Friday, January 15, 2010

What I Ate and Plan To: Friday

Well, it's finally Friday, and it's nearly 50 degrees out there, people! We should all be having a picnic in the park, but alas.

So last night's book club was at a very cool bar that was very far away from any easy transportion. It was a nice place, though, and perhaps known among other things as the location of the scene on The Real Housewives of New York when that stupid Bensimon person told Kelly, "I'm up here [holding hand high in the air], and you're down here [holding hand very low]." Oh, the drama. We were also in luck, as we were there for the happy hour special of $2 off domestic beers...but also bad timing, as they were changing out all of the kegs at the same time. Therefore I started with a Miller Lite bottle, like the classy broad that I am. However, since friend LauLau and I had initially tried to order Blue Moons, once the kegs were in, they brought us each one on the house. Then LauLau didn't want hers. So I drank it. Three beers and no dinner (and I forgot my string cheese!) meant I was pretty well tipsy, but I made the wise decision to go straight home afterwards instead of seeking further shenanigans. I have been patting myself on the back for this since last night, since I am terrible at this sort of discipline. I was home for a Lean Cuisine Chicken Parm (6 pts), then a bag of 94% FF Kettle Korn (6 pts), which I guess if you're "binging" is the way to go. That means with 8 points of beer, I went into my Flex points by 9. I will take the hit.

Oh, and I think I should avoid having three beers at the next book club. When it came time for grading the book (at the end) and choosing which characters we'd Chuck, F*ck, or Marry, I accidentally said I'd F the child-abusing father. I meant CHUCK him! I quickly backtracked but the damage was sort of done. Anyway, there's a good line between two beers and three. Words to live by on an empty stomach.

So today's another "busy" but sort of repetitive day at work, but at least it should go quickly. Tonight's plans moved to tomorrow night, and promise to be a rather crazy evening (BSH says "epic") so I'm going to save all remaining flexies for tomorrow night and Sunday recovery. That means I think I'll lay low tonight and do some grocery shopping and maybe cooking. I need to make some WW-appropriate dinners that I can portion out and freeze for the next few weeks, and I just printed a ton of good recipes.

And in case your curious, my epic evening tomorrow (which I should stop saying, because once you think it's going to be amazing, you're setting yourself up to fail) involves a group of crazy lady friends amassing in Astoria, first at Ax's apartment, then out to wander and stir up trouble. Maybe I'll find another/more boy(s) to kiss! I will be sure to not wear two pairs of sweatpants like I did last weekend. (We were only henna-ing our hair and it was cold. Shut up.) No matter what, it should be very silly and fun.

B - coffee, Smart Start (which is a bastard because I just figured out is has 3 points, not 2), skim milk (5)
L - chicken and swiss on sandwich thin with L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple (4)
D - brown rice with vegetable tomato sauce and cubed chicken (7); romaine salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, homemade vinaigrette (2)
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (1)
Total - 19 (I'm sure I'll add one somewhere)
Activity - Lugging home grocery bags; slight chance of gym
Flex points remaining - 26

Happy weekend, all!

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