Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catch-up, Ketchup, and What I Ate

First of all, today I am wearing the boots and I do love them so.  They've very comfortable and while I'm a little concerned that they give the appearance of elephant cankles, the benefits outweigh the risks.  Oh, and since they're suede, I'm convinced I'll ruin them soon, but we may as well enjoy them now, right?  They're kind of a dusty purple/rose color (hello, Stevie Nicks), and I paired them with a gray sheath dress with a high-waist belt and a little black short-sleeved, shortie cardigan, and I feel cute.  Tonight I'm having drinks with a former boss (the former publisher of William Morrow cookbooks) and her other old assistant, and I feel the need to appear like I'm "doing well."  You know how that goes.  We're meeting here to catch up after a year of not seeing each other, and I'm sure it will be fine, but I'd rather be walking home again!  Though I guess my trunks could use a break from biking or walking...  and then tomorrow, which is apparently the last nice day before the rainy weekend, I can walk home again. 

I've almost finished reading Snow Falling on Cedars, which I'm hesitantly enjoying.  It's very transporting and very well-written, though very melancholy and I'm having some moral conflicts with some of the characters, but it's a good read.  And it's very wintery--which made sense last week when I started it, but now not so much.  Still, I only have a couple of chapters left, which is why I left it at home this morning and started my new book club book.  (I didn't want to finish during the day and then be stuck without anything to read on my subway ride home.)  Moonflower Vine was my very own pick, and granted, it may have been my third choice, but so far I'm very much enjoying it.  I've only read probably 30 pages so far, but it's so evocative of a warm summer on a laid-back farm, and it makes me feel lazy and vacation-y.  It also reminds me of visiting farms when I was younger in Ohio, and there's just a certain peacefulness that is really coming through in the prose.  So far, so good...and I was nervous, since I picked it. 

OH that reminds me, I should report back on the World's Best Meatloaf or whatever it's called.  It really is amazing!  Granted, it looks quite unappetizing, sort of like cat vomit (sorry), but it's tasty.  Other than chicken and seasoning, there's chopped onion, celery and apple in there, and it makes it very moist and sweetly delicious, which is a nice contrast with the Dijon mustard baked on top.  It even survived freezing and then microwaving to eat last night, so it's a keeper.  I dipped some in ketchup, though it doesn't even need further condimenting.  I'm very pleased with both of the recipes I tried this time, and want to serve them to company, or just Mex.  He's a good guinea pig.

Last night my Dad's old friend, Chico, who is the color commentator for the New Jersey Devils, called me at 10 pm to offer me tickets to tonight's Devils/Rangers game in NJ.  It would've been great, but I had plans that had already been rescheduled once, plus Mex was going to be watching some Big East basketball at MSG, plus I'm not great at last-minute plans when it involves a lot of maneuvering and finding a plus one, etc.  So with all those odds stacked up, I politely declined this time, but he's very generous and said if we don't care about seeing the Rangers (and this season, we don't so much), we should just pick a fun weekend game and he'd have no problem finding us tickets.  I think that'll be the plan now, and I'm excited!  It's nice to have Dad's hookups.

Well, onto the food, and speaking of, I hope it's almost snack time:
B - Honey B's, coffee, milk - 4
L - Turkey BLTC, apple - 5ish
D - Sassy Pumpkin Soup, reduced-fat sour cream, salad with feta - 7
S - yogurt, granny bar - 3
Total - 19
Extras - wine, maybe 2 glasses - 4?
Activity - brief walking to Madison Square Park area

This week is just crawling along, so sorry for the lack of excitement here.  You probably wish I were still making out with random boys, don't you?

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