Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Manic Panic

I feel unreasonably excited about this firm golf outing tomorrow--as in, someone should lower her expectations, I think.  Here are the reasons I'm excited:
  • I get to sleep in.
  • I love day trips, especially up in the Westchester area.
  • I love drinking iced coffee while riding in someone's car and being the navigator.
  • I get to live the high life at a country club.
  • I get to drive a golf cart.
  • I get to keep the golf score and possibly accept creative bribes.
  • I get to day drink.  Beer.
  • I get to drink while driving a golf cart that contains the suits all getting silly.
  • I get to dress up in a costume -- as a country club golfer.
  • Along those lines, my one boss (who's in my golf foursome) today asked what color outfit I was wearing tomorrow, then promised me a visor.  He visited his brother's office at lunch, and brought me back a navy one with a merchant ship on the front.  (It's the bro's company logo, but very understated.)  I am calling it a pirate ship.  I have a visor with a pirate ship on it.

  • I have a crush on at least one of the boys going.
  • This boy named Smee probably/maybe has a crush on me.
  • And his new golf bag has an insulated pocket for storing more beer.  
  • And today I let him borrow my freezer pack cooler thingies so I feel involved.  It's our pocket now.
  • I get to spend the entire day with my favorite work friends, plus then have a BBQ dinner while wearing my best sexy blue wrap dress and metallic goldish heels, and then most likely go out on the town back in Manhattan with said favorite work friends.
  • Along those lines, that means I get to do an outfit/hair change in the middle of this maximum-time-with-crush day.  
  • And I am wearing the visor right now.
Soooo obviously it can't be as epic as I think, yes?  I need to chill out, but when your boss interrupts your meeting with the accountant today to say, "Sorry, but I have an important question." [Looks at me...]  "Is Heineken Light OK?"  It means things are gonna start getting real.  (Oh dear...when you spell Heineken correct on your first attempt, it might mean you have a problem.)

My internet at home was out last night, which drove me crazy as I had a Skype date with Britch!  I managed to download Skype to my BlackBerry and we talked for awhile that way, though I'm a little worried about data usage [this is when your eyes glaze over...]  Anyway, it's being spotty tonight so I'm hoping I can post this when I'm done.  Stupid Time Warner needs to die a thousand fiery deaths.

Not much else is going on's looking like the potential movie night in the Sculpture Garden will get rained out, which is OK as Schmess had to cancel anyway, and I'm trying to be quiet so my upstairs SWF neighbor won't know I'm home and avoiding her invite to come up for a potluck/movie night with her friends.  She's getting weirder, people...I feel mean, but not so mean that I'm willing to be her instant best friend.

So here's hoping that I won't end up shedding any clothes while drunk driving a golf cart tomorrow (like we did in high school, RIGHT BRITCH?)  If I do end up streaking, I promise you I'll keep the visor on.  I will report back, but please lower your expectations on my behalf.  Thanks.


  1. First of all... LOVE the new background and design:)

    Second of all...Loved this post! I can't wait to hear all about your golf day! Hey...that's how I started dating my work outings. Everyone is laid back and having a good time and sometimes things just happen:) Have fun!!!

  2. I hope so much that you stripped while drunk driving the golf cart!!!! I mean it would have been civilized as you would have been wearing a visor...