Thursday, June 10, 2010

Push It Real Good

Good morning!  It's a Thursday, which is almost a Friday!  I'm very excited for the weekend, and we're almost there.  Last night I did not make it to the gym, as I ran lots of errands on my way home from work, including picking up the first week of our CSA veggie share, and then the grocery store and the pharmacy and whew, by the time I got home I was rain-wet and hungry.  Instead of gymming, I cleaned the veggies and made my dinner of mahi mahi and couscous and a salad, and then watched this week's episode of Hell's Kitchen on DVR.  That show is so loud and yell-y that it stresses me out a lot, but having watched a ton of Gordon Ramsey's shows from the BBC and falling in love with him because he's less mean in Britain, I still enjoy it a little.  Besides, there aren't a lot of choices for good TV right now!  Oh, and I called back the Firefighter (do we prefer the term Fireman or Firefighter?) and left a message, then he called me back a bit later and we chatted.  He's very nice, and he wants to get a drink next week (and save the bike ride for next time) as scheduling might be an issue for a day date.  After we hung up, I realized that I may not even have a free evening next week (who am I?) so I'll have to put it off till the following one.  Hmm, wonder if that'll be too long and if either of us will lose interest?  We'll see.  It's nice because I'm slightly intrigued but feeling pretty mellow about it all.  It's not like I'm going to become his Long Island Princess or anything.

R-Rated Paragraph:  Ahh, I had scary weird dreams last night!  I still take one OTC sleeping pill before bed, which usually means I sleep really hard and don't remember any dreams, but man oh man.  There was fainting, there were phone calls from the Embezzler, and there was a lot of Mex, being my boyfriend, sort of.  This is the weirdest part, though, and I'll try to not get too graphic.  We were fooling around, and I was going down on him, but then when he moved back from me, his instrument was wayyy long (like cartoony long) and I had left teeth marks on it.  So in my dream, I basically bit his dick.  Which I'm sure means lots of things.  Sorry, this post is not for children.  (And I looked up the dream interpretation for fainting, because it's the weirdest thing to be unconscious and then DREAM that you're losing consciousness, and this is what I found:  "To dream that you are fainting suggests your inability to confront some unconscious issue or feelings. You need to be more aware and acknowledge of those feelings."  But I feel like ALL I DO is acknowledge feelings!  Grr.)

Blackbeard update:  He was not wearing suspenders.  I added those in my head, apparently.  But he was wearing a blue striped dress shirt with a red tie and dark pants.  See?  Banker-ish.

Tonight I'm GOING TO DO MY BEST to go to the gym, since I have no other, errand-y plans.  Home, granola bar, gym, then back home for dinner.  Sweet sauce.  And my good little body, who is still dropping pounds, will be so excited at the actual elevated heart rate that she will behave even better, right?  I haven't been in about 3 weeks, I don't think, and while I've walked a lot and played sports, I haven't really pushed it.

So lewd food:
B - Honey Bunches with Strawberries, coffee, milk, string cheese - 5
L - turkey & low-fat havarti sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - Mahi Mahi, couscous, salad with feta - 8
S - granny bar, soup - 3
Total - 22
Activity - stationary bike
Weight as of this morning - 136 lbs!  The needle was hovering at the 136/137 mark, but I'm going to call it 136 because that is the least I've ever weighed as an adult, and it seems like I'm still losing, which is exciting.  I'm only slightly worried about what clothes I'll have left if I get smaller, but I'm sure the ones I have will still work pretty well, right?  Maybe I'll just need a new tight pair of jeans.  Or just jeggings.

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