Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Good morning!  How are we doing?  Are we enjoying these waning days of summer?  (Who am I kidding, I'm sure it'll be hot into October at the rate we're going.)

I had a great weekend.  My roomie's been out of town so I had the place to myself, which is always a nice treat.  And also nice because while most of the time I'm happier alone, I do occasionally miss somebody's presence around the house, so it affirms that maybe I'm maybe not quite ready to live without a roommate.  This is useful to remember during those times when she drives me crazy.

So Friday night I turned down a beer garden invite in favor of staying in, doing laundry, cleaning (I even cleaned the globes from the light fixtures in my room), and then starting to watch Veronica Mars on Netflix Watch Instantly.  And then I couldn't stop.  Seriously, I knew people were really into this show a few years ago, so I thought I'd check it out, but the mystery hook is so good at the end of each episode that I just kept going until about 1 am.  It was lovely.

Saturday I met Thighs/Shmannon at 1:30 pm for a day of Astoria pool-playing/bar-hopping.  It was really fun, and our only meals came from food trucks (Falafel King and that awesome taco place on 30th Ave), and we played at four places total (though it seemed like more), two pool halls and two old man bars.  I got home at about 10:30 pm and was asleep by midnight, too!  I was pretty tispy but surprisingly not wasted after that long of a beer day.  I think it helped that we were drinking Miller High Lifes (MiHiLis.) 

Sunday I woke up at 5 am because beer does that to me now, and I was starving so I ordered some breakfast from a 24-hour diner (delivery), then ate half and watched an episode of Veronica Mars, then went back to sleep until about 11.  Sunday afternoon I watched more VM, got a mani/pedi, and then did some food prep for my dinner party last night.  Sunday evening I met Schmillie, Tobly, and Schmauren at Chat 'N' Chew for a lovely mac&cheesey, bacony dinner, then we walked to 16 Handles for delicious fro yo.  And since it was originally supposed to be a pool party at Schmauren's posh hotel but we got rained out, we started at 5:30 so I was home around 7!  I do like that on a Sunday night.  I need decompression time before the work week.

Last night was our monthly Harpie dinner, and I was the hostess.  Our theme was beer, since national Beer Day is in August, and here was the menu:  Schmate made beer-battered onion rings for our appetizer, then Schmags made mussels in a white beer broth, then I made beer-marinated flank steak fajitas, and then Schmammie made a Chocolate Stout Cake.  SO GOOD.  So much food, of course.  I love having a regularly-scheduled time when I can see my earliest NYC friends.

So now I need to stop eating so much, as I ate all weekend and last night. :)  But I have leftovers!  And a giant piece of cake in the fridge!  Oh well, I won't worry too much about it.  We wouldn't want to waste food, would we?

There was a slight hiccup in my mental health over the weekend, as one of the bar owners we saw on Saturday (who I've known for awhile from when I used to frequent his establishment more often) told me that Mex with there a girl about three weeks ago.  And I knew who it was based on a convo I'd had with Mex in the past.  So I was upset, mostly because while I'm not surprised he's still drinking and sleeping with inappropriate women, I don't want to know about it.  So I text-yelled at him for awhile this weekend, basically saying take your trash elsewhere.  Ideally I could shake it off, but obviously I can't yet.  So here's to shaking it off this week!

On Thursday we're supposed to have our work outing to one of the firm partner's country clubs for golf and a BBQ.  I would be riding along in the cart and drinking beer, not playing golf, don't worry.  AND THEN work boyfriend* said we (the young ones) should get drinks in the city afterwards.  Unless he meant we (he and me).  Unfortunately the forecast doesn't look so hot, but I super hope it doesn't get cancelled, as this will be my chance to drink and be more social with work boyfriend*.  He'd said yesterday he was worried about rain, but that we'd have to do something anyway...  TBD.  But I want to haaaang out.

*I believe I've settled on a name that isn't Diabetes.  Schmannon and I were discussing this on Saturday...and we worked around to Smee!  Isn't that great?  Doesn't everyone love Smee?  It's because I'm so creative with most nicknames (that is sarcasm) and I was thinking Schmoe, and then that led to Smee.  So I'm sticking with it.

Well, tonight I finally have a Skype date with Britch, and that will be nice.  Tomorrow night I may see an outdoor movie in Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, though the forecast doesn't look so hot for that, either.  All in all, it should be a good week.

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