Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm doing my best to be energetic enough to write you the recap you so rightfully deserve, but man, I AM TIRED today, friends.  It doesn't help that there are only about four people in my office right now, and we're the young ones.  I'm blasting Pandora on my speakers, which makes it feel a bit like a party, though.  (Just up: Bruce and Van Morrison.  So it's a mellow party.)

Yesterday was great!  I'll tell you right off the bat that there wasn't anything as clear as a make-out session with Smee, but that would have been difficult while surrounded by colleagues.  I arrived with Queens-female-lawyer friend, and come to find out that Smee and I are wearing matching outfits.  (It's not really fair, as he knew what I was wearing ahead of time and he said he was wearing WHITE.  Instead we were navy/khaki twins.)  It was all bashful smiles, as usual.  After some warming up on the driving range/putting area (I tried too!), we all headed in for lunch and he was across from me, the better to gaze into my eyes.  (Don't think I'm not aware of how he positions himself to sit near me or across from me at all times, even when the table is 6-seats long.)  Anyway, everyone was in jolly spirits, even those arriving late after being stuck in traffic, and we started the drinking with our sandwiches and salads.  Then it was tee-time for my group, and off we went!  I was going to ride in Smee's cart per the boss' decision, but as the girl would need to use the nearer tees, it was decided the boys would ride together and so would the girls.  I think it worked out better that way, as I could be silly and have fun and he could miss me sometimes. 

So it really was great, driving the golf cart, cheering them on, taking the turns too quickly, and drinking beers.  For those of you who know me, I'll post some pictures next week -- Smee took mine from my memory card today and is going to put them on a CD with his, so they'll all be together.  Which is good since I wasn't really in any of my pictures, but he took a lot of me, so it worked out.  (Me looking off into the distance unaware, me making silly faces, me leaning in to kiss the female lawyer's face, me awkwardly waving, etc.)

We stopped for bathroom breaks and to re-stock on beer after the 9th hole, and then off to the course again.  I will say that it's nice how long a golf game lasts, so you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery and the mansions around the country club and every once in awhile, a gentle breeze in the shade.  It was also good that one of the main firm partners was in our foursome, so we had good bonding time.  He kept encouraging me to try hitting, and I would try, but good lord, I was bad.  You know how I prefer not to participate in activities if I'm not good at them!  So I'd try, but decided my calling was of the driving/cracking jokes/swilling beer variety.  He's telling me that next year will be my year, however.

After we got back to the clubhouse and posed for some pictures, it was time to shower and get pretty, and it felt AMAZING after being in the hot sun all day.  Plus the club had very nice amenities.  Our female paralegal was very drunk, we'd discover, as she began talking to herself in the shower and throwing things.  Amazing.  I got all pretty, even blow-drying my hair, and emerged back upstairs in the bar to meet the approving eyes of my male co-workers.  I felt like a lady, and that's always fun after being rough & tumble all day.  (Luckily, I never actually tumbled.  There was one close call where I almost tossed MYSELF out of the golf cart while driving, though.)  Once everyone had assembled, we moved into the dining room, where Smee sat to my right (at one of the heads of the table) and we made conversation with others but mostly sort of whispered to ourselves.  I couldn't help it, I was about 9 beers deep at this point.  (Though female co-worker told me I didn't seem drunk, which is FANTASTIC.  I can hold it pretty well, I think -- I just get silly.  And I stuck with beer, which helped.)  Dinner was amazing -- a salad buffet, then a meat/potato buffet with beer tenderloin, pork, lobster, fingerling potatoes, sweet potato fries, baked beans, etc., and then a dessert buffet with pie, cake and ICE CREAMS.  I actually managed not to overstuff myself too badly, but it was all so delicious. 

Then it was time to leave (at about 8:30 pm.)  We all wandered slowly towards the exit, and someone had to go back to find the drunk paralegal, and then the boys from Manhattan got into their car service, but not before Smee took my arm to pull me back from a car that was pulling up nearby.  (I'm sure I was in mortal danger.)  We stayed touching for a bit, and we talked about whether they were going out in the city, but I wouldn't fit in their car, and he said it'd be a long way for me to travel in from Astoria (wistfully, I like to think), but I shrugged and said, Well, text me, and got in with female lawyer to head back.  He did text within five minutes to say that everyone was pooping out, so they weren't going out, and I said it was probably best, but another time?  He said definitely.  We texted a little more once home, and said goodnight.

It's very strange because I totally have that "it's on" feeling, like when you meet a guy at a bar and you know it's on, right?  But it's staying in this "it's on" area, though that's probably still a good thing.  It's just strange, and also we have flirtier and then less flirty moments, which I guess is natural for co-workers.  Do those of you who have co-worker romances know what I mean?  Is this normal?  Today he brought his iPad to show me his pictures, and there were really a lot of me, and I remember him taking them and feeling so in the spotlight, in a good way.  It's nice.  Oh, and there's a good one of the two of us, too... lots of arm-arounding.

Sigh.  Wow, this post is totally more boy crazy than usual.  But yesterday was great in general, and I had lots of good girl bonding time with the female lawyer, too, which I appreciated.  I really like her.  She's sort of subdued and sarcastic and tomboyish, though she looks like a model, and I like the contrast.  And the downside to all this crushing on Smee is that at one point he loudly declared that he was raised Roman Catholic but is now an Atheist.  Man, that was a Debbie Downer.  I've mostly become OK with Agnostics, but full-on Atheist might be a struggle.  It just seems unneccessarily stubborn.  But that's getting ahead of myself. 

OH ONE MORE THING.  I had to upgrade Smee's BlackBerry this week, and he got a new one on Tuesday but it was going to be replaced because one of the buttons was messed up, and it came today and I set it up and he immediately BBM requested me again.  Aww.  AND ONE MORE he was talking about the Summer Streets thing this weekend, where they're closing Park Avenue to cars and it's all pedestrian, and how he'd like to go, and it was said in a way that someone would if they were about to invite you, but it didn't get there.  Hmm.

Anyway, tonight is going to be low-key, and I think I have a date with Netflix.  I am going to have a hard time with no home internet this weekend, though...that means no Veronica Mars.  Tomorrow I have brunch plans with Schmess, and then it's Schmillie's birthday party at night!  Happy 30, lady!  Sunday will be recovery/laziness, I think.  I won't be able to blog due to no internet, but I'll be back next week.  I've really gotten better again, huh?

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  1. Beer tenderloin sounds so great :) Also, Ithink it is totally normal that there would be flirty times and non-flirty times. I don't have a work crush, but I had a school crush and we had flirty times but a lot of times where we were working on stuff and you can't always be flirty... be solid on the non-flirty times it means you have more stuff to talk about than just random stuff (at least that is what I have decided)