Monday, March 29, 2010

Cowboy Casanova is Really Catchy and What I Ate

Welcome to another gloomy Monday.  The good news is that my Pandora station ("Stephanie at Work") slipped into a major country mood for a few songs, and I am beginning to really enjoy Carrie Underwood.  (Well, is that good news?)  We're back to Paul Simon now, so don't panic.  The other good news is that quite a few work folks are away on vacation this week and it's very quiet here, ESPECIALLY because the well-intentioned-but-highly-irritating older gentleman bookkeeper is away ALL WEEK.  Ahh, peace and quiet.  He just doesn't stop talking and/or telling me things I already know, which is my worst pet peeve.

How were our weekends?  Mine was great, though I wasn't as well-behaved as I'd intended.  Friday night started out quietly with Chinese food (chicken & broc, don't worry) and tv on the couch, only to hear from Mex later on with an invite to meet up for pool.  I can't resist some pool, so we headed out for a late but fun night.  Saturday Schmate came to pick me up and we headed out to discover the Trader Joe's in Queens -- and once we got there, it was amazing!  I realize I'm way behind the times with this, but I don't usually shop at TJ's, since the one in Union Square is just way too packed for my taste, and the other times I've been inside one, it's been while traveling (like on a weekend trip to Boston), and so I couldn't exactly stock up.  That said, my new goal (other than living in a bit more suburban of a place than I do now, and having a car) is living somewhere where I can regularly shop at TJ's.  And Schmate and I were up to our old tricks, having fun and yelling out in appropriate things.  At one point, surveying my jars and jars of goodies, I exclaimed, "Man, it's like I'm shopping for the Holocaust!"  Only to immediately realize I meant "apocalypse," and stare at Schmate in horror.  Something tells me had we been on the UWS, I may have been ejected from the premises.  Later Schmate made a similar crack about autism, so really, we were in fine form.  We came back to Astoria and then ambled over to Schmauren's apartment for DELICIOUS dinner, with cheese & bread appetizer, then amazing steamed mussels and broiled shrimp on rosemary skewers and green bean salad.  Yummm.  We ended with ice cream and cookies, and it was just a fantastic day and evening.  I went back home and then met up with Mex for more pool, however, as I am a glutton for punishment.  (Really, I just want to win so bad that I keep playing until I'm ahead, which is sort of rare.)  Then home latish again, and a pretty bleary Sunday morning.  He left to get some work done so I indulged myself and laid around watching tv and movies in bed.  Have you seen the new Jamie Oliver show?  I know it's sort of overproduced or gimmicky, but I can't help it, I love him and the show made me cry and rage.  So it's good.  Finally I got up the energy to work on my freelance book proposal project, then headed to bed at a reasonable hour.  It was a great weekend but after cutting back on the drinking for awhile, I did go out and spend more than I should've.  I also smoked, but I'm back on the wagon, don't worry. 

I've been fighting hunger in the late afternoon with my current food plan, and Schmauren made a good suggestion to eat two lunches, sort of--i.e. to have a bigger snack in the afternoon, and I think I can swing it.  I bought some great soups at TJ's that I can keep at work, and there's four cups in each box, so I'll just have one cup each afternoon instead of yogurt.  And then maybe move the yogurt to dessert at night, since we do need those active cultures!  We'll see if this arrangement tides me over.

Food today:
B - Special K, coffee, milk - 4
L - turkey & swiss, apple - 5
2nd L - Butternut Squash soup - 2
D - chick meatloaf, salad with feta - 5.5
S - granola bar, yogurt - 3
Total - 19.5
Activity - walking to library and back to return books

Yeah, I just haven't been able to make myself hit the gym lately, since when it's nice I want to be outside, and when it's rainy I don't want to do anything.  I guess I may be motivated after walking to the library, but we'll see how it goes.

And it's time begin the countdown to Boston!  Whoo!  Maybe I will begin packing tonight -- I'm concerned about a) what to bring and b) how to pack lightly.  :)  Oh that reminds me, what do we think is a good hostess gift for Mex's dad?  He has a live-in girlfriend, and he likes to cook, he's a high school English teacher, and he has a house.  So rather than flowers (which seem more mom-appropriate), I was thinking of like a fancy vinegar or something cook-ish like that that would travel well.  Is that too weird?  I'm very open to suggestions!  Shoot, had I planned ahead, I could've asked one of my Harper friends for a copy of The Highly Selective Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate!  Wait, I may have one at that better?

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