Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, that might be overstating it, but my Proactiv arrived! This afternoon is so long and boring that I'm seriously looking forward to washing my face with it. THAT IS SAD, PEOPLE. But there's nothing to do at work, and so I'm reformatting Bridge columns (which is one of my freelance jobs), but after awhile, the screen starts swimming in front of my eyes.

It's also getting much colder out...I'm looking forward to a cozy evening at home! If I can get that damn laundry done, I'll have fresh flannel sheets to snuggle under.

Let's talk about a pet peeve that drives me insane. (Fun!) It's become abundantly obvious that no one trains the grocery store employees here, especially in Queens. Every time I buy produce (i.e. tomatoes, fruit, lettuce), I usually also have some canned goods or yogurt containers or something. Why must they try to put it all together? Who thinks putting tomatoes in with cans of broth is a good idea, or a carton of milk even? I now stop them mid-bagging and say, "No, please put the produce together." And they look at me like I'm crazy and say, "How do you want it?" as if it's confusing. I'm trying to keep calm and consider it my mission to train every last gd one of them, but COME ON. I usually explain that the produce will get bruised if they don't keep it separate, but it seems like common sense and I get ANGRY. I do have rage issues that all center around customer service here, and this is a big one. (Don't get me started on Walgreens.) Anyway, coming from a STRONG background in grocery bagging as I do, I feel this is a grave injustice to shoppers. That is all.

Now back to Bridge. It's weird, I'm starting to understand how to play just by working on this project...but I also understand that it's way more complicated than any game should be.

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  1. We have the same issue with baggers here in KY! last week I got home and 2 of my yogerts were busted open (in my reusable bag! grr) because they put them in with canned goods! Seriously people! It also drives me crazy when they put the cold stuff in a normal bag and then the bread and canned goods (together of course) in the insulated bag! It really shouldn't be that hard!