Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Schweddy Balls

The air conditioner is broken in our office today, and I.Am.Dying.  Or at least, getting stupider.  I can't seem to focus on anything and my eyes feel heavy and slow.  (Wait, am I just having a stroke?)

Anyway, happy new week!  How were our weekends?  Mine was great but also full of delicious, stomach-ache inducing foods.  My brother landed on Thursday evening and then I cooked our one relatively healthy meal of the weekend -- Trader Joe's pesto chicken and couscous with salads.  Friday we commuted together into Manhattan and got breakfast (he bought me my first bagel in a year), and then he walked around midtown while I worked, and we met for lunch (I guess I ate a salad then, so it's OK), and then I got to leave work early at 3 pm since our server crashed, so more touristy stuff up by Rockefeller Center and Fifth Ave.  I'd also somehow hurt my ankle/shin region from kickball (what?) so I had to keep sitting on benches like an old, but it was nice.  We went to the Lower East Side for dinner, and were going to hit the Meatball Shop until we discovered that they didn't have their air conditioning on...lame.  So we found a cute little Mexican spot on Allen called Mole (add a mental accent mark there) and had yummy tacos in the cool air.  Then home to relax and get to bed.

Saturday we were lazy and hung around at home.  I ate a healthy breakfast of strawberries, skim milk, and granola, and he bagel-ed it up.  Around 4 pm we met up with Schmauren and Co. for her going-away drink party at Crocodile Lounge.  Free pizza, lots of friends, and silly pictures were had by all.  And since we started so early, we also got home before midnight to the air conditioning and beds.  Sigh.  Sunday we headed out for a fantastic brunch at Sanford's, where I had Crab Cakes Benedict and he had a Steak Skillet.  Full and hot, we decided to see a movie and keep cool for the afternoon, so we checked out Get Him to the Greek.  It was better than I expected, and pretty funny!  There were a few too many raunchy jokes for my comfort while sitting next to the bro, but it was fine.  Then home to relax (and a nap for me), then we ordered Petey's Burger delivery for supper and watched 2012, which I realllllly liked!  I'd had low expectations of that, too, as it's an action movie and I didn't hear good things, but I found it really suspenseful and entertaining.  And then bedtime, and he left Monday morning to head back to Ohio.  All in all it was a good visit and I'm glad we weren't too touristy, as I was worn out from last week.  I was sad to see him go, but it's nice to have some alone down-time again this week.

So last night was supposed to be Schmauren's first attempt at open-mic stand-up comedy, but SO SADLY they cancelled the open mic.  I still am waiting to hear the routine, but we went and played some pool instead with friends (including Shmannon), so it was fine.  And I felt very well-behaved, as I only had two beers and then we left at 9 pm!  I mean, that's really the best way to go on a Monday night.  Tonight I have NO PLANS WHEEE so I want to do laundry as I have all these towels and bedding that are taking up hamper room and also catch up on my DVR, and then tomorrow night we're having one last Muncher Dinner, at least while we all live in the city.  The plan was to hit up the Boat Basin, but as the forecast is for 91 degrees, we may have to rethink an outdoor venue.  I'll miss my kickball game, but depending on when I head back to Astoria, I could say hi to my teammates at the local bar. 

There's been some sparse texting with Montana, and I can't tell if it's sparse because he's just not that into me or because he's a spacey boy.  I am trying to reign in my over-communicative nature as well as my over-analytical nature, and sometimes it's working. :)  I think in terms of actual contact, I haven't been too aggressive, but I do feel like I am because my brain is trying to manipulate the situation to see him again.  Anyway, the last thing was that he said couldn't come out last night as he was in Connecticut visiting his mom, but that he'd be back in the city late tonight or tomorrow.  So it's sort of up to him at this point to try to see me, but I guess I'll respond that I'm mostly around except for dinner tomorrow.  ALL I WANNA DO IS HAVE SOME FUN.  Why is this so difficult?  Why isn't his vacation entirely centered around seeing me??

Ok, today's food isn't worth talking about since I don't know what most of it will be, and I have a dentist appointment at 1 pm, sucky...but at least that office should be air conditioned, right? 

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