Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow and Sun and What I Ate: Thursday

Afternoon, countrymen.

So after the drudgery of this week, today I feel like a weight has been lifted. I guess it's from getting caught up on my outside-of-work work, but maybe it's also a mood change. There was some very pretty snow this morning for my commute, and now the sun is out and I was able to take a nice walk at lunch with a co-worker. We even tried on sexy boots and I almost bought a blue pair, but decided that I will indulge my own need for a lower heel and skipped it. Though now I really want to buy some boots -- I may have to look online, as everybody's having sales!

Last night I stayed worked OT for another half an hour, then decided to forego the gym and focus on my two freelance jobs so that those weren't hanging over my head. I'm glad I did -- two hours later, I decided I should finally eat dinner (at 8:30), so I prepped my entree for tonight's dinner party while I ate my pasta. No time for salad. It may not have been the healthiest night, but that's only because of the absense of exercise and veggies -- I didn't actually eat anything I shouldn't have! So tonight is my turn to host the monthly gathering of my very first NYC friends. We have potluck dinners, usually themed, and I picked a Burns' Night (). While we won't have haggis, I made a cheesy sausage and potato dish (hopefully it's cooking successfully in the Crockpot as we speak), and the rest of the dishes are also going to be Scottish-themed. It should be interesting! But also hard to count point-wise, so I'll have to try to behave over the weekend.

I forgot to give my weigh-in info yesterday, so I'll do it now. I was between 144 and 145 again, which is a little discouraging, but I still feel the difference (especially in the fit of my clothes) so I'm trying not to dwell. It probably didn't help that Tuesday night before weigh-in was the pizza/wine/OT night.

Today's plan, as much as I know it:
B - coffee, Honey Bunches of Oats, skim milk (4)
L - spicy chicken and provolone on sandwich thin, L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; pear (5)
D - Scottish feast of numerous points
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt (1)
Total - 10 plus lots
Activity - dancing a Highland jig, attempting to drink Scotch
Flex points remaining - 35 for now

Also, the MaybeEx (MEx?) is back in town today after a short trip to Baltimore. I was promised a souvenir. I would also like someone to initiate some plans, but we'll see what happens over the weekend. On one hand, if we're just having fun, I'm free to make the first call, but on the other, I don't wanna. It'll make me happier to be asked, you know? We shall see.

As Robert Burns would say:
Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be thankit.

Also, thank the Lord I'm not actually making Haggis tonight:


  1. I actually had a Robert Burns night on Monday (actual day) and had two scottish people read the poem and cut the Haggis open ceremony style. It was fantastic, the whole night with Neeps and Tatties and Haggis adn Mince. The Haggis was really really good I have to say, i would eat it again for sure... We didn't have scotch though, just beer, but I'm sure Robbie would have been proud all the same, just as he will be of your dinner!

  2. I need to know more. First of all, what are neeps? Tatties are potatoes, right? Mince--is that like quince? Also, describe the haggis...texture, flavor, etc. Did you eat the bladder part?