, but maybe we should've had a break when I was such a mooner.  Oh well, he's always understanding and gentle, but I don't want to push my luck.

Now I really want some french toast.  I'm hungry.  I'm eating a granola bar instead, don't worry.  The rest of the plan:
B - Special K Berries, coffee, milk - 4
L - half of a Jiggs dinner
D - small portion of sirloin, baked sweet potato, salad with feta - ?
S - granny bar - 2
Activity - walking 3.6 miles

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I forgot to tell you the best part!  I weighed myself yesterday morning at 142.5.  That means I'm still slowly losing, despite my slip-ups, of which I'm sure there will be many more.  Still, after starting at 150 on December 29th, I've lost 7.5 pounds.  (Erm, that's rather slow, at about .68 lbs/week...BUT I'm only now emerging from winter hibernation!)  So I'm about a third of the way to goal, and even if it's slow, it's nice to see that scale moving. 

Guiness is a Fat-Free Food and What I Ate

Happy St. Patty's Day!  Yesterday got away from me due to actual work, but you didn't miss much, don't worry.  I ate pretty much on-plan, though I did use up some flex points by eating two Cadbury Creme Eggs while I watched Lost.  I ate them both in one sitting so that they wouldn't be hanging around, tempting me.  And I did walk home from work in the very lovely weather, so I had some activity points available.  It was a great walk, and I met up with Mex on the Manhattan side of the bridge, so we were able to journey most of the way together.  It does go faster when there's someone to talk to, even if that someone chattered away most of the time.  It was interesting chatter about some papers he's writing.

I'm very much enjoying all these lawyers in my office with their green ties today -- even Blackbeard.  It's like they're still all dressed up but LOOK, a bit of flair!  I myself am wearing a teal dress, which is close to green, but also not bright green and embarrassing.  I like my compromise.  And I'm wearing the dusty plum boots, which are mood-lifters.  My St. Patty's celebration plans are just to get lunch at the Irish pub around the corner from the office, if (please please) we can get in and get a seat.  I'm going with the paralegal, and I just want some corned beef, but she's also interested in some beer, so we'll see what happens.  (And despite my headline, I'm not a big fan of Guiness.  It's too dark for me, and bitter like black coffee.)  I am definitely not going to get silly, because I think that would make for a torturous afternoon at my desk.

Tonight I'm going to try to hit the gym, assuming I'm not in an Irish coma, and tomorrow I'll walk home again.  I LOVE being outside instead of in my crappy gym, but I did not wear walking shoes today, plus I gave myself a blister yesterday from too-thin socks.  Someone needs to do laundry.

I'm also in a worrying mood lately, and I'm annoying myself.  I feel like I'm being more oversensitive than usual and more fretful, and I'm sure the people I'm around can tell (and are probably also annoyed!)  I'm trying to establish some new guidelines for my relationship redux, but I think I'm extending into over-controlling as an attempt to not get hurt again, which, of course, is ridiculous.  I'm laying out plans for everything, and I need to step back and embrace some flexibility, especially because I'm dealing with a man, and in general, they are not fond of boxes.  It all may be partially blameable on hormones, too, but I still need it to go away.  I miss being laid-back.

Well, fooders:
B - Special K Berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - Corned Beef and accessories, whether separate or as a sandwich
D - Sassy Soup, salad - 7
S - Beer?  Four-leaf clovers?
Total - Unknown, but won't overstuff myself

Monday, March 15, 2010

And the Rains Came Down and What I Ate

Whew, another rainy day after a very soggy weekend!  At least this should be the last of it -- the forecast for the rest of the week is lovely.  I'm seeing more walks home in my future. 

The weekend was fun, though I spent it pretty much in the dry, warm inside of my apartment.  Friday night I met Schmauren for happy hour, and we felt very smart, as we only spent $12 each, for four beers and two appetizers.  I think the bartender even gave us one of those beers free, so score.  It was great to catch up, and then after our conversing, we parted ways and headed home to our sweatpants.  Mex came over after a little while and got some work done (with my internet) while I took a long bubble bath, then it was early to bed for us tired kittens.  Saturday was lots of NCAA watching (him) and freelancing (me), then we tried to go to dinner at this highly-praised newish restaurant in Astoria, Vesta.  Unfortunately we were both soaked by the time we got there from sideways, blustery rain, and then were told they couldn't seat us for an hour, nor was there anywhere inside to wait, as they'd had a leak earlier and were short on space.  The host/owner was very nice about it, but there was nothing to be done.  (We'd assumed that it wouldn't be too crowded with the terrible weather, but next time I'll make a reservation!)  So we braved the elements again and found the only food nearby, which was mediocre sushi.  We were going to play pool afterwards, but our favorite dive bar was mysteriously empty with only the ghostly "last call" lights on, but with an unlocked door.  It was creepy and we'll have to find out what happened next time we go in, though Mex did see a health inspector in there on Wednesday.  Uh-oh.  So we gave up and headed home for dry pj's, warmth, and wine.  Then we managed to move onto the bottle of cheap tequila (El Toro, Ay Cara!) that had been a hostess gift from Britch a year ago.  It was a full-scale dance party at that point, and we managed to stay up till 8 am (post-clock change time). 

So that was a great night, but I paid dearly for it on Sunday, at one point even falling asleep on the floor of the bathroom, where I was kneeling most of the day.  Poor Mex was nursemaiding me very well, and finally fixed me soup and crackers when I wanted them at 10 pm.  Yes, it's true, it's time to grow up, I know.  It's just so much fun when it's happening!  Let's consider it an early St. Pat's celebration, ok?

Today is gloomy and I'm feeling worn down, but very much better.  My only remaining problem is my sore hip, which I somehow slept on wrong when I finally passed out, and so I'm walking with a limp.  I also didn't manage to pack a lunch for today, but I'm going to get a salad that I'm very excited about to brighten up the afternoon.  (There's a deli place near here where I'll get 25% off if I order online, and most of the toppings are free, so it's only $5 and change!)  I had dinner plans at the The Meatball Shop with the Munchers tonight (rescheduled from when we couldn't get in last time), but as one of our ranks has been felled by a killer cold, it looks like we'll reschedule again.  I don't mind heading home for DVR and sweatpants again, as well as a healthier dinner, though I miss those munchettes.  Now if I can just last through the afternoon...

OH in good news, Mex and I hammered out some of the lingering questions about our relationship fixing, and I think we're in a good spot.  We have plans, we have timeframes, and now we just have to hope that some of our theories (like trying therapy) will help the main issue, which is his fear of commitment and, as he said on Saturday, the whole "providing for a family" expectation.  (I think SOME of those concerns will be slightly allieviated when he gets a full-time teaching position for next year.  Let's cross our fingers.)  It's scary that things may not change, but all I can do is be supportive and optimistic, and also keep my foot planted where I put it down on what I need from him.  Also, I need to quit smoking--both for obvious reasons and because then I'll be working on something, too.  (Not that I don't have tons of faults, but he definitely has more of an action plan, and I don't, and I want one.)

So let's talk about food, because I'm hungry.
B - coffee, Special K Berries, milk - 4
L - salad with veggies, smoked turkey, feta, avocado - ?
D - Sassy Soup, salad - 7
S - string cheese and/or yogurt
Activity - wearing heels at work

Friday, March 12, 2010

Where's the Love?

I'm beginning to think you guys aren't so good at polls.

Wellies and What I Ate

Well, the long, wet weekend slog has begun.  Stupid New York weather that wastes all of our sunny days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!  I'm happy it's Friday, but I'm sad that I stayed awake until 1:00 am and so my eyes are tired.  At least I'm not hungover, right?  It's the small blessings.  Oh, and I walked about 5 miles last night, so I have nice, tired legs today, too.

STILL, only 5.5 hours to go until the weekend, and happy hour drinks with my lovely Schmauren!  I love Astoria drinks, because when they're over, you're so close to home.  We haven't decided where we're going yet, but with this rain, I doubt we'll be too adventurous.

I may have softball practice in the form of a team batting cage visit on Saturday, but it is NOT cheap at Chelsea Piers.  It's $2.50 for ten pitches, or $85/cage/hour.  That seems crazy to me, though I guess I don't know what's normal for batting cages.  Perhaps I won't go...though it's a bad sign that my team spirit is so low already.  So the weekend plans are Astoria Schmauren HH tonight, maybe softball tomorrow, date night with Mex tomorrow night, and maxing and relaxing on Sunday.  I like it.  And I need to do laundry.  But it should be nice & low-key, which suits my mood in this weather.

I'm having this problem today where I keep saying things that don't make sense to colleagues.  It's probably just because I'm tired, but there are some misfiring synapses between the brain and my tongue.  I hope no one else notices, or that they're at least used to me being weird.  (I'm probably being oversensitive here, let's be honest.)

Because it's Friday and because I love you, here is some entertainment.  First up, bacon.  Who doesn't like bacon, and songs about bacon, and silly Brits?

And...because we all like hot dudes, and surprise endings, and Good Will Hunting:

Happy Friday!

B - Special K Berries, coffee, milk - 4
L - chicken & cheese sammy, apple - 5
D - TBD, but probably restaurant food
S - yogurt, soup later?
Activity - holding up my umbrella

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Official Poll

HYPOTHETICALLY, on a relationship-crisis scale, where would you place "boyfriend's drunk friend 'drags' him to a stripclub after basketball game/beer fest" ?  I won't color this with my opinion just yet, but I'm curious, world.  HYPOTHETICALLY, of course.

Swimsuit Season and What I Ate

Well, I bought a new swimsuit at lunchtime today.  Liberty of London is doing a big line with Target (coming Sunday) and they had a preview pop-up store near Bryant Park just from Wed-Sat of this week, so a co-worker and I checked it out.  There are a ton of sweet, flowery dresses, but of course of the cut/style that would make short, chubby me look like I was in a tent or a moo-moo.  Still, I found a soft, pretty tankini that's a dark teal with white poppy silhouette-print, and I tried the top on over my shirt (as the fitting room lines were taking forever), and took my chances with the bottoms.  If it really doesn't fit, I can return it to a Target store, but man, it got me into such a summery mood!  I wish I could show you a picture, but it's not online yet.  (So exclusive!)

That was exciting, and then the sun came out while we were in the store, so I'm planning on hoofing it home across the bridge again today.  It should be a calming and restorative walk...and it really tires me out.  Last time I was ready for bed at about 7:30 pm!  (Don't worry, I made myself wait till 10:30.)

My drinks date last night was rather entertaining, though there was lots of talk of engagements and weddings, as the other girl my age had just gotten fianced.  It's fun to talk about, though I don't like fielding questions about where my ring is -- maybe I'm too sensitive.  I just think man, I'd like to know that, too, but I also great freaked out about it, and I have to pretend I don't care that much, and it makes me feel awkward.   The wine and food were quite delicious, though!  I had one rice ball, a piece of pecorino, and a fried artichoke (we shared appetizers) and then a yummy beet salad with greens, orange sections, Parmesan, and pistachios.  And about 2 glasses of wine.  So I behaved decently, I think!  Sometimes I felt like I'd lost any social graces I once had, as the conversation was really all over the place, but I think that's just how that group of hens is.  I hope. 

Ugh, this morning I'd made myself coffee (in the coffee maker I'd prepped last night) and then when I went to finish off one quart of milk, pouring it into the cup, a bunch of chunks came out and into my coffee.  Disgusting.  I had to start the whole process over again with my new milk, but luckily I didn't lose too much time in my cramped morning routine.  (Seriously, I'm up and out the door in less than 30 minutes.)

B - Honey Bunches, coffee, milk - 4
L - Everroast chicken (yum) sandwich with muenster, apple - 5
D - sassy salsa pumpkin soup, reduced fat sc, salad - 7
S - yogurt, granny bar, pudding - 4
Total - 20
Activity - 3.6 mile walk, about 4 pts

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Am I Crazy, or Could It Be True?

On Saturday I placed a quick call to an old friend who at one point was the love of my life (or so I believed.)  We are now just great friends who connect on the phone every few weeks, and see each other maybe once a year.  Shortly after this call, his FB status said "I love you, you know who you are."  While we could debate the terrible medium as well as the poor grammar skills, I'm just wondering if the timing isn't a little eerie.  I mean, who else could it be?  We'd just discussed how lonely he was.

I'M JUST SAYING.  Come on, internet, be a good girlfriend.  All together now, "Oh my gawd." 

Thanks for your time.

Catch-up, Ketchup, and What I Ate

First of all, today I am wearing the boots and I do love them so.  They've very comfortable and while I'm a little concerned that they give the appearance of elephant cankles, the benefits outweigh the risks.  Oh, and since they're suede, I'm convinced I'll ruin them soon, but we may as well enjoy them now, right?  They're kind of a dusty purple/rose color (hello, Stevie Nicks), and I paired them with a gray sheath dress with a high-waist belt and a little black short-sleeved, shortie cardigan, and I feel cute.  Tonight I'm having drinks with a former boss (the former publisher of William Morrow cookbooks) and her other old assistant, and I feel the need to appear like I'm "doing well."  You know how that goes.  We're meeting here to catch up after a year of not seeing each other, and I'm sure it will be fine, but I'd rather be walking home again!  Though I guess my trunks could use a break from biking or walking...  and then tomorrow, which is apparently the last nice day before the rainy weekend, I can walk home again. 

I've almost finished reading Snow Falling on Cedars, which I'm hesitantly enjoying.  It's very transporting and very well-written, though very melancholy and I'm having some moral conflicts with some of the characters, but it's a good read.  And it's very wintery--which made sense last week when I started it, but now not so much.  Still, I only have a couple of chapters left, which is why I left it at home this morning and started my new book club book.  (I didn't want to finish during the day and then be stuck without anything to read on my subway ride home.)  Moonflower Vine was my very own pick, and granted, it may have been my third choice, but so far I'm very much enjoying it.  I've only read probably 30 pages so far, but it's so evocative of a warm summer on a laid-back farm, and it makes me feel lazy and vacation-y.  It also reminds me of visiting farms when I was younger in Ohio, and there's just a certain peacefulness that is really coming through in the prose.  So far, so good...and I was nervous, since I picked it. 

OH that reminds me, I should report back on the World's Best Meatloaf or whatever it's called.  It really is amazing!  Granted, it looks quite unappetizing, sort of like cat vomit (sorry), but it's tasty.  Other than chicken and seasoning, there's chopped onion, celery and apple in there, and it makes it very moist and sweetly delicious, which is a nice contrast with the Dijon mustard baked on top.  It even survived freezing and then microwaving to eat last night, so it's a keeper.  I dipped some in ketchup, though it doesn't even need further condimenting.  I'm very pleased with both of the recipes I tried this time, and want to serve them to company, or just Mex.  He's a good guinea pig.

Last night my Dad's old friend, Chico, who is the color commentator for the New Jersey Devils, called me at 10 pm to offer me tickets to tonight's Devils/Rangers game in NJ.  It would've been great, but I had plans that had already been rescheduled once, plus Mex was going to be watching some Big East basketball at MSG, plus I'm not great at last-minute plans when it involves a lot of maneuvering and finding a plus one, etc.  So with all those odds stacked up, I politely declined this time, but he's very generous and said if we don't care about seeing the Rangers (and this season, we don't so much), we should just pick a fun weekend game and he'd have no problem finding us tickets.  I think that'll be the plan now, and I'm excited!  It's nice to have Dad's hookups.

Well, onto the food, and speaking of, I hope it's almost snack time:
B - Honey B's, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey BLTC, apple - 5ish
D - Sassy Pumpkin Soup, reduced-fat sour cream, salad with feta - 7
S - yogurt, granny bar - 3
Total - 19
Extras - wine, maybe 2 glasses - 4?
Activity - brief walking to Madison Square Park area

This week is just crawling along, so sorry for the lack of excitement here.  You probably wish I were still making out with random boys, don't you?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get Me Outta Heeeere and What I Ate

Ok, I've decided that today is time for the first walk home from work of the year over the 59th Street Bridge.  While the forecast predicted a high of 54 degrees, it's already 61 and warm enough to eat a lovely lunch outside in front of the main public library on Fifth Ave.  I also think if it gets dark around 6:30 (as it has been), I should be within range of my apartment so it's not too dangerous.  I'll wield one of my high heels as a weapon, if it comes to that.  I used to walk home from my publishing job (on 53rd and Madison) quite often, and I figured this was just another 11 blocks, so it should be a pleasant walk.  According to Google, it's 3.6 miles, and so if I walk at my usual clip, I should earn about 4 activity points for 75-90 minutes of walking.

Now it's 62 degrees!

Anyway, then I'll also be "done" with exercise earlier so I can settle in to eat, paint my nails, and gear up for LOST.  Whooooo.

Now if I could just make the afternoon go faster.

B - Honey Bunches, coffee, skim - 4
L - Spicy (suspect, possibly too old) chicken and muenster sandwich, apple - 5
D - Best-Ever Chicken Meatloaf (whether that's true is to be determined), salad with feta - 5 approx.*
S - yogurt, string cheese, granny bar, Jello sugar-free pudding - 5
Total - 19

*I am confused about the points for the meatloaf, because the recipe says it serves 6, but then the nutrition info says it's for 1/4 of the loaf. slice is 1/6 of the loaf, so I guess instead of 4 points, it's 2.666.

ALSO that is not enough points, so I may have a different snack this afternoon to boost me a little.  I also feel hungry already, which is a bad sign...but I can get a healthy-ish snack with my afternoon coffee from Pret, right?  What's the best option there, friends?

Monday, March 8, 2010

60 Degrees and What I Ate

I know it's all any of us can talk about, but it's 61 degrees right now!  So uplifting, so sunshiney.  I walked through Bryant Park at lunch, and though it was packed with people, it was still lovely.  I even sat for awhile to watch the kids on the merry-go-round and pondered life.  I also discovered that there are two free ping pong tables for public use, and a new area called the "porch" with comfy outdoor chairs and even porch swings and a fire pit!  I want to go to there right now.

Oy, I'm sleepy this afternoon.  The Oscars went too long for my poor old-person body, but they were fun.  I won more picks than Mex, so I get a back rub at the time of my choosing.  We also made Pioneer Woman wings, in order to properly celebrate such a classy event. 

Prior to that, Friday night was a quiet one, home alone, which was a welcome thing.  I watched some DVR and cooked some dinners ahead (to freeze) and drank some wine and watched "The L Word," season 6, disk 1.  (Don't rest in peace, Jenny Schecter.)  Saturday I did some freelance work, then took a very nice 2-hour walk around Astoria, stopping in all major parks and exploring.  Then home for a quick change and met up with Mex in the afternoon to watch some basketball (boo) and play trivia (yay).  Oh, and have lunch.  That turned into a big neighborhood night out, with lots of pool and then a nightcap on the way home at the bar where we met.  It was really fun and romantic, even.  Then Sunday he had some work to do at home, so I started to watch Coco Before Chanel but then took a nap.  Then Oscars!

I hope that this week is going to be a recovery one after all the big meals last week.  I just feel a bit weighed down, so I'm looking forward to eating more home cooking and getting some exercise.  It's almost that time of year when I can walk home from work, but I don't think quite yet -- it may still get dark too early.  But I can't wait!

Last week I was recruited by my former softball team (from my former employers) to be their new pitcher on their new rogue team.  I agreed to try it, but I'm scared of being terrible.  It's so much pressure.  I even dreamt last night that I was at a game (with my college friends?) and had forgotten my glove and it was a major crisis.

My boots arrived today, too -- those purple ones.  I'm 80% sure I like them, but I have to bring them home and really check out the mirror.  They may be too snug on the calves for tucking in pants, but they seem to be able to be slouched or not, so maybe I'll just slouch them more with pants and it'll work out.  Anyway, exciting!

Food for today.
B - Honey Bunches, coffee, skim - 4
L - Smart Ones Roasted Turkey & Mashed Potatoes, apple - 5
D - Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup* with reduced-fat sour cream and cheese, salad with feta - 8
S - yogurt, granola bar - 3
Total - 20
Activity - bike
*Schmauren passed on this recipe and I made it on Friday night, but haven't tasted it yet.  It smells quite spicy but I'll cool it off with the sour cream, and will report back.  I mean, who doesn't love pumpkin in EVERYTHING?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh, To Be a Slug and What I Ate

Sooo...I confess, again last night I skipped the gym.  I felt exhausted in the afternoon and went home to try to nap, only to wake up after about 2 minutes of sleep with a throat tickle and little cough.  Annoying.  I felt off, though, as if I were fighting something (like a cold) and still had a chance of beating it.  I called Mex, who was supposed to come over, and warned him that there was a slim chance I wasn't well, but also, I wanted to go to bed early no matter what.  Fortunately for me, this is a boy who's not afraid of my germs (real or imaginary) and is one great nurse when I am really sick, I must say, so he headed over and we climbed in bed to watch some American Idol and relax.  I think I was asleep by 11, though lights were out earlier.  That said, my "illness" hasn't progressed further today, and though I still feel a bit worn down, I think I can overcome.

ESPECIALLY because I am eagerly anticipating my dinner plans tonight.  It's the sort-of monthly gathering of my Harpies, aka my oldest NYC friends who attended the NYU Summer Publishing Program with me and then we all got jobs at HarperCollins.  There were six of us, but with NoPe moving to Ireland for more school (I'm so jealous), our numbers are down to five, which makes game night a bit more fair (even though it's now 3 on my team and 2 on the other.)  Let's see, that means we met in 2004, and so we've known each other for nearly six years, wow.  Anyway, we're heading to Williamsburg tonight, to eat at an Italian restaurant called Bamonte's.  Apparently Italy was founded in March, and we're still choosing themes for our dinners, so old-school family style it is!  And that said, I'm really going to have to behave next week to trim down from all these big dinners.  Hopefully if I sleep like crazy this weekend I'll be ready to rock.

I'm beginning to tire of my own guilty tone -- are you?  Maybe I'll just talk about the good food and the healthy eating at the same time, realizing the whole thing should be a balance, and stop acting like a penitent Catholic when I eat wings.  Because, dear ones, I think Mex and I decided that this Sunday's Oscars are a good excuse for us to make wings again!  I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since the SuperBowl, so it's time.  Plus I enjoy eating down-home food while watching them fancy awards.

Today's special.
B:  coffee; Special K mixed with Honey Bunces o' Oats, skim - 4
L:  turkey and cheese sammy; apple - 5
D:  A Taste of Italy - ?
S:  yogurt, granny bar if needed
Activity:  riding 7 different subway lines today, maybe a short walk at lunch

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shoes and What I Ate

Has everyone in the world seen this video by now?  Sometimes when I get excited about shoes, I sing this song in my head.  Anyway, I was browsing the boot sale on and found a pair I couldn't resist:

They're risky, and I'll have to make my final determination when they arrive and I can try them on, but they may be fun and potentially comfortable, so I could wear them constantly.  Do we think the top wrinkles look like saggy elephant skin?  I hope not.  Also, the website says they're purple, but they look sort of red, so again, to be determined.  They could be fun and different, or they could be a bit too tacky.  Still, EXCITED.  SHOES.

I did end up working some OT last night, so I did not make it to the gym, choosing to scarf my dinner as soon as possible.  I was tired, and I really enjoyed cashing out on the couch to catch up on some DVR (teacup pig! Stan Lee!) and then Lost.  Which was amazing.  At least by now the roommate knows that if she walks in during Lost, I will ignore her questions, and I will be forgiven.  Then Mex called for a quick goodnight chat (which made me very happy, considering his history of spotty communication during our busy workweeks), and then reading and bed. 

Today it's gross and rainy/snowy, and my morning commute was just packed, which wore me out.  It's a relief to sit at my desk and relax...except I've been doing that for a few hours now.  Alas.  Tonight will be gym and then some TV, and another early bedtime, thank goodness.  It's getting harder and harder to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

B: coffee, skim, Special K - 4
L: turkey sandwich, cheddar; apple - 5
D: Lean Cuisine; usual salad - 8
S: yogurt, light string cheese, low-fat ice cream sandwich - 4
Total: 21
Activity:  Bike, fighting the commuters on my way home

Treasure Hunt

HELP!  Where can I buy these immediately?  So far I've had no luck in my Queenz grocery stores.  There is one I could try this weekend...and a big Stop & Shop I could trek to, too.  It may be worth it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Other News, or You and Me Could Write a Bad Romance

OH, and in other news, I'm pretty much back together with Mex, though I think the nickname will stick. We had a good talk last Thursday (and he brought me pretty flowers and wine for our steak dinner), and we have to figure out the details of how we're going to fix some of the old problems, but it's now a commitment (again.)  It's definitely worth putting in the work, and while I have some defensiveness to overcome after the December debacle, I think he deserves another chance.  Or we deserve another chance, maybe I should say.  I'm happy, most of the time, which I think is saying something.

Of course, we decide this before I meet Birdie who lives just downstairs, but that's how life works, right?

So Much Meat and What I Ate

Hello, world!  Let's catch up.

I was missing on Friday because I had a wonderful and unexpected snow day!  Well, maybe it was a little expected, but I still had to wake up at my normal time and check my work e-mail and emphasize how deep the snow was in my 'hood.  Deep and unshoveled.  And since no one else, especially no one important (i.e. the firm partners) were making it in from their mansions in the suburbs, I was told to stay home unless "I hear otherwise."  I figured they wouldn't be so cruel as to call me after 3 pm, so after going back to sleep for awhile after a good breakfast and coffee, Mex and I roused ourselves in the early afternoon, cleaned up, and trekked out to Broadway Station for some good lunch and to begin the Olympic hockey watching/day drinking.  It was so fun to stomp through the snow for a few blocks, then cozy up with a lunch special and cheap(ish) pitchers of Miller Lite.  Schmauren even stopped by for a bit, and we just maxed and relaxed.  After the game (which was a US blowout, though it was boring after the first few minutes when they scored all of their goals), Mex and I went to our favorite neighborhood dive bar to play pool into the evening, then catch the Canadian game on at 9:30.  It was a long, fun, beery time, and we were still home by 1 am. 

Saturday was a lovely brunch at Fatty's Cafe on Ditmars with Schmauren, where I ordered the Fatty, of course, which was an upscale Egg McMuffin with salad, yum.  We then hit up a Famous Brands discount clothing store for some great deals, then off to Target in Queens, where I bought the entire store.  I was especially excited to stock up on all my healthier snack tricks that I can't buy locally, like SmartPop Kettle Corn, light string cheese, cheap Quaker Low Fat Chewy granola bars, Baked Tostitos, generic Honey Bunches of Oats, etc.  (I'm off the FiberOne--at least, I will be once my final box is gone.  Too many unpleasant side effects, ahem.)  I even bought Market Pantry low-fat ice cream sandwiches for a treat!  And then high-fat Cadbury Mini Eggs, the best candy in the world, but I haven't even opened the bag yet.  I also purchased a sports bra, a dress, household items, fun toiletries, and who knows what else.  Anyway, after exhausting myself at Target, it was home for a nap, then Mex came over and we ordered Indian food and watched Extract, which was sadly, more boring than bro-funny, as I was hoping.  Then more Olympics and a reasonable bedtime.

Sunday we slept in, made some breakfast, then hung around watching the final hockey game, which was very intense!  Sadly the US lost in the sudden-death OT, but it was a fun game, and I mean, it's OK if Canada wins gold in hockey.  I mean, it's like all they have as a country, right?  After that, the roommate and I headed downstairs to the apartment below ours, where our new neighbor, let's call him Birdie, was making us dinner.  He's going to be using our wireless internet for awhile until his is set up (in April, after he returns from some traveling), so to thank us, he cooked.  And he's the head sous chef at the restaurant at St. Bart's on Madison, so I had high expectations -- and boy, were they met.  We started with mussels in this delicious garlic and tomato broth, served with homemade olive bread and all these little tapas plates, like homemade olives and pickles and something like tabbouleh salad and another salad with walnuts, pomegranate seeds, and green things (?), as well as a green salad with salted cod and white sardines and the Israeli version of tapanade, and then moved on to Beef Bourginogn with potato gratin...good lord.  Some of the food he'd made fresh for us and some was brought home from the restaurant, and it was all amazing.  Dessert was this apple crumble with fresh spiced, whipped cream on the side, and we had red wine.  And now he's insisting that I (surely he was making eye contact with just me, yes?) stop by whenever I want, as he's always cooking something or has leftovers.  He offered to pack me my lunches for work.  He is beautiful.  I may be in trouble -- of the sexy international-man-of-mystery neighbor type and of the caloric type.

Annnnyway, so that was the weekend, and then last night after work I went with my girlfriends, aka "The Munchers," to a book party for a friend (we each only had one drink; it was a Monday, after all,) and then we'd had our hearts set on this new meatball restaurant on the Lower East Side, The Meatball Shop.  All night, all we'd talked about were balls.  Sadly, that's all anyone can talk about lately, so when we arrived at 9:00 pm, there was a 1 1/2 hour wait...outside.  We had to cut our losses and head around the corner for consolation pizza and salad, which was delicious (we had one pizza with cherry tomatoes, spinach, garlic, etc., and the other had potatoes, red onions, pork sausage, etc.), and also very filling.  Needless to say, lots of big meals lately, and this week requires some buckling down.  At least until Thursday, when I have dinner plans at an old-school Italian restaurant in Brooklyn.  Mama mia.

So tonight is finally going to be a quiet one, and assuming I don't work overtime (which is actually a possibility today), I'm going to hit the gym, then eat dinner and catch up on DVR before the newest Lost episode, squee.  Tomorrow I'll plan on gymming it again before the excess of the weekend comes around...and I think I will be taking it a bit easier food-wise this weekend. 

Food today, which is giving me rage because I can't cut & paste now.  Eff you, Google.
B - coffee, Special K, skim - 4
L - Sausalito turkey on sandwich thin with MWLight, cheese L, T; apple - 5
D - Butternut Squash Baked Penne, salad with tomatoes, cukes, feta, homemade vinaigrette - 8
S - yogurt, light string cheese - 2
Total - 19 plus some, I'm sure
Activity - biking

I think I'm going to have to switch to Light Laughing Cow on my sandwiches if I want any cheese, or else find some better deals on fat free/low fat cheese options.  I'm adding quite a few points there and probably not even counting them all.

So today, finally, I will go without red or pink meat (aka pork)!  It's a cleanse.  A 24-hour cleanse.