Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From 6 Boys to 5 Napkins

What a lovely two days of FALL PREVIEW weather!  Yes, I know it's raining, but it's in the sixties.  There is a cool breeze.  There are sweats to wear.  It's delightful.  And today is extra delightful because I got a kiss and a hug before I left for work.  I walked out of my front door at the same time as my downstairs hot chef neighbor, and we said hello, and crossed paths on the sidewalk in front of our house.  (He has a separate entrance for the basement apartment.)  As I walked by, I said "Have a good day!" and he sort of grabbed me for a hug and cheek kiss, and I made a surprised noise and he laughed.  It was cute and impulsive, and made me smile all the way to work!  Besides, he's hot.  Though there is some speculation from the more manly Italian neighbors that he's gay.  It didn't help that he came home late Friday night with a dude, but they could've just been having a man sleepover!  And I don't really care either way...just kiss me with that stubbly cheek, dude.  And cook me some mussels.

Anyway, let's talk about what I've been up to.  Friday I was so tired after all of Thursday's excitement that I went home with a nap in mind.  My neighbor on the other side, a young married dude, was out on their stoop with his neighborhood friends (as they all grew up in Astoria) drinking beer and tequila.  I've met most of them before, and we all said hi when I got home from work.  Married Neighbor (MN) offered me a beer, but I passed, saying I had drank all day the day before.  So I tried to nap and failed for like 90 minutes, then watched The Invention of Lying, and anytime I'd go out for a smoke, MN would ask me to come over.  (He's very nice, by the way, and I like him and his friends.  I've gone to a 4th of July party there before.  I was just in pj's and not feeling social.)  Finally I caved and ran in to put on a bra under my sleepshirt/dress thing, and then sat down with them and started in on the Bud Lights.  I was out there till 4:30, my friends.  They were all really nice, though MN became Drunk MN and began telling me how I'm hot, and he'd massage my shoulders/leg, put his hat on me, play with my hair, etc., but I was treating him a bit like a pesky child and just trying to brush it off, as he was so wasted he could barely speak.  One of the other boys, Sleeve, used to live in my first Astoria apartment, in the basement unit.  His mom owned the building and was my landlord, so I've known him forever, though we never really spoke too much.  Anyway, he and I talked a lot, and he wants me to play on his fall softball team, and he wants to cook me dinner, and we were making all of these sorts of plans that people do.  He got my number, and more on this shortly.  All in all, it was such a good time.  I was in pj's, without makeup, hanging out with six dudes (half were married), most of whom complimented me at some point.  I was told I was hot and I met a boy.  I mean, that's a pretty good night, right?

So after everyone leaves at about 4:30, Sleeve and I were texting and he was saying he wished he would've kissed me, and I was so cute, etc.  Being drunk, I said well, maybe you should come back here and kiss me now.  Then he calls, and he's all like "Oh my god, I want to kiss you for hours, but if I come over there we won't just kiss, and I want to do this the right way.  I like you, I want to take you out.  Let's hang out tomorrow afternoon around 3 or 4, ok?" etc.  He's also more graphic but I will spare you.  A word about Sleeve:  He's a big Italian American dude, he boxes, he plays a lot of sports, he's loud and full of swagger around his guy friends, he makes gross jokes, and it half turns me off and half turns me on.  I'm also only medium attracted to him, but we'll see -- I like his body, because he's tall and strong, but I have to see the face again I think.  Basically he's not the type I'm used to, but I'm willing to see what happens.  It's nice, though, because I'm not very wrapped up in it, just curious.  So it's not getting to me yet.

So SATURDAY.  I sleep until about 10, which was not long enough but hungover me can no longer sleep in.  I meet Schmess for brunch at Vesta, which was delish, then head back home to bed.  I think I have plans with Sleeve, but I don't set an alarm.  I'm awakened at 4:30 pm by a text from him, saying he'd slept that whole time, he was exhausted.  We just text chatted for a little while, with no mention of hanging out.  Finally later, I was getting ready to head to Schmillie's BIRTHDAY PARTY, and I sent him one to say I was leaving soon, and ask if he was coming with me.  (This had been discussed previously.)  No immediate response, so I happily set off to Brooklyn.  He texted while I was en route to say he was at his Mom's (I knew he was possibly going to go see her, as she lives in NJ now), and maybe we could meet up later.  Meh.

So Schmillie's party was at The Richardson in Williamsburg.  It was so great!  I was the first to arrive, which gave me time to fully check out the surroundings, and I really liked the bar.  They had very fun old-fashioned cocktails and a very tempting food menu, and it was very speakeasy-ish in decor.  Then everyone arrives, and Schmillie can tell you more about it here, but she looked lovely and sexy and it was good to see her friends who I now consider my own, as well as hang out with Schmannon and Schmerin.  Then I was fading fast at midnight, so shared a cab back to Astoria with Schmannon and went right to bed. 

Sunday I woke up at a reasonable hour, had some coffee, and got inspired by the rainy weather and lack of internet at home to take myself to the movies!  First, I called my Grandma to wish her a happy birthday a week late.  I'm terrible.  My mom had reminded me to call, but then I forgot, then when I'd remember it'd be at like 11 pm or while I was out drinking, which are not good times to call your 84-year-old grandmother.  Then I texted Sleeve to say that I'd gone home right after the party, as I was so tired, and asked about his visit with his mom.  Anyway, then Eat Pray Love!  I really liked it.  I had read the book, so I knew what to expect, and I always love Julia Roberts.  She just makes me happy.  I realize the movie doesn't solve life's problems and is another sort of consumer-driven religious grab bag (yes, I read you, critics), but basically it's a nice story with beautiful scenery, and I did really relate to some points the main character makes.  The idea of pouring so much of your love into your significant other that you lose yourself, or that you have nothing left when it ends, and things like that.  Things about holding something back for yourself.  Things about Javier Bardem.  The movie spoke to me a bit, and it was very good timing.  Then, because I love myself so much, I took myself out for linner at 5 Napkin Burger, as they just opened a location by the Astoria movie theater.  OH MY GOD.  Go.  I got the Original burger with Tuscan fries, and sat at the bar, and contemplated my good fortune.  I also took half home for later.  Then a quick stop at the grocery store, before heading home to watch Disk 1 of The Brothers Donnelly, because I like the man candy. 

All in all, a wonderful weekend.  I alternately felt flattered by men, loved by friends, and treasured by myself.  (Sorry, gag.)  But I'm having a lot more good days and feel like I'm really excited about where I am and where I'm going in life, and I haven't had that for awhile.  So anyway, thanks for letting me vent all that mushy stuff.

Last night I Skyped with Britch, which was lovely.  Hopefully we'll get back to doing it frequently enough so that we don't have to talk for three hours to just catch up.  I ate plums and peaches from our CSA, which are just divine, and I sat around in sweats and loved the temperature.  Oh, and then Sleeve finally texts me (after no response on Sunday) and says "What's up babe??"  Right.  I text back a little later and say what is up, which is Catching up on tv, eating plums, and wishing I were at a bonfire.  And ask what is up with him.  Basically.  Then no response again.  So he seriously just sent me a What's up babe text with no follow-up.  Man, I don't get this guy's approach.  I feel like he could've been so money after that "I want to do this right and take you on a date thing" and now he's screwing it up.  I mean, that was sort of a golden ticket for the actual date.  Oh well, I feel a sort of detached bemusement, so we'll see what happens. 

I'm working on blurring out the faces of a picture of Smee and I from the golf outing...so look for that soon!  I mean, I guess it's pointless if you can't see our faces, but whatever.  Happy Tuesday!  And don't worry all you cold-weather haters, summer will be back at the end of the week.

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