Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello darlings.  I am posting this late, because despite not having fun internet time at work, I'm going to do my best not to abandon you again.  For so long, at least.

Well, it was a great weekend and it left me worn out today at work for no clear reason, but hey, sometimes you need to rest after having lots of fun, right?  Friday night I came home to try to nap (failed) and shower before heading with the freshly arrived Schmauren to Sweet Afton.  We nabbed a table, ordered some delicious food and beers, welcomed more friends, and also began the shots pretty early.  They were a reward for us when the computer messed up our beer order, leaving us waiting for awhile, so hello again, Pickleback.  And then Lemon Drop.  And then some other ones that I don't even remember what they were.  At around midnight, the remaining few of us headed over to Cavo, this Greek daytime restaurant, nighttime club in Astoria.  I used to live across the street from it, but never went in, so I'd always wanted to see what the fuss was about.  I'll tell you -- aggressive Greek men.  But it was fun to dance for a bit, with the girls and then with the circling vultures, then I hit my wall and walked home, managing to slice my feet with my sandals in the process.  Oh, my tender feet.  (Isn't tenderfoot some sort of insult?  Oh, yes.)  OH and I wore the jeggings and two separate people said I looked hopefully they're a go.

Saturday was up for a lovely outdoor brunch with Schmauren and Schmate.  Granted, I was feeling a bit pukey and only ate half my Crab Cake Hollandaise, but it was still a very leisurely and relaxing weekend treat.  I felt better after getting some food in my tummy, then since Schmauren was nice enough to drive us into Manhattan, we drove back and hit up our favorite Astoria discount clothing store, where I nabbed some NY&Co. belts for $2.00 each.  Score.  Then home for some AC and Bravo TV time in bed with Schmauren before she had to head out for a concert on Governor's Island.  While she was out, I napped, watched movies, ran a few errands, and just relaxed until she came home and we chatted a bit before sleep time.  Because...

On Sunday we got up early(ish) to head into Manhattan to meet Schmate and Schmillie for Delware River Tubing!  We'd all been looking forward to it all summer, and the day was upon us.  After some Dunks for the road, we headed to the other side of NJ and sunscreened up.  It was so relaxing (once we got over the massive influx of people compared to when we went last year) to float along, paddling sometimes, and riding the (very tame, mini) rapids.  And since the river runs (through it) on the border of NJ and PA, we were IN TWO STATES AT ONE TIME.  After a few hours on the river, we stopped in the nearby Frenchtown, NJ for some ice cream and then hit the road back to the city, all sunny and ready for our showers and beds.  Separate beds, unfortunately, and I had to bid adieu to Schmauren so she could head back to Boston.  Wahh.

So today was busy at work, and I never seem to get everything done now, but hey, the day goes fast.  Work boyfriend (I CAN'T call him Diabetes.  I'm working on it.) is away on vacation, which makes it much less interesting, and dare I admit it, I'm wearing my less-favorite clothes since I don't care to impress anyone particularly.  Am I crazy or does anyone else do stuff like that?  Oh, and after work on Friday, he BBMed me (BlackBerry messaged, for those who aren't familiar) and said that he wouldn't be on the BlackBerry much while he was gone, so he gave me his personal cell phone number.  He said that one's just for friends...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  Well, I responded and said something about how I was glad I made the cut, and I gave him my number, too, and then he said something about how we passed the line of mere co-workers awhile ago.  But see how we're on that Friend Line, where it's unclear?  Don't get me wrong, it's really fun and I sort of like the ambiguity now because I'm not ready for more, or sure I want it, but I still get the fluttery "he likes me" feeling and that's the best.  And I also think I'll just wait for him to contact me, as I don't need to push anything at this point.

Tonight I'm staying in, catching up on some home stuff, online stuff, and relaxing.  I've been reading some Marian Keys novels and I'm in the middle of one that I am looking forward to dipping into before bed.  Isn't that the best feeling?  Schmillie hooked me up with a bunch of them, and on my vacation I read Watermelon, which was surprising apropos for my situation, with a cheating husband who left his wife after she JUST GAVE BIRTH.  So guess what, my situation could've been worse!  It was actually fun and light, but also really poignant in some ways for me, and they're just fun novels.  I recommend.

Well, goodnight for now.  It's time me to watch last night's episode of The Next Food Network Star...even though my favorite one, the cute guy, (SPOILER) got sent home last week.

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