Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to Whelmed and What I Ate

I think this was my longest break yet.  Ugh, this whole "having two jobs at the same firm" thing is seriously cutting into my internet time!  They need to fill the receptionist position but so far it doesn't seem as if we've made progress, but I am definitely enjoying learning the office management and book keeping stuff.  When I do very important things like cut a check, I feel so proud.  Next stop: ordering office supplies and soda, which I am way too excited about.

So...what should I catch you up on?  There isn't any major news, but lots of the same stuff.  Still flirting with a few boys though there hasn't been any kissing for awhile (though maybe that will change next weekend, when the drummer comes back to town?)  I met a too-nerdy guy on Saturday night while running the pool table at a gay bar on 14th Street who plays the tuba for the Metropolitan Opera, which is great, but he is possibly going to murder me so I am not sure I want to hang out.  Oh, and he's straight, but going through a divorce, 41, with two boys.  Yikes.  (He called me on Sunday and wants to play pool again, as friends, which I apparently made clear when he first asked me out, huh?  I was sort of mean.  But that apparently works.)  Got a text from the drummer last night which reads "This weekend.  Epic shenanigans."  I'm still e-mailing the inappropriate guy-with-a-girlfriend, but that's getting boring.  Still have a giant crush on Blackbeard, as I keep learning more fascinating things -- like that he bought the new Black Keys album on vinyl last week.  Sigh.  Also, today he's wearing like a real suit/tie/possibly suspenders, and it's adorable.  (Did I make up the suspenders?  I'll report back -- but he looks very Wall Street.) 

Annnnd that girl that Mex knocked up called me at work on Friday WHILE WAITING AT THE OBGYN'S OFFICE (I found this out later -- she just rambled some stuff to me, clearly trying to manipulate me since she sees me as a threat to what she wants) and then she found out she'd miscarried.  She's insane.  I spoke to Mex on Friday evening about it all, and how everytime I try to get out of this situation (or remove myself, in order to heal) I get pulled back in.  He apologized profusely for her behavior and we had a reasonable, firm but polite talk, and so I'm in as good a place as I can be with that situation.  I'm sad and lonesome, but I have a lot more closure on what happened.  (And as terrible as it might seem, I am a little relieved that the situation resolved itself in this way.)

I've been spending a lot of quality time with the Munchers and other friends lately, which is really helpful and lovely, and kickball season is starting this week, as well as our veggie CSA.  And my roommate, who's not been home much at all for the past few weeks, will be back to a more normal schedule, which I'm sure I will complain about soon, but for now I'm looking forward to not being alone as much.  It makes me do things I shouldn't do, or contact people I shouldn't!  I need to keep busy and make new friends, especially since my dear Astorian Schmauren is leaving me soon to move to Boston.  On the plus side, I now have a nice weekend getaway destination (i.e. her couch) but I will be so lonely in my neighborhood!  I plan to try and co-opt her local friends as my own, but still, it's a sad time for neighborhood homies.  It may push me into new social groups, however, which could be good for my love life, right?

Otherwise life goes on, and I'm looking forward to a full and fun summer.  I've planned a week's vacation home to see the family (and spend some time in Traverse City, MI!) in late July, which will be relaxing, and there are other upcoming activities to anticipate!  Like maybe making out this weekend!  (I hope I'm not jinxing myself here.)  I missed posting, though, and I promise I'll be better -- I think the big overwhelming learning period at work is slowing down.  Cross your fingers for me!

Oh, and foodwise I've been on track during my weeks and a bit worse on the weekends, though it seems to be working just fine for my weight.  Now I need to work on more muscle tone, and maybe another 5-10 pounds off, but that might be reaching for the stars.  I'm feeling pretty good about my body, which is a very welcome thing!

Food today:
B - string cheese, honey o's, coffee, milk - 5
L - turkey & cheese sammy, yogurt with strawberries - 6
D - tbd
S - beer with Schmauren to catch up on weekends, soup - 3+
Total - Not worrying about it.

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