Friday, June 18, 2010

Once More Into the Breach

Oh dear, it's been over a week.  I apologize, little ones.  So busy!  So tired!  Let's see...last weekend I went out on Friday night with Schmauren and Lillie to Crocodile for free pizza and beer, then we headed over to support Lillie's girlfriend Erin's comedy night at Comixxxxx, the Comedy Club for Bedbugs.  It was strange but very entertaining.  (Sort of kidding about the bugs, but our hostess for the evening's routine included a bit about having them, which CREEPED ME OUT.)  Home late, then slept in on Saturday and lolled about until it was time to head to Brooklyn to see the Boston friends' band play again at Pete's Candy Store.  The Drummer was quite affectionate with me, hugging and scratching my back and arm-arounding and stuff, but yet, no kissing, except once on the cheek.  Granted, there wasn't really any private-time opportunity for that, but it was not quite what I was expecting, though it was lovely.  I felt sort of smooshy, you know?  It was a great time with Schmauren and Co., and after the set a smaller group of us went to Barcade, ate some strangers' birthday cake and played strange retro arcade games.  It was thrilling.  Then cab home for more lolling about (and tons of movies) on Sunday.

Monday night I was potentially going out with the Firefighter, but after texting me on Saturday to ask if we could decide at the last minute on Monday since he was "so busy," he never called on Monday.  So I'll stop trying to convince myself we'd have anything in common and let that one go.  Instead I ran errands and relaxed at home, as Tuesday night I had a softball game and then Wednesday night we had our first kickball game of the season, which was followed by pitchers of Bud Light and then flip cup ANDDDDD Stevie finally breaking her two-year Mex-only sex streak. 

Yeah, I said it.  I made a new friend at kickball, ok?  He used to live in this area but has lived in Montana the past four years, and was visiting his sister in Queens, though he's moving back here (to New York) at the end of summer.  I'd co-opted him to play on our kickball team since we were low on players, and then we talked a lot at the bar.  (I mean, he has a reddish brown beard and is from Montana.  What could I do?)  And then he got my number.  And then he said he wanted to kiss me.  And then I found out his middle name is Ashley, he is in a band, and he'll sing me silly songs in the middle of making out, and he also seems to kind of blurt out whatever he's thinking, which is endearing.  (Or he has Asperger's...)  Basically it was so hott, so sweet, so affectionate, so complimenty, and a complete 180 from what I'd experienced recently.  I'm really very happy with that decision, I have to say.  I had terribly cheesy happy songs in my head all day yesterday, and in theory (we'll see what happens) I'm supposed to see him again next week (since I can't bring him home with bro sleeping on the couch...)

I guess we can call him Ashley, for b-word purposes.  Or the Leprechaun?  Schmauren met him, too, so she can vouch for his attractiveness (I hope.)

Anyway, so I didn't sleep much on Wednesday night and then my brother arrived yesterday from Ohio for a visit.  I was exhausted so we had a mellow night -- I made dinner and then we took a walk in the 'hood and got some groceries and then bed time!  Today I've left him to wander midtown armed with a cell phone and a map, and we're meeting for lunch and then obviously after work.  I want to take him somewhere fun for dinner, and then we'll see where the night takes us.  (Can it take me to bed early again?  I still feel out of it.)

Work has been busy but good, though yesterday the server went down at 2:30 pm, so while I had time to write to you, I didn't have the resources.  My legs seem constantly sore -- my thighs from catching at softball (on Wednesday and Thursday) and my shins from kickball (yesterday and today) and my knee from scraping it while sliding at softball and I'm sure some of it's from some acrobatics with the Leprechaun.  So what, who cares?

Annnnd I ate Chipotle for lunch yesterday, and a cinammon rasin bagel with low-fat cream cheese for breakfast today.  It's going to be an eating weekend, so I'm not going to get into the food stuff, but I missed talking at you!

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