Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Naptime and What I Ate: Tuesday

Wow, it's not even noon and I can't stop yawning. I had a very restless night of sleep last night, with lots of tossing and turning, and I even overslept a bit this morning, which made me rush to leave the house in time. I hate those mornings. And why was I so tossy and turny? I think I'm creating problems and then fretting about them, mainly. Nothing new, but nothing I quite have a grip on yet, either.

THOUGH it's beautiful outside today. I am looking forward to walking around at lunch and breathing some fresh air.

Man, I am just not interesting today, and I apologize. OH but the one good piece of news is that Blackbeard GREW BACK HIS BEARD. At least he had it yesterday, and it was a very nice bright spot in a dreary dark day. So swashbuckley.

B - coffee, Honey Bunches of Oats, skim milk (4)
L - spicy chicken and provolone on sandwich thin, L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; pear (5)
D - Butternut Squash Baked Penne (5); turkey bacon (2); romaine salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, homemade vinaigrette (2)
S - Dannon Light & Fit yogurt, chunk of part-skim mozz cheese (3/4)
Total - 21/22 (using some activity pts)
Activity - bike, 40 mins
Flex points remaining - 0

Tonight I should also do more freelance stuff, and I have to call a dear friend who's celebrating his birthday today, and I'm expecting a call from the butthead, and I want to Skype my best friend who's living in London (hmm, working on a nickname there), and watch The Biggest Loser. Life is busy. :)

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