Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Checking In.

How beautiful is it outside today, folks?  Or at least for those of us on the East Coast?  I mean, THIS is what I would love all summer to be like.  It feels like a Michigan summer day, where it's finally warm enough in the afternoon to bask in the sun at the lake.  Which is what I'll be doing in about three weeks.

I'm happy that it's more comfortable for my personal double-header of softball and kickball tonight -- or more realistically, softball and then the bar, since I doubt I'll make it back to Astoria in time for the actual kickball game.  Did I tell you our team name?  We're the Ballstorians.  Haaa.

Tomorrow I get to go with the law firm partners to see our new office space, where we'll be moving this winter.  I believe we're going to choose "finishes," and while I'm not sure entirely what that means, I'm thinking paneling and carpeting and stuff?  Hopefully they'll let me weigh in as the only female present...which CLEARLY means I have design sense.  I'm excited...and I hope they'll tell me where I'll sit, so I can fantasize about it (or dread it) for a long time.  I'll pick out hair band posters to put on the wall and everything.

So food today:
B - Special K with berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & cheddar sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
S - string cheese, strawberries, granola bar - 4 ish 
And probably beer...but Bud Light! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh world, I missed you.  BUT the good news is that a receptionist started on Monday, so now I'm saved from answering the phones and jumping up when the doorbell rings and I can focus on my new job solely.  I also managed to re-arrange the cubecastle so that any pedestrians walking past can no longer see my monitor.  I'm very proud of myself, and I think I pulled it off so it seems like I just made more space (and am not a creepy porn-at-work pervert or anything.)  The downside (or maybe still an upside) is that the young summer intern in the cube next to me gets to hear all my animal noises of frustration that I make without realizing it, because I am an 80-year-old man.  I think it's part of relationship-building, personally.  I do get to listen to his fratty apartment/roommate troubles by overhearing his phone conversations, too, so I think we're even.

What else is new?  Where was I last?  Oh right, the week after my brother's visit.  So I have an update on Montana... After my last post about the sporadic texting, he called me on Wednesday night, and we chatted a bit. He was out with friends and wanted me to come, but I was in for the night, so he asked me out for lunch on Thursday. He wanted to take me to this place in Union Square because they have a shrimp dish he loved, and he said we'd take a cab from my office so it doesn't take too long. And then he said he had a plan for Thursday night, and he'd tell me about it at lunch, but he made sure I was free. So then I went to sleep and he'd texted later to tell me to "Bring a change of clothes to work tomorrow and a bathing suit. Work clothes, though the suit is optional." WHHAAAA? This was fun and exciting and made the planner in me very nervous. But it was rather charming, and I didn't think he's going to murder me or he wouldn't tell me to bring work clothes, right?

So then we had a very nice lunch, and he kissed me hello and goodbye. His plan was to go to Connecticut right after work that night. His mom lives there and her condo has a pool, and he said we'd hang out with his friends and sleep either at his mom's or friends'.  And I'd take an early train back.  He said "It may not be a good plan because it's far..." and I said it sounded like an adventure and he also said something about how he knows I don't know him that well, but I said I liked the spontaneity.  I did say I couldn't stay up all night and he said "No, we'll go to bed at 10."

So we took the train to Stamford. It was so fun -- we hung out with his friends, an engaged couple, and we stayed at their apartment.  It ended up that I didn't meet his mom -- she is a teacher and there was graduation yesterday and then an "after party" so she wasn't at her place, and we just went straight to the pool anyway, where it was empty and surrounded by trees and condos and sat at a table and ordered sandwiches and played in the water and stuff, then back to the friends' apartment when the pool closed and watched tv/hung out there (with their neighbors, too), and then bed. Twin bed in the extra bedroom with no A/C but a fan. He made good use of some ice cubes, let me tell you.

I took a 9 am train back (they'd dropped me at the train station) because I'd previously cleared coming into work an hour late, so I had a bit more sleep time. We did not go to bed at 10, but maybe 1, then stayed up till 3 having fun (and he said that he should've made us go to bed earlier, too, but I agreed it's hard when people are having fun and drinking beer) and then I didn't sleep much until after the sun came up, then I dozed a bit. But his friends were really nice and hospitable and it sort of felt like being home in Ohio. And he's just adorable and very sweet and I may have had bite marks on my back.  So, you know, score.

He's just very mellow but attentive.  I like the combination of rough-around-the-edges dude and sweetness.  And bearded blue-eyes, you know.  We decided to talk on the phone while he's in MT and said we "like" each other, so we'll see what happens. Yeah, I'm also trying not to get ahead of myself, but I don't feel too crazy about it -- I'm in a good spot.  I think.  But I'd be in a better spot if he calls me soon.  He actually first asked me to call him, but I'd rather not be first, because I'm a girl and self-conscious.  Still, I'll give it till the weekend and then perhaps reach out.  WHAT DO WE THINK ABOUT THIS, readers?  I should be more optimistic probably, but I always have a Plan B.

WOW LONG STORY, sorry.  I don't know that much else is very newsworthy.  Schmauren moved to Boston on Saturday, so I'm in denial about that.  Wahhh.  Britch is also in Laos for six weeks, which means even less communication than when she was in London!  And also, I hope she doesn't get a communicable disease. 

That said, this past weekend was a nice quiet one after so much activity.  Friday night I crashed early to recover from Connecticut.  (That sounds weird -- has anyone had to recover from Connecticut ever before in history?)  Saturday I fed a friend's kitties and played with them for awhile, then got a fancy facial with a gift certificate I received for Christmas -- it was so relaxing and amazing.  Then home for Netflix and bed.  Sunday I did some cleaning and organizing at home and avoided going outside in the heat as much as possible, and that's it!  Last night was Harpie dinner, and it was as delicious as always (though low-carb this time), but my stomach still got very angry with me, and is still a little upset today.  I hate that it holds a grudge.

Tonight I should hit the gym if I can hold up my motivation (and if my stomach calms down), and tomorrow night I have a 5:30 softball game and a 6:30 kickball game, so I may only make it to the bar-end of kickball, but we'll see.  I hope the weather forecast is right and it's cooler tomorrow -- I may die if it's 90 degrees.  This upcoming weekend should be good and social again, so life is pretty grand.  I clearly heal from heartbreak via a rebound, so thank goodness that process is happening.  I haven't talked to Mex in two and a half weeks, and I've fully realized my anger and his selfishness, so I feel good about moving on and away from him entirely.  I mean, it icks me out to think otherwise.  Anyway, FINALLY I have some optimism back. 

Food isn't worth getting into today -- normal breakfast and then lunch salad is all I have.  Gross leftover Trader Joe's chicken sausage ravioli is waiting for dinner.  (Seriously, don't buy it.  It's mushy and bland.)  I will say that I weighed myself at some point over the weekend and I'm still pretty much in the same zone, so that's good news after the brother-visit-pig out.  I hope to be more regularly blogging again, too, so get ready for inane reports of my office managing days!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Schweddy Balls

The air conditioner is broken in our office today, and I.Am.Dying.  Or at least, getting stupider.  I can't seem to focus on anything and my eyes feel heavy and slow.  (Wait, am I just having a stroke?)

Anyway, happy new week!  How were our weekends?  Mine was great but also full of delicious, stomach-ache inducing foods.  My brother landed on Thursday evening and then I cooked our one relatively healthy meal of the weekend -- Trader Joe's pesto chicken and couscous with salads.  Friday we commuted together into Manhattan and got breakfast (he bought me my first bagel in a year), and then he walked around midtown while I worked, and we met for lunch (I guess I ate a salad then, so it's OK), and then I got to leave work early at 3 pm since our server crashed, so more touristy stuff up by Rockefeller Center and Fifth Ave.  I'd also somehow hurt my ankle/shin region from kickball (what?) so I had to keep sitting on benches like an old, but it was nice.  We went to the Lower East Side for dinner, and were going to hit the Meatball Shop until we discovered that they didn't have their air conditioning on...lame.  So we found a cute little Mexican spot on Allen called Mole (add a mental accent mark there) and had yummy tacos in the cool air.  Then home to relax and get to bed.

Saturday we were lazy and hung around at home.  I ate a healthy breakfast of strawberries, skim milk, and granola, and he bagel-ed it up.  Around 4 pm we met up with Schmauren and Co. for her going-away drink party at Crocodile Lounge.  Free pizza, lots of friends, and silly pictures were had by all.  And since we started so early, we also got home before midnight to the air conditioning and beds.  Sigh.  Sunday we headed out for a fantastic brunch at Sanford's, where I had Crab Cakes Benedict and he had a Steak Skillet.  Full and hot, we decided to see a movie and keep cool for the afternoon, so we checked out Get Him to the Greek.  It was better than I expected, and pretty funny!  There were a few too many raunchy jokes for my comfort while sitting next to the bro, but it was fine.  Then home to relax (and a nap for me), then we ordered Petey's Burger delivery for supper and watched 2012, which I realllllly liked!  I'd had low expectations of that, too, as it's an action movie and I didn't hear good things, but I found it really suspenseful and entertaining.  And then bedtime, and he left Monday morning to head back to Ohio.  All in all it was a good visit and I'm glad we weren't too touristy, as I was worn out from last week.  I was sad to see him go, but it's nice to have some alone down-time again this week.

So last night was supposed to be Schmauren's first attempt at open-mic stand-up comedy, but SO SADLY they cancelled the open mic.  I still am waiting to hear the routine, but we went and played some pool instead with friends (including Shmannon), so it was fine.  And I felt very well-behaved, as I only had two beers and then we left at 9 pm!  I mean, that's really the best way to go on a Monday night.  Tonight I have NO PLANS WHEEE so I want to do laundry as I have all these towels and bedding that are taking up hamper room and also catch up on my DVR, and then tomorrow night we're having one last Muncher Dinner, at least while we all live in the city.  The plan was to hit up the Boat Basin, but as the forecast is for 91 degrees, we may have to rethink an outdoor venue.  I'll miss my kickball game, but depending on when I head back to Astoria, I could say hi to my teammates at the local bar. 

There's been some sparse texting with Montana, and I can't tell if it's sparse because he's just not that into me or because he's a spacey boy.  I am trying to reign in my over-communicative nature as well as my over-analytical nature, and sometimes it's working. :)  I think in terms of actual contact, I haven't been too aggressive, but I do feel like I am because my brain is trying to manipulate the situation to see him again.  Anyway, the last thing was that he said couldn't come out last night as he was in Connecticut visiting his mom, but that he'd be back in the city late tonight or tomorrow.  So it's sort of up to him at this point to try to see me, but I guess I'll respond that I'm mostly around except for dinner tomorrow.  ALL I WANNA DO IS HAVE SOME FUN.  Why is this so difficult?  Why isn't his vacation entirely centered around seeing me??

Ok, today's food isn't worth talking about since I don't know what most of it will be, and I have a dentist appointment at 1 pm, sucky...but at least that office should be air conditioned, right? 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Once More Into the Breach

Oh dear, it's been over a week.  I apologize, little ones.  So busy!  So tired!  Let's see...last weekend I went out on Friday night with Schmauren and Lillie to Crocodile for free pizza and beer, then we headed over to support Lillie's girlfriend Erin's comedy night at Comixxxxx, the Comedy Club for Bedbugs.  It was strange but very entertaining.  (Sort of kidding about the bugs, but our hostess for the evening's routine included a bit about having them, which CREEPED ME OUT.)  Home late, then slept in on Saturday and lolled about until it was time to head to Brooklyn to see the Boston friends' band play again at Pete's Candy Store.  The Drummer was quite affectionate with me, hugging and scratching my back and arm-arounding and stuff, but yet, no kissing, except once on the cheek.  Granted, there wasn't really any private-time opportunity for that, but it was not quite what I was expecting, though it was lovely.  I felt sort of smooshy, you know?  It was a great time with Schmauren and Co., and after the set a smaller group of us went to Barcade, ate some strangers' birthday cake and played strange retro arcade games.  It was thrilling.  Then cab home for more lolling about (and tons of movies) on Sunday.

Monday night I was potentially going out with the Firefighter, but after texting me on Saturday to ask if we could decide at the last minute on Monday since he was "so busy," he never called on Monday.  So I'll stop trying to convince myself we'd have anything in common and let that one go.  Instead I ran errands and relaxed at home, as Tuesday night I had a softball game and then Wednesday night we had our first kickball game of the season, which was followed by pitchers of Bud Light and then flip cup ANDDDDD Stevie finally breaking her two-year Mex-only sex streak. 

Yeah, I said it.  I made a new friend at kickball, ok?  He used to live in this area but has lived in Montana the past four years, and was visiting his sister in Queens, though he's moving back here (to New York) at the end of summer.  I'd co-opted him to play on our kickball team since we were low on players, and then we talked a lot at the bar.  (I mean, he has a reddish brown beard and is from Montana.  What could I do?)  And then he got my number.  And then he said he wanted to kiss me.  And then I found out his middle name is Ashley, he is in a band, and he'll sing me silly songs in the middle of making out, and he also seems to kind of blurt out whatever he's thinking, which is endearing.  (Or he has Asperger's...)  Basically it was so hott, so sweet, so affectionate, so complimenty, and a complete 180 from what I'd experienced recently.  I'm really very happy with that decision, I have to say.  I had terribly cheesy happy songs in my head all day yesterday, and in theory (we'll see what happens) I'm supposed to see him again next week (since I can't bring him home with bro sleeping on the couch...)

I guess we can call him Ashley, for b-word purposes.  Or the Leprechaun?  Schmauren met him, too, so she can vouch for his attractiveness (I hope.)

Anyway, so I didn't sleep much on Wednesday night and then my brother arrived yesterday from Ohio for a visit.  I was exhausted so we had a mellow night -- I made dinner and then we took a walk in the 'hood and got some groceries and then bed time!  Today I've left him to wander midtown armed with a cell phone and a map, and we're meeting for lunch and then obviously after work.  I want to take him somewhere fun for dinner, and then we'll see where the night takes us.  (Can it take me to bed early again?  I still feel out of it.)

Work has been busy but good, though yesterday the server went down at 2:30 pm, so while I had time to write to you, I didn't have the resources.  My legs seem constantly sore -- my thighs from catching at softball (on Wednesday and Thursday) and my shins from kickball (yesterday and today) and my knee from scraping it while sliding at softball and I'm sure some of it's from some acrobatics with the Leprechaun.  So what, who cares?

Annnnd I ate Chipotle for lunch yesterday, and a cinammon rasin bagel with low-fat cream cheese for breakfast today.  It's going to be an eating weekend, so I'm not going to get into the food stuff, but I missed talking at you!

A Wise T-Rex

A more informative post to come soon, but this is amazing:

Borrowed from here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Push It Real Good

Good morning!  It's a Thursday, which is almost a Friday!  I'm very excited for the weekend, and we're almost there.  Last night I did not make it to the gym, as I ran lots of errands on my way home from work, including picking up the first week of our CSA veggie share, and then the grocery store and the pharmacy and whew, by the time I got home I was rain-wet and hungry.  Instead of gymming, I cleaned the veggies and made my dinner of mahi mahi and couscous and a salad, and then watched this week's episode of Hell's Kitchen on DVR.  That show is so loud and yell-y that it stresses me out a lot, but having watched a ton of Gordon Ramsey's shows from the BBC and falling in love with him because he's less mean in Britain, I still enjoy it a little.  Besides, there aren't a lot of choices for good TV right now!  Oh, and I called back the Firefighter (do we prefer the term Fireman or Firefighter?) and left a message, then he called me back a bit later and we chatted.  He's very nice, and he wants to get a drink next week (and save the bike ride for next time) as scheduling might be an issue for a day date.  After we hung up, I realized that I may not even have a free evening next week (who am I?) so I'll have to put it off till the following one.  Hmm, wonder if that'll be too long and if either of us will lose interest?  We'll see.  It's nice because I'm slightly intrigued but feeling pretty mellow about it all.  It's not like I'm going to become his Long Island Princess or anything.

R-Rated Paragraph:  Ahh, I had scary weird dreams last night!  I still take one OTC sleeping pill before bed, which usually means I sleep really hard and don't remember any dreams, but man oh man.  There was fainting, there were phone calls from the Embezzler, and there was a lot of Mex, being my boyfriend, sort of.  This is the weirdest part, though, and I'll try to not get too graphic.  We were fooling around, and I was going down on him, but then when he moved back from me, his instrument was wayyy long (like cartoony long) and I had left teeth marks on it.  So in my dream, I basically bit his dick.  Which I'm sure means lots of things.  Sorry, this post is not for children.  (And I looked up the dream interpretation for fainting, because it's the weirdest thing to be unconscious and then DREAM that you're losing consciousness, and this is what I found:  "To dream that you are fainting suggests your inability to confront some unconscious issue or feelings. You need to be more aware and acknowledge of those feelings."  But I feel like ALL I DO is acknowledge feelings!  Grr.)

Blackbeard update:  He was not wearing suspenders.  I added those in my head, apparently.  But he was wearing a blue striped dress shirt with a red tie and dark pants.  See?  Banker-ish.

Tonight I'm GOING TO DO MY BEST to go to the gym, since I have no other, errand-y plans.  Home, granola bar, gym, then back home for dinner.  Sweet sauce.  And my good little body, who is still dropping pounds, will be so excited at the actual elevated heart rate that she will behave even better, right?  I haven't been in about 3 weeks, I don't think, and while I've walked a lot and played sports, I haven't really pushed it.

So lewd food:
B - Honey Bunches with Strawberries, coffee, milk, string cheese - 5
L - turkey & low-fat havarti sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - Mahi Mahi, couscous, salad with feta - 8
S - granny bar, soup - 3
Total - 22
Activity - stationary bike
Weight as of this morning - 136 lbs!  The needle was hovering at the 136/137 mark, but I'm going to call it 136 because that is the least I've ever weighed as an adult, and it seems like I'm still losing, which is exciting.  I'm only slightly worried about what clothes I'll have left if I get smaller, but I'm sure the ones I have will still work pretty well, right?  Maybe I'll just need a new tight pair of jeans.  Or just jeggings.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stormy Weather

So it's yet another softball game day with another storm in the forecast!  This one sounds promising though...1 inch of rain?  And it's already cool and cloudy?  I could use a normal night tonight, one in which I stock up on some groceries, hit the gym, and get to bed early. 

Monday night I met Schmauren for drinks at Sweet Afton to discuss her impending (devastating) move to Boston in a few weeks.  I mean, I am very happy and excited for her, so it was good to hear about her plans and possibilities.  Then we were joined by her roomie Schmarie and friend Schmess (haaa).  And the very cute bartender named Matt (or "Tom" as Schmarie and Schmauren decided to call him) gave us whiskey shots with a pickle(juice) back, which was the weirdest thing I've ever put in my mouth, and that is saying something.  The place is a gastropub and feature local pickles on the menu, so the juice was really spicy and briny and strange, but hey, it took away the whiskey aftertaste, that's for sure.  There was some texting with the Drummer, which contained some very awkward flirting coached on by Schmauren.  (Sidenote:  I still think he was just being mean!)  Then we met some Astoria fireman (who are mostly all from Long Island) and mingled with the very guido-esque group.  I talked to one of them the most and gave him my phone number at the end of the evening -- he wants to take me bike riding!  How sweet and not fitting with my stereotype!  Of course, as he drove away, past us walking on the sidewalk, he called out the window "Goodnight Samantha!...I mean Stevie!" so that wasn't so great...but it was funny.  He called last night (during Glee, so no, I did not answer) and left a nice voicemail, so I think I'll call him back tonight.  I mean, while I'm not sure I could imagine going on a date with him, why not see what happens?  It's a new type for me...sorta.  It's my rebound type, I think.  Here's my new bumper sticker:  Feeling blue?  Try blue collar!

Yeah, I'm a snob, but you probably already knew that about me, so I'm not worried.

Anyway, I'm learning that I can meet men and socialize, so obviously the next step is meeting men I connect with, yes?  In time, my friends.  Last night I was pretty beat after staying out on Monday till midnight (not late normally, but on a MONDAY?) so I went home from work and Skyped with Britch for nearly 3 hours, which was amazing and much-needed, and then made supper and watched Glee with the roomie.  It was very restorative, except for the part where I made a mess of everything I touched.  As in, the fish I was baking somehow dripped on the bottom of the oven, despite my aggressive foil-lining of the pan, then the smoke set off the very sensitive detector, and I'd tried to shower while the fish was baking so I was naked, fresh out of the shower, fanning a dishtowel in front of the kitchen smoke detector to shut it up.  I couldn't pull over a chair to stand on to reach it and press the button since the dining room chairs are all blocked by the big AC on the floor, waiting to go into roomie's room.  Then I accidentally threw couscous around while trying to stir, then I spilled the garbage while trying to tie the bag, etc.  I was a mess and I don't know why...maybe it's hormones.  I finally quit and went to bed.

So today I was bad again and didn't pack a lunch, as I didn't have any lunchmeat.  (TWSS.)  I will probably buy some low-cal soup since I did a salad yesterday, but that doesn't make today's plan very interesting.  Dinner will be chimichurri mahi-mahi and couscous, though -- leftovers from yesterday that hopefully I don't dump on the floor.  And I need to weigh in again, though I'm a little uncertain this week.  I should try in the morning, though.  And that's the haps, folks.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to Whelmed and What I Ate

I think this was my longest break yet.  Ugh, this whole "having two jobs at the same firm" thing is seriously cutting into my internet time!  They need to fill the receptionist position but so far it doesn't seem as if we've made progress, but I am definitely enjoying learning the office management and book keeping stuff.  When I do very important things like cut a check, I feel so proud.  Next stop: ordering office supplies and soda, which I am way too excited about.

So...what should I catch you up on?  There isn't any major news, but lots of the same stuff.  Still flirting with a few boys though there hasn't been any kissing for awhile (though maybe that will change next weekend, when the drummer comes back to town?)  I met a too-nerdy guy on Saturday night while running the pool table at a gay bar on 14th Street who plays the tuba for the Metropolitan Opera, which is great, but he is possibly going to murder me so I am not sure I want to hang out.  Oh, and he's straight, but going through a divorce, 41, with two boys.  Yikes.  (He called me on Sunday and wants to play pool again, as friends, which I apparently made clear when he first asked me out, huh?  I was sort of mean.  But that apparently works.)  Got a text from the drummer last night which reads "This weekend.  Epic shenanigans."  I'm still e-mailing the inappropriate guy-with-a-girlfriend, but that's getting boring.  Still have a giant crush on Blackbeard, as I keep learning more fascinating things -- like that he bought the new Black Keys album on vinyl last week.  Sigh.  Also, today he's wearing like a real suit/tie/possibly suspenders, and it's adorable.  (Did I make up the suspenders?  I'll report back -- but he looks very Wall Street.) 

Annnnd that girl that Mex knocked up called me at work on Friday WHILE WAITING AT THE OBGYN'S OFFICE (I found this out later -- she just rambled some stuff to me, clearly trying to manipulate me since she sees me as a threat to what she wants) and then she found out she'd miscarried.  She's insane.  I spoke to Mex on Friday evening about it all, and how everytime I try to get out of this situation (or remove myself, in order to heal) I get pulled back in.  He apologized profusely for her behavior and we had a reasonable, firm but polite talk, and so I'm in as good a place as I can be with that situation.  I'm sad and lonesome, but I have a lot more closure on what happened.  (And as terrible as it might seem, I am a little relieved that the situation resolved itself in this way.)

I've been spending a lot of quality time with the Munchers and other friends lately, which is really helpful and lovely, and kickball season is starting this week, as well as our veggie CSA.  And my roommate, who's not been home much at all for the past few weeks, will be back to a more normal schedule, which I'm sure I will complain about soon, but for now I'm looking forward to not being alone as much.  It makes me do things I shouldn't do, or contact people I shouldn't!  I need to keep busy and make new friends, especially since my dear Astorian Schmauren is leaving me soon to move to Boston.  On the plus side, I now have a nice weekend getaway destination (i.e. her couch) but I will be so lonely in my neighborhood!  I plan to try and co-opt her local friends as my own, but still, it's a sad time for neighborhood homies.  It may push me into new social groups, however, which could be good for my love life, right?

Otherwise life goes on, and I'm looking forward to a full and fun summer.  I've planned a week's vacation home to see the family (and spend some time in Traverse City, MI!) in late July, which will be relaxing, and there are other upcoming activities to anticipate!  Like maybe making out this weekend!  (I hope I'm not jinxing myself here.)  I missed posting, though, and I promise I'll be better -- I think the big overwhelming learning period at work is slowing down.  Cross your fingers for me!

Oh, and foodwise I've been on track during my weeks and a bit worse on the weekends, though it seems to be working just fine for my weight.  Now I need to work on more muscle tone, and maybe another 5-10 pounds off, but that might be reaching for the stars.  I'm feeling pretty good about my body, which is a very welcome thing!

Food today:
B - string cheese, honey o's, coffee, milk - 5
L - turkey & cheese sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - tbd
S - beer with Schmauren to catch up on weekends, soup - 3+
Total - Not worrying about it.