Friday, August 6, 2010

A Skinny, Slippery Slope

How many of you have heard me decry skinny jeans?  Not necessarily on other people, but I've firmly believed that I'd never wear them, as they're rarely flattering for any sort of normal body type, and also perhaps a bit too trendy for me. 

Well, guess what I did.  I bought jeggings while I was home, and I got a steal from NY&Co., since Schmekah had a coupon and they were buy one get one 75% we both bought jeans and paid $16 apiece for $50 pairs.  Anyway...I was convinced they'd be comfy (as I've heard great reviews), and be the perfect thing to tuck into tall boots come fall, as in the past I've tried that with regular boot-cut jeans and ended up with strange, uncomfortable bulges (twss.) 

So that's what I bought.  And then I immediately loved how comfy they were, and how dark and flattering (I think?  My mom said they were!), so I wore them right away with sandals.  Gaaa, how quickly I lost my principles!  But they're amazing!  I'm even wearing them to work today with heels and a belted blouse.  I think it's appreciated, but if any of you see me in real life, please PLEASE tell me if I now am one of the unflattered masses, duped by the skinny jean craze.  I promise it's OK...I'll still wear them with boots, no matter what.

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  1. We need a picture of you wearing them! I bought a pair of skinny jeans for boot wearing last winter and then ended up returning them because they just didn't fit right. I never thought I'd buy a pair either, but I did (even if I did return them...) Maybe after all this baby weight comes off, I might be open to the idea again.