Thursday, May 13, 2010

Early Bird and What I Ate

I'm quite proud of myself for posting this BEFORE LUNCH.  Thankfully work is quiet today (I just jinxed myself) so I can catch up on corresponding, blogging, and some freelance proposal editing project.  And it's sunny outside, finally!  Today is much brighter in all senses of the word. 

Can someone explain to me how playing softball makes my thighs sore, especially the inner thighs?  I must be doing deep lunges when I run the bases or something.  I'm not exactly complaining, because in my mind, slightly sore = good muscle working, but I just don't understand which movements are causing it. 

Last night I met up with Shmammi for an early dinner at a cute Turkish place on 57th, and we got nice and caught up.  Then I was home by 7 to watch Glee on DVR, then some Top Model while I packed for the weekend trip (more on that below).  I have to say, once I learned who the final two contestants were, I stopped caring.  I didn't really like any of them this season.  Then I met Mex at Dunkin Donuts to exchange a book I read about coping with all this (called After the Affair, so serious and self-helpy) that he wants to read with movies he'd borrowed from me.  He also had a thank-you note from his sister to me for the gift I gave their baby.  (Ohh, reading about how the baby sleeps with the stuffed bunny every night just killed me.)  We talked for awhile, and it was very sad, but also somehow therapeutic for me.  Yes, shake your head at me if you'd like, but he said some things that I'd been wanting to hear, sort of some acknowledgement of what this has done to me. The focus has been on the baby scare for so long and he's not a great communicator of feelings, but he was better last night.  It's important to me that he knows what he messed up.  That might be wrong or sad, but that's what it is.  Anyway, it's not like I'm going to see him often if at all, but today I feel like it was a beneficial step.

Enough of that.  Tonight I'm happily heading to Schmillie's for a Muncher gathering, and she's going to feed us very well from the sound of things, with roast chicken, risotto, veggies, etc.  It'll be great to get us all together again -- I think for the first time since Meatballin'.  Then tomorrow after work I'm taking the Hampton Jitney (like they do on the Real Housewives!) to Montauk, NY, on the tip of Long Island.  I wanted to take myself away on a trip to clear my head, and this is where I landed.  I'll sit on the beach, hike, read, explore, etc., and hopefully get to a better place mentally.  Lately I feel like while I'm making some improvements, I'm stuck in a mental loop, going back to the same terrible thoughts.  I need some forward momentum, so that's the plan.  And some spoiling myself time, too.  I was going to stay at a cute little inn, but they were all booked, so I splurged on this place.  I'm staying at the "Beach," the outlying building that's nearer to the, ahem, beach, but I'll have access to the main resort and the pool and hammocks and stuff.  It's supposed to be sunny and in the 60s each day, so I'm not sure how much swimming I'll get in, but that may be warm enough for a heated pool.  What do you think?

So that's the weekend plan, and I am very excited.  Maybe I'll meet a surfer and stay out there and open a fish shack.  That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Food stuff:
B - honey o's, coffee, cereal - 4
L - half of a doner kebab gyro - ?
D - Munching - ?
S - soup, string cheese - 2
Total - Plenty and some extra.

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