Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh, To Be a Slug and What I Ate

Sooo...I confess, again last night I skipped the gym.  I felt exhausted in the afternoon and went home to try to nap, only to wake up after about 2 minutes of sleep with a throat tickle and little cough.  Annoying.  I felt off, though, as if I were fighting something (like a cold) and still had a chance of beating it.  I called Mex, who was supposed to come over, and warned him that there was a slim chance I wasn't well, but also, I wanted to go to bed early no matter what.  Fortunately for me, this is a boy who's not afraid of my germs (real or imaginary) and is one great nurse when I am really sick, I must say, so he headed over and we climbed in bed to watch some American Idol and relax.  I think I was asleep by 11, though lights were out earlier.  That said, my "illness" hasn't progressed further today, and though I still feel a bit worn down, I think I can overcome.

ESPECIALLY because I am eagerly anticipating my dinner plans tonight.  It's the sort-of monthly gathering of my Harpies, aka my oldest NYC friends who attended the NYU Summer Publishing Program with me and then we all got jobs at HarperCollins.  There were six of us, but with NoPe moving to Ireland for more school (I'm so jealous), our numbers are down to five, which makes game night a bit more fair (even though it's now 3 on my team and 2 on the other.)  Let's see, that means we met in 2004, and so we've known each other for nearly six years, wow.  Anyway, we're heading to Williamsburg tonight, to eat at an Italian restaurant called Bamonte's.  Apparently Italy was founded in March, and we're still choosing themes for our dinners, so old-school family style it is!  And that said, I'm really going to have to behave next week to trim down from all these big dinners.  Hopefully if I sleep like crazy this weekend I'll be ready to rock.

I'm beginning to tire of my own guilty tone -- are you?  Maybe I'll just talk about the good food and the healthy eating at the same time, realizing the whole thing should be a balance, and stop acting like a penitent Catholic when I eat wings.  Because, dear ones, I think Mex and I decided that this Sunday's Oscars are a good excuse for us to make wings again!  I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since the SuperBowl, so it's time.  Plus I enjoy eating down-home food while watching them fancy awards.

Today's special.
B:  coffee; Special K mixed with Honey Bunces o' Oats, skim - 4
L:  turkey and cheese sammy; apple - 5
D:  A Taste of Italy - ?
S:  yogurt, granny bar if needed
Activity:  riding 7 different subway lines today, maybe a short walk at lunch

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