Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Checking In.

How beautiful is it outside today, folks?  Or at least for those of us on the East Coast?  I mean, THIS is what I would love all summer to be like.  It feels like a Michigan summer day, where it's finally warm enough in the afternoon to bask in the sun at the lake.  Which is what I'll be doing in about three weeks.

I'm happy that it's more comfortable for my personal double-header of softball and kickball tonight -- or more realistically, softball and then the bar, since I doubt I'll make it back to Astoria in time for the actual kickball game.  Did I tell you our team name?  We're the Ballstorians.  Haaa.

Tomorrow I get to go with the law firm partners to see our new office space, where we'll be moving this winter.  I believe we're going to choose "finishes," and while I'm not sure entirely what that means, I'm thinking paneling and carpeting and stuff?  Hopefully they'll let me weigh in as the only female present...which CLEARLY means I have design sense.  I'm excited...and I hope they'll tell me where I'll sit, so I can fantasize about it (or dread it) for a long time.  I'll pick out hair band posters to put on the wall and everything.

So food today:
B - Special K with berries, milk, coffee - 4
L - turkey & cheddar sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
S - string cheese, strawberries, granola bar - 4 ish 
And probably beer...but Bud Light! :)

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