Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I Ate: Wednesday, January 6

Talk about hump day -- this day is crawling a snail's pace. I don't have much to do at work (at least until this afternoon), and I've almost exhausted all of my internet time-wasting things already. I suppose I could do my freelance work this afternoon, as at least that would be productive! How are your days, dear readers?

B - coffee x2, Special K with Red Berries, Milk (4)
L - chicken (Boar's Head Everroast...mmmm) and swiss on sandwich thin with L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple (4)
D - brown rice with vegetable tomato sauce and cubed chicken (7); romaine salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, homemade vinaigrette (2)
S - light yogurt (2)
Total - 19, but I may need a snack later on. If anything, more milk in more coffee/tea will put me to 20.
Activity - 30-40 minutes of stationary bike riding at the gym (at varied resistances) AGAIN
Weight - 148 lbs. (-2!)

A note about activity points: Yes, I can eat the points I earn with exercising, but I'm going to try not to unless I feel really hungry.
A note about my point limit: I realized that I was on the border of needing to raise my daily limit (the line is 150 lbs.) and perhaps that (plus the stretching of my tummy over the holidays) is why I've been so hungry so far this week. I'm hoping to adjust to the restricted diet again soon, and find filling, low-point snacks, like skim milk. (Hmm, that sounds sad.)

In life news, I did my boring responsibility things like writing thank-you notes yesterday. I contacted the insurance company, but of course they replied already, so I have to do some medical bill research tonight. So thrilling.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and plans with friends plus plans with myself and solitary movie-watching! I enjoy alone time much more than I used to, and it's very refreshing to hide out for a little bit each weekend.

Again, this is BORING but disciplined, right? And I'm down 2 pounds, which could be just normal fluctuation, but at least encourages me a bit. I also started watching the new season of Biggest Loser (man, they don't take much of a break) and hopefully that will provide encouraging, too -- unlike last season when I watched while munching on takeout.

I need salad dressing advice. (Who doesn't?!) I finally am making my own, low-point dressing, but the last "recipe" I tried included dijon mustard, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and some seasoning, and kept FREEZING in my fridge. Is there something in that chemical combination? Granted, I need a real salad dressing container, as I'm using cheap ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles from the dollar store, but still... it makes me wonder if I'm doing something strange. Like when I was young and I'd do science experiments by combining all of the products in the bathroom in a paper cup and seeing what happened. (I'll tell you what happened -- often it ate right through the paper cup, and Mom was mad!)

More later, if I get inspired. Oh, and update: Blackbeard is totally not into me this week.


  1. I have no clue about the chemistry question...shocker i know:) But I do know that I hate fat free salad dressings, but I found one that I LOVE and it's 0 points!!! So you can eat salad morning noon and night (I don't recommend) and never use up your points! It's wishbone FAT FREE italian (not the low fat). Unfortunately Kroger doesn't carry it. I can only find it at Walmart. But it really isn't bad! Great job on the -2! You go girl!

  2. Hmm, I'll have to look for that, though our grocery store selcections are pretty narrow, especially for low-cal/light stuff. I like the Salad Spritzer things (I think those are Wishbone, too?) but I wanted to try to make my own with more natural ingredients, which should be cheaper, too. I just made a batch on Wed. that isn't freezing, so maybe that first recipe was just weird!

    And thanks!