Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stormy Weather

So it's yet another softball game day with another storm in the forecast!  This one sounds promising though...1 inch of rain?  And it's already cool and cloudy?  I could use a normal night tonight, one in which I stock up on some groceries, hit the gym, and get to bed early. 

Monday night I met Schmauren for drinks at Sweet Afton to discuss her impending (devastating) move to Boston in a few weeks.  I mean, I am very happy and excited for her, so it was good to hear about her plans and possibilities.  Then we were joined by her roomie Schmarie and friend Schmess (haaa).  And the very cute bartender named Matt (or "Tom" as Schmarie and Schmauren decided to call him) gave us whiskey shots with a pickle(juice) back, which was the weirdest thing I've ever put in my mouth, and that is saying something.  The place is a gastropub and feature local pickles on the menu, so the juice was really spicy and briny and strange, but hey, it took away the whiskey aftertaste, that's for sure.  There was some texting with the Drummer, which contained some very awkward flirting coached on by Schmauren.  (Sidenote:  I still think he was just being mean!)  Then we met some Astoria fireman (who are mostly all from Long Island) and mingled with the very guido-esque group.  I talked to one of them the most and gave him my phone number at the end of the evening -- he wants to take me bike riding!  How sweet and not fitting with my stereotype!  Of course, as he drove away, past us walking on the sidewalk, he called out the window "Goodnight Samantha!...I mean Stevie!" so that wasn't so great...but it was funny.  He called last night (during Glee, so no, I did not answer) and left a nice voicemail, so I think I'll call him back tonight.  I mean, while I'm not sure I could imagine going on a date with him, why not see what happens?  It's a new type for me...sorta.  It's my rebound type, I think.  Here's my new bumper sticker:  Feeling blue?  Try blue collar!

Yeah, I'm a snob, but you probably already knew that about me, so I'm not worried.

Anyway, I'm learning that I can meet men and socialize, so obviously the next step is meeting men I connect with, yes?  In time, my friends.  Last night I was pretty beat after staying out on Monday till midnight (not late normally, but on a MONDAY?) so I went home from work and Skyped with Britch for nearly 3 hours, which was amazing and much-needed, and then made supper and watched Glee with the roomie.  It was very restorative, except for the part where I made a mess of everything I touched.  As in, the fish I was baking somehow dripped on the bottom of the oven, despite my aggressive foil-lining of the pan, then the smoke set off the very sensitive detector, and I'd tried to shower while the fish was baking so I was naked, fresh out of the shower, fanning a dishtowel in front of the kitchen smoke detector to shut it up.  I couldn't pull over a chair to stand on to reach it and press the button since the dining room chairs are all blocked by the big AC on the floor, waiting to go into roomie's room.  Then I accidentally threw couscous around while trying to stir, then I spilled the garbage while trying to tie the bag, etc.  I was a mess and I don't know why...maybe it's hormones.  I finally quit and went to bed.

So today I was bad again and didn't pack a lunch, as I didn't have any lunchmeat.  (TWSS.)  I will probably buy some low-cal soup since I did a salad yesterday, but that doesn't make today's plan very interesting.  Dinner will be chimichurri mahi-mahi and couscous, though -- leftovers from yesterday that hopefully I don't dump on the floor.  And I need to weigh in again, though I'm a little uncertain this week.  I should try in the morning, though.  And that's the haps, folks.

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  1. This post made me "LOL" a lot. Especially the part about me giving you flirting advice, hahaha. Oxy moron. I'd say I just read your text messages with rose-colored glasses. - Schmauren