Monday, January 18, 2010

Misc and What I Ate: Monday

Happy MLK Day to those of you who, like me, are in the office today. (I am ignoring the presence of those of you who get a vacation day.) It's fairly quiet here, but also slow and sleepy, and all I want to do is curl up at home and never leave my bed. That's reasonable, right?

I finished Julie & Julia over the weekend, and was happy to. I had a major personality clash with Ms. Powell, and won't be reading her next book. This was a strange case where I thought the movie was highly superior to the book, but I guess I was advocating for Meryl/Julia to be the entire movie (leaving out the modern storyline), so really I just wanted something else entirely. That's reasonable, right? So anyway, during the midst of too much football watching in my apartment yesterday, I started Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name by Vendela Vida (Eggers' wifey) and so far, so good. It's set in a cold, bleak environment, which seems appropriate for this time of year. And that's what I want to be reading right now instead of debt schedules.

The weekend was rather eventful. Friday night I was an upstanding weight watcher, and after running downtown to the bankruptcy court at 4 pm to get some claims filed by 5 pm, (and appreciating the beauty of Bowling Green/Battery Park area, that I so rarely see anymore), I came back to Astoria with a big grocery list. I grabbed everything I needed on my way home, then cooked like a fiend till 11 pm. I made a roasted vegetable lasagne (with eggplant, tomatoes and red peppers) and a butternut squash baked penne with thyme. Then I froze them in portions, so I have my next 14 weeknight dinners ready to go.

Saturday was a mellow daytime, then off to Ax's for dinner and merriment. She has such great antiques and decorations that it was storytime every five minutes, and it was all very interesting. And there was lots of wine, then we went out and "crawled" down the bars of Broadway towards the N/W so our Brooklyn friends could return home. Ax and I stayed out late again, and flirted with boys, etc. I actually saw the boy from last weekend, but it wasn't a very pleasant encounter, and so there won't be any repeat business there. (He's someone I know from the neighborhood, and I had to diffuse a fight between he and my ex, who came out, etc. etc.) Clearly there was some drama, but there was also lots of fun. That said, yes, I saw the ex, and there were a lot of things said, and I fear I'm treading into the cliche zone. Nothing's changed right now, but there might be some negotiations to come. We'll see -- I am clear on what I want/need, so I really don't have to worry about it, as the changes aren't mine to make. I'm going to keep myself going on my own path, but who knows what could happen. So yeah, Sunday was Chinese food and football and reading and laying around. It was a good weekend, just too short, especially in light of the WORLD'S 3-dayer.

Food for today:
B - coffee, Smart Start, skim milk (5)
L - Lean Cuisine (some pasta with veggies) (6)
D - Butternut Squash Pasta (5); romaine salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, homemade vinaigrette (2)
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, light string cheese (2)
Total - 20
Activity - Gym
Flex points remaining - 0, though I didn't do the math. Sometimes you just know.

Back to my Excel spreadsheet and daydreaming. Adieu!

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