Friday, January 8, 2010

Misc and What I Ate: Friday!!! January 8

Good morning and happy Friday, finally!

In sad news, Blackbeard has shaved off his beard, but the name will stay. I dreamt last night that he was making me french toast, but we still were awkward together. (Also I was changing a super tiny baby's diaper?? In the kitchen? It wasn't my baby, though.) I wish we weren't fighting right now. :) OH, and also in sad news, my long-latent crush on a former co-worker who happens to resemble a young Bruce Springsteen (swoon) was something I thought I'd finally be able to focus on. (Translation: I'm single now, he's cute, we're friends, let's get drinks and see what happens.) BUT he's had to move back to NJ (seriously, he's so Bruce) and I don't know when he'll be in the city next. He said he'd let me know, but for now, there won't be a distraction there. I need a new one.

I've been obsessively tracking my Proactiv order, since apparently my skin is always going to act like a teenager, and it left Edison, NJ this morning. I'm crossing my fingers that it arrives today!

I rode for 40 minutes at the gym last night, and I really wish I could trust those "mileage" counters on the bikes. I think it differs greatly from bike to bike, though I'll have to watch more closely. According to the bike I was on last night, I rode about 14 miles, but that seems excessive to me. Still, it was a great workout and my legs still feel tired this morning, which is a good thing, since they'll have at least today to rest, and probably longer. Oh, and I ate a light string cheese before the gym so that I wasn't starving, and I think that's a good plan for the future. I think I earned about 4 activity points, so I can give up 2 for sustenance.

I also am halfway through the book I'm reading now (and read on the bike), a biography of Robert Louis Stevenson, which I'm really enjoying, to my surprise. I'd just previously read one of Walt Whitman, and while he's interesting, the style of the bio was way too dense and academic. This RLS one is much more commercial and while I don't know if I've actually read any of his writing, I like reading about him. It's basically historical non-fiction about a rather interesting life.

I realized that after doing all that Indian food math yesterday, I forgot that I'm getting brunch with T tomorrow, which I'm sure will require excess points. That said, I think the Indian can fit into today's budget, so it wasn't entirely a waste.

B - coffee, Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries (aka Best Cereal Ever), Milk (4)
L - chicken and swiss on sandwich thin with L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple (4)
D - Chicken Tikka with Basmati rice (8); celery sticks with light sour cream dip (1)
S - light yogurt (2)
Total - 19 ish
Activity - doing laundry, commuting
Flex points remaining - 35

I've started drinking a glass of Crystal Light after dinner at night as a dessert, since I always want something sweet. It's working, though it feels a little sad.


  1. OK, tell me if I'm annoying with all of my comments... But I wanted to let you know. I always eat a snack of string cheese and I found the Weight Watchers brand is only 1 point! Also in the evenings after dinner I always need some chocolate or something sweet and I've found the Weight Watcher brand single serving ice cream to be the perfect thing! They are only 2 points! oh yeah, and as an evening snack I usually need something after the sweet so I get the Kroger brand low fat popcorn and the entire bag is only 2 points! My mom gives me ideas and I love hearing them so I thought I'd pass some on to you! :) Happy counting:)

  2. No, not annoying at all! At least someone is out there. :) Thanks for the tips. I actually picked up quite a few with my last WW venture, which was successful, but I can always learn something new! I do love the ff popcorn -- I get SmartPop Kettle Corn. Part of the problem is like I said -- our grocery stores don't stock much of that stuff. I can only get light string cheese when I make a big trip to a Target or something, which happens like 3 times a year. Or, like the WW ice cream, it's CRAZY expensive. But I'll remember that next time a friend drives me to Target!