Monday, March 8, 2010

60 Degrees and What I Ate

I know it's all any of us can talk about, but it's 61 degrees right now!  So uplifting, so sunshiney.  I walked through Bryant Park at lunch, and though it was packed with people, it was still lovely.  I even sat for awhile to watch the kids on the merry-go-round and pondered life.  I also discovered that there are two free ping pong tables for public use, and a new area called the "porch" with comfy outdoor chairs and even porch swings and a fire pit!  I want to go to there right now.

Oy, I'm sleepy this afternoon.  The Oscars went too long for my poor old-person body, but they were fun.  I won more picks than Mex, so I get a back rub at the time of my choosing.  We also made Pioneer Woman wings, in order to properly celebrate such a classy event. 

Prior to that, Friday night was a quiet one, home alone, which was a welcome thing.  I watched some DVR and cooked some dinners ahead (to freeze) and drank some wine and watched "The L Word," season 6, disk 1.  (Don't rest in peace, Jenny Schecter.)  Saturday I did some freelance work, then took a very nice 2-hour walk around Astoria, stopping in all major parks and exploring.  Then home for a quick change and met up with Mex in the afternoon to watch some basketball (boo) and play trivia (yay).  Oh, and have lunch.  That turned into a big neighborhood night out, with lots of pool and then a nightcap on the way home at the bar where we met.  It was really fun and romantic, even.  Then Sunday he had some work to do at home, so I started to watch Coco Before Chanel but then took a nap.  Then Oscars!

I hope that this week is going to be a recovery one after all the big meals last week.  I just feel a bit weighed down, so I'm looking forward to eating more home cooking and getting some exercise.  It's almost that time of year when I can walk home from work, but I don't think quite yet -- it may still get dark too early.  But I can't wait!

Last week I was recruited by my former softball team (from my former employers) to be their new pitcher on their new rogue team.  I agreed to try it, but I'm scared of being terrible.  It's so much pressure.  I even dreamt last night that I was at a game (with my college friends?) and had forgotten my glove and it was a major crisis.

My boots arrived today, too -- those purple ones.  I'm 80% sure I like them, but I have to bring them home and really check out the mirror.  They may be too snug on the calves for tucking in pants, but they seem to be able to be slouched or not, so maybe I'll just slouch them more with pants and it'll work out.  Anyway, exciting!

Food for today.
B - Honey Bunches, coffee, skim - 4
L - Smart Ones Roasted Turkey & Mashed Potatoes, apple - 5
D - Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup* with reduced-fat sour cream and cheese, salad with feta - 8
S - yogurt, granola bar - 3
Total - 20
Activity - bike
*Schmauren passed on this recipe and I made it on Friday night, but haven't tasted it yet.  It smells quite spicy but I'll cool it off with the sour cream, and will report back.  I mean, who doesn't love pumpkin in EVERYTHING?

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